UK Lancet Editor: ‘unfair to blame China for COVID-19’

Richard Horton

Richard Horton

Richard Horton, the editor-in-chief of the renowned medical journal The Lancet said on May 1 Friday during an interview by CCTV that “China isn’t responsible for this pandemic. It’s happened.”

“… saying that while it is important to understand the origin of the virus, it was ‘not helpful’ and ‘not scientific’ to seek for a patient zero and such efforts could be ‘highly stigmatizing and discriminatory’…”

“Horton has been vocal in criticizing Western governments’ slow response to the pandemic, and in the interview said that many leaders had ignored repeated warning in a series of papers published in The Lancet about the danger and risk posed by the virus … ‘Most Western countries and the USA wasted the whole of February and early March before they acted,’ he said ……”

While absolutely none of the mainstream media in the West reported the saying of Richard Horton, who was elected to the US Institute of Medicine, was the President of the US Council of Science Editors (2005-6), is an honorary professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University College London and the University of Oslo, a Fellow of both The Royal College of Physicians and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences …

This is what the West calls the ‘Freedom of Press’ — censoring what they dislike as they wish.

Unfortunately, this freedom could be lost or somehow reduced when a special subject is concerned, namely, money business.

CNN reported on May 1: “… Now, the country is gradually reopening … Corporate responses in China have become a focal point for Wall Street analysts in recent months …

“… Nike, for instance, recently said it was ‘seeing the other side of the crisis in China’ and has learned best practices that could be transferred elsewhere …

“… And when Volkswagen reopened its giant plant in Wolfsburg, Germany, this week, it cited its experience resuming business at 32 of its 33 factories in China. The new strategies that companies are introducing won’t take life back to normal, according to business leaders and experts. Instead, they say the crisis could permanently upend the way we work, shop and manage our businesses …”

People(s) in China are pioneering into a new normal on all fronts, creating new prototypes and innovating new routines. The post-pandemic international tournament for faster and better recovery is highly competitive. Although the result of losing this contest may not be deadly, those who are obsessed with the unrealistic blame game would simply suffer more and lose more.

The opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China News.

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  1. So China unleashes a virus upon the rest of the world fundamentally changing the way all must work and live, Horton in his pro-communist stupidity thinks China shouldn’t be blamed, and you agree. Hui, you and ZHorton have the moral reasoning skills of a hit-and-run driver. You don’t deserve to be published.


    • [1] You are correct to say that there has been a fundamental change to the world in general and to the way how to work and live in particular. These changes will bring both good and bad consequences, as always.

      [2] I share with the view that we respect anyone who is pro-capitalist, pro-communist, pro-this and pro-that so long as we argue by reasons. I may be foolish but not stupid.

      [3] The term ‘hit-and-run driver’ is interesting. There was indeed a ‘hit’. However, no one ran away from the scene. On 23 Jan 2020, Wuhan was totally locked down, and the whole world was aware of this. President Donald Trump said on 22 Jan, “We have it totally under control.” And in February, the (Trump) admin declined to begin using tests for the virus produced by the WHO … (See The Guardian’s fact-check on March 18). Almost all European countries did not take the Wuhan lockdown seriously and some even criticized this lockdown one way or the other for the whole month of February. After the hit, the driver stood by and shouted loudly to tell the people around to be careful but none of them listened. China held press conference daily to update the whole world of the disease development. So, please read and listen attentively.


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