Meritocracy: from China to worldwide in the 21st Century

Meritocracy in the 21st Century, devised and drawn by Keith K C Hui 2020

At the end of my 2019 Sept 11 China News post ‘Mooncake and China’s ascending culture’, I said “… I will start a series of articles explaining the nature of the present regime in China, so as to let readers realize why it may be able to survive, and maintain a balance against the liberal West.”

A total of six essays have been posted on my blog as the Part I of this series. The Part I is more about the concepts rather than data, events or systems. Its purpose is to provide the basics for understanding the nature and foundations of the CCP regime.

Yes, the regime is non-democratic and authoritarian, but it is not a dictatorship, nor a totalitarian governance.

Without the background information about this new form of meritocracy, it is almost impossible to discuss sensibly how and why this Chinese regime (1949 – ) has been and will be so successful. Keep your mind open to see a new type of political system.

Readers are recommended to read all the essays, but if you are short of spare time, go directly to the 6th essay. Here are the links:

The ‘Democracy, Ochlocracy and Meritocracy’ (DOM) Series

From Suffering to Joy, or from Pleasure to Nausea

From Limit-breaking to Mobocracy

Cognizance of Limits and Tragic Culture

From Socialism with American characteristics to the Confucian (and also Islamic) Meritocracy

Post-pandemic recovery: Meritocracy vs Democracy

It’s now zeitgemässe to sublime the open-yet-authoritarian German elitism

The opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail.

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  1. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    A bit of a phase-shift.
    Much is said about China by our politicians, our social media and the MSM. All will be from personal conceptions.
    There is a great deal to learn, if we redirect our focus away from Covid19 for a while.


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