Cadence Column: Asia, January 21, 2019



The US government shutdown is stalling Beijing’s action against Taiwan. With the US slightly less-able to respond and prepare, Beijing has an opportunity to bide time and grow its military. No doubt, Beijing will see advantage and seize opportunity.

At the same time, the US has zero intent of appeasing Beijing’s hopes for Taiwan. Whatever signals the US sends elsewhere and otherwise, the US government shows no respect for China and China shows a slow learning curve on understanding just how little respect it has thus.

The evermore desperate fight inside Taiwan continues. Taiwanese rally around their defiant president. Taiwan’s government is reaching for any friends it can find anywhere in the world, while policing dissidents and sources of pro-Chinese opinion within its borders. No doubt, Taiwan is headed for what Winston Churchill said of Great Britain, “this was their finest hour.” Though history has not written the end of that hour, the time is fast approaching.

Taiwan’s ‘Finest Hour’

Faced With Tough Words From China, Taiwan Rallies Around Its Leader | NY Times

US report says rapidly modernizing Chinese military has set sights on Taiwan | CNN

China will defend Taiwan ‘at any cost’ if US intervenes in island’s independence: report | Fox News

Taipei decries ‘out of control’ Beijing | Taipei Times

Carriers in Strait still an option: official | Taipei Times


US weighs lifting trade tariffs against China: DJ, citing sources | CNBC


Canada warns citizens about China’s ‘arbitrary enforcement of laws’ after drug smuggling death sentence |SCMP

Canada issues China travel alert as tensions escalate | Aljazeera

Tensions rise after China gives accused Canadian drug smuggler death penalty | Fox News

Canadian’s death sentence in China ‘horrific’, family says | BBC

Trudeau expresses ‘extreme concern’ after Canadian sentenced to death on drug charges in China | WA Post

Taiwan’s Desperate Struggle

Taiwan, Paraguay sign five-year, US$150m deal | Taipei Times

Control Yuan votes to impeach Kuan | Taipei Times

MAC wary of teaching jobs in China | Taipei Times

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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