Cadence Column: Asia, May 11, 2020



China must brace itself for war. Regardless of any plot from America being true or false, how Beijing handled Wuhan—or rather mishandled—will not be overlooked by the free world. Regardless of how different governments handled the outbreak, the West will see an outbreak that wouldn’t have happened if China had followed the same forthright standards that the West does. The West thought China was on its way to following standards. But, Confucian Communism knows no standard except its own authoritarianism.

How did China get this far? There is so much in China to be desired, including the Bible-based government Dr. Sun Yat-Sen started over a century ago. Chinese medicine addresses many matters of health that elude Western pharmacy. Politeness, indirection, family, and respect—these are virtues the West could have learned from China. Except, just look at what’s happening now.

The term kowtow came from Hong Kong Cantonese. Bowing and placating the bully emboldens the bully. For all their virtues, China was crushed by its Confucian insistence of monolithic thinking—that there is only one idea: the idea you are told to have—that hypotheticals do not exist because everyone only considers the idea we are all told to promote. When a people are beaten down and trained to beat each other down to train each other so, that people’s leaders will think they can get away with anything. China was even placated by Western trade and tech. Christian pastors in China who wouldn’t drop their Confucianism were placated by Western seminaries. The West emboldened the dragon. Lo, Beijing today!

War follows a schedule of logistics. The West doesn’t want China’s military to get any bigger. Taxpayers in the West are learning about the “plandemic” roots of the virus China neglected into going global. Public rage against China won’t build forever. The great Western provocation must happen before the people lose interest. That is China’s greatest threat: time.

Great Pacific

Taiwan refuses to deport caregiver who ‘insulted’ Philippine president on Facebook // Global Voices

Taiwan’s Last Stand in South America // Americas Quarterly


Global demands on the way
Bannon: The world must hold the Chinese government accountable // YouTube @ Fox News

In China, 80 million may already be out of work. 9 million more will soon be competing for jobs, too // CNN

China running propaganda campaigns to hide coronavirus response // NY Post

China’s coronavirus lies pile up // WA Examiner

Chinese navy anti-piracy drill ends with detour through South China Sea islands for US attention // SCMP

Coronavirus: China and US in ‘new Cold War’ as relations hit lowest point in ‘more than 40 years’, spurred on by pandemic // SCMP

Theories fly!
EXCLUSIVE: Majority Of Intelligence Community Agencies Believe Coronavirus Leaked Out Of Wuhan Lab, Senior Intel Official Says // Daily Caller

China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash // Zero Hedge

Harvard Canceled Human Rights Event as Its President Met With Xi Jinping // WA Free Beacon

Hong Kong

Hong Kong police need to be whiter than white to shed their ‘black’ label as protests return // SCMP

Hong Kong is caught in a struggle between two giants // SCMP

Hong Kong police chief accuses Apple Daily of running targeted campaign against him, reveals the newspaper is being investigated for alleged fraud // SCMP

It gets deeper and deeper
Explainer: Hong Kong police top brass embroiled in property scandals // HKFP

Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong Un photos spark wild theories about a body double // NY Post

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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  1. The West hasn’t provoked China nor will it. Rather, it may respond to China’s provocations of the US and every other nation on the planet. Tell me, who are China’s allies? They have none. The US was the closest entity to an ally that China had. Think of all the commercial, cultural, and educational exchanges the two nations shared. The CCP blew it up with covid. China doesn’t know friend from enemy so clumsy is the CCP. If a war is to be had China will be the sole and only provocateur. China is a nation that has worked hard at earning the contempt and disrespect of the rest of the world. To the extent it’s citizens support the CCP it is a nation of lying cheating as**oles.


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