John Pilger warns a West-China ‘war situation’ is developing

John Pilger speaking at RT’s interview: The West is already in a war situation with China (picture captured from a Youtube video sourced from

“World War 3: The West is already at war with Russia and China”, warns John Pilger (1939- ), two times ‘Journalist of the Year’ 1967 and 1979 (British Press Awards), ‘International Reporter of the Year 1970’ (Society of Editors), and producer of over 50 documentaries (one got BAFTA award 1991).

His such a polemical view, expressed during the interview (published on Aug 21) by Afshin Rattansi of RT (funded by the Russian government), was ignored by the Western mainstream media except Express of the UK.

In addition to quoting Pilger’s warning, Express also drew readers’ attention to the Aug 19 report published by a think tank at the University of Sydney which admonished that the United States “no longer enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific and its capacity to uphold a favourable balance of power is increasingly uncertain …”

Both Pilger’s argument and the military report are worthy serious reading.

True, if ‘war’ is strictly defined as a fight which must include military combat, the West is far away from being at war with China.

Nevertheless, if the West-China (and also Russia) tension is not simply a fierce ‘competition’, but antagonistic to the extent that one side aims at, or is perceived as aiming at, attacking or invading (or eliminating part of) the national interests of the other side, it may be considered as an international war mood. Signs of this mood include naming the opponents as ‘adversary’ or ‘enemy’. For example, Trump now “calls Xi his enemy”; New York Times said “China is now an adversary of the United States”; and Salon had a serious discussion on “China: enemy or competitor?”.

While President Trump and many politicians see China endangering the US’ national interest, Beijing also perceives the recent American and Western activities in Taiwan and Hong Kong as jeopardizing China’s national interests, too.

In a warlike situation, both sides are prepared to take at-all-cost actions to defend their national interests. In a Chinese idiom, ‘jade and stone will be burnt altogether’ 玉石俱焚. The war may begin by a proxy war in Taiwan, soon.

The opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail.

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  1. What is the evidence of Western involvement in Hong Kong? Hui cites none. What is the evidence that both sides are prepared to take “at-all-costs” actions against the other? Hui provides no evidence. His opinion isn’t supported by present facts. Show your readers the evidence, Hui.


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