Gordon Chang predicts China collapse every year since 2001

Gordon Chang

Gordon Chang

Gordon Chang has predicted China’s collapse every year since 2001. Now he says China is like Imperial Japan, only worse.

Conspiracy theorist and professional China-hater Gordon Chang is on the FOX news again for warning against evil China that, he claims, is aggressive as ever and teetered on war and destruction in the China seas, and basically behaves just like 1930 Imperial Japan, only worse.

“It is is a possibility the coronavirus originated at the highly-secretive Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory.”
-Gordon Chang, Microsoft News, February 09, 2020

Bashing on China is a profitable business decision in America, and Gordon Chang saw his opportunities early, probably ever since he was bullied in high school for having a Chinese name, but officially since the publication of his fraudulent book about “the coming collapse of China.” Of course, China did not only not collapse but instead became the world’s biggest economy in 2016 (measured by its GDP’s purchasing power). That, of course, didn’t hurt the man, and certainly not his stream of income.

“There have been sonic attacks against U.S. diplomats at the Guangzhou consulate at about the same time causing brain injuries.” – Gordon Chang, FOX News, July 30, 2020

On the contrary, Mr. Chang simply moved the goalpost about the inevitable collapse farther away – China conveniently would never stop collapsing – next week, year after year. For telling Americans want they wanted to hear, the charlatan was rewarded with millions of dollars worth of American airtime and newspaper space.

Remember when he was a DPRK expert and A-bomb specialist?

“2015: The Year China Goes Broke?” -Gordon Chang, The National Interest, Sept 1, 2015

Asked on Fox News on Sept 3, 2017, whether he was surprised by North Korea’s latest nuclear missile test [probably a hydrogen bomb even], Mr. Chang said he was “very surprised.” He was very surprised, why? Because Kim Jong-Un could have developed nuclear missiles without testing them? [Why didn’t nuclear scientist think earlier about not testing stuff.]

Instead, Kim Jong-Un chose not to not test the missiles, so now we know he tested them. Got’cha! Quote: “I admit it. My predictions that the Communist Party would fall by 2011 was wrong. Still, I’m only off by one year.” Yes, Mr. Chang really said that in Foreign Policy, Dec 29, 2011.

Gordon Chang – for 19 years in a row – made a living as conspiracy theorist and CIA puppet by subverting China. He frequently predicts the collapse of China in op-eds and interviews and in two book editions: 2001: The Coming Collapse of China; 2012: The Coming Collapse of China –all bogus and pseudo-academic crap and make-belief.

“China is going to go into a free fall.” – Gordon Chang, Epoch Times, Feb 22, 2017.

Still, he receives invitations from America’s very fake news media to spread his lies, disinformation and enemy propaganda. It is just such shameful, unbelievable bullshit artistry – the internet forums not just in China but in America, too, are full of references to Mr. Chang’s doodlebuggery.

The rise of the fake “China experts”

Remember when Gordon Chang became an “expert economist” also? Quote: “Japan Might Overtake China as World’s No. 2 Economy.” Yes, Gordon Chang really said that in the Epoch Times, Oct 11, 2015.

Yes, Gordon Chang is retarded. His idiocy is used in memes and stories about self-hating Chinese. Still, Americans love to hear doomsayers who preach the exodus of China. Such fake news artist and populists make it big in the gossip media. They gather a cult following. In fact, the gullible journalists at CNN, Guardian, Economist, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times for their parts all worship Gordon Chang and can’t print enough of his crackpot theories.“Despite what the Pew Research survey suggests, China’s economy is not on the rise.”
-Gordon Chang, New York Times, July 25, 2015

Despite all the lies and false prophecies, Gordon Chang – with the help of said media mafia-keeps ‘upgrading’ his television profile – had his pundit level almost surpassed that of conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones who believed China had infiltrated the US deep state.

Extreme views, enemy propaganda and conspiracy

Gordon Chang is now widely circulated as ‘Asia expert’, claiming that evil China is behind North Korea’s nuclear program and is sending equipment to build the bomb.

“China will only be forced to put the screws to the [North Korean] regime if we put the screws to China.” – Gordon Chang, Fox News, Sept 3, 2017.

Exactly what made the US globalist media chose Gordon Chang as their “Token Wong” (the Chinese version of “Uncle Tom” – a servant to his white masters) remains speculation. But one theory goes as follows: The great catalyst of con-artist Gordon Chang’s early rise to fame can be explained by the legacy media having mistaken him for the “real” and “very eminent” Stanford professor Gordon H. Chang (69).

Here’s a an interview with the “real” and “very eminent” Gordon H. Chang, in which he details a creepy call by secret services reaching out to a certain Gordon Chang: “One day I got a long-distance call from someone who sounded like Miss Moneypenny [the fictional secretary in the James Bond world] who said she was calling from MI6 or an intelligence service, and said, ‘We hope you will come and join our generals and admirals for a round-table discussion about the coming collapse of China.’”

As to Mr. Chang’s psychology and motivation, there is probably nobody more qualified to speak about racial trauma and self-hate than the man himself: Without further ado, click away to Mr. Chang’s self-confessional video here:

by Thorsten J. Pattberg

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  1. The Chinese hate this cheat. That’s why the US leftist media featured Chang prominently during all those years. As long as he offended Beijing he could claim the most outrageous bullshit such as the Chinese police was selling Uighur organs to communist cadres. Now Chang is on a sales tour for his latest 2020 book The Great China-US Tech War about… yes, the possible collapse of China! I don’t get it, though, how FOX News is giving Chang so much gratuitous promotion on national TV. I am sure it was paid promotion or part of some CIA propaganda campaign against the CCP. Chang became the face of the 2020 anti-China media coalition and I am scared of this man’s dishonesty and slander.


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