Cadence Column: Asia, March 4, 2019



Buffoons became naysayers this week, arguing that tit-for-tat military drill concessions would be the path to peace and that progress without finality in Hanoi surmounted to failure.

Trump knows exactly what he is doing. Progress without “too much too fast”, passing up the invitation to stop in China while visiting Kim Jong-Un in Vietnam, replacing large military drills with detailed tactical exercises in South Korea, standing with the Philippines against “an armed attack” from China in the South Sea, delaying a tariff hike with China while inviting Xi to Mar-a-Lago, scrutinizing Chinese-funded “learning centers” in America—it all plays right into a larger overall strategy of strength and resolve in Asia.

As the US and China inch toward a trade agreement, Taiwan makes larger and larger strides asserting its independent activity. Backed by a recent US court ruling, Taiwan’s presence will only irritate China. Trade talk is part of the precarious path ahead. No trade agreement is enough to mitigate other disagreements between the US and China. The only way would require the US to surrender, and that’s not about to happen.


US Navy declares newest stealth fighter jet ready for combat | CNN

The Navy just declared America’s most expensive weapons system ready for war | CNBC


Trump Says He Walked Out on Kim After U.S. Demands Rejected | Bloomberg

At Hanoi summit, China’s Xi saw a president willing to walk away: Gordon Chang | Fox News

U.S. to end large-scale military drills with South Korea | NBC News

The warning signs were clear: Trump’s North Korea summit was doomed from the start | NBC News


Military can hold off China: minister | Taipei Times

US Navy shows commitment in Strait | Taipei Times

Vatican’s special envoy welcomed by President Tsai | Taipei Times

‘White Wolf’ falls onto coffin; CUPP protesters detained | Taipei Times

Tsai vows new ways of working with Eswatini | Taipei Times

Tsai eyes security dialogue with Japan | Taipei Times

Chinese association to refly ROC flag: US court | Taipei Times


USTR to suspend China tariff hike ‘until further notice’ | Yahoo Reuters

U.S. and China Near Deal That Could End Most U.S. Tariffs | Bloomberg

U.S. agencies vow closer scrutiny of China-funded learning centers | Yahoo – Reuters

US vows to defend Philippines in SCS attack | Philipino Star

Huawei pleads not guilty to U.S. trade-theft charges | Market Watch

China expresses ‘deep concern’ over India-Pakistan conflict | Yahoo – Reuters

China banned millions of people with poor social credit from transportation in 2018 | The Verge

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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