The weird world of China – 04 August 2020

Weird World of China

Weird World of China

Break the Ice: Trump ramping up US presence in the Arctic as Russia, China threats loom

TikTok countdown: Trump to give Chinese owner 45 days to sell app

China’s new digital currency takes aim at Alibaba and Tencent

Being a Chinese student in the US: ‘Neither the US nor China wants us’

China’s Emerging Middle Eastern Kingdom

Chinese internet users brand ByteDance CEO a ‘traitor’ as TikTok seeks US buyer

China’s factory output grows at strongest pace in nearly decade. But weak spots remain

Zoom to halt direct sales of products to users in China and switch to partner-only model

Apple Faces $1.4 Billion Lawsuit in China in Siri Patent Fight

China wants a seat in an international tribunal for maritime disputes. The U.S. is against it

Chinese state media slams U.S. as a ‘rogue country’ for its planned ‘smash and grab’ of TikTok

China saved the giant panda, but conservation efforts ignored other species says new study

The Pentagon wants to end its reliance on China for rare earth minerals. But can it be done?

China furious: suspends Hong Kong extradition treaty in reply to New Zealand, Canada, Britain, Australia and Germany


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