2025 End Game – Xi’s China is mirroring Nazi Germany

Signing of Peace 1919

Signing of Peace 1919

This is a chronological presentation of the events that led to World War II.

It would be incredible to note that there are uncanny similarities between those events, and the events presently taking place in and around China.

Our assessment at Insightful Geopolitics indicates towards a major war before 2025.

In the following write-up, years and events preceding World War II have been listed followed by how China is mirroring and pushing the world towards a mega war. Let us analyze. 


  • Hitler’s Germany – 31 August: 
    • The Young Plan, which sets the total World War I reparations owed by Germany at US$26,350,000,000 to be paid over a period of 58½ years, is finalized.
  • Xi’s China
    • As per Henry Jackson Society, post pandemic lawsuits against the China could hit “at least” $A6.5 trillion from G7 nations alone.
    • Four federal class-action amounting to trillions of dollars lawsuits have been filed against the Chinese government in the US courts. 
    • The Israeli NGO Shurat HaDin plans to file a class action lawsuit against China in the coming days.
    • Two Egyptian lawyers have raised a $10 trillion lawsuit against Chinese President Xi Jinping.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 29 October 
  • Xi’s China
    • As per Times magazine the spread of Coronavirus has plunged the world into a global economic depression.
    • IHS Markit expects the world economy to shrink 5.5%($7.8 trillion) this year, triple the damage it sustained in the 2008 financial crisis.


  • Hitler’s Germany – 30 June
    • France withdraws its remaining troops from the Rhineland.
  • Xi’s China
    • The United States Plans to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, Germany, Iraq and Syria.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 14 September 
    • German election results in the Nazis becoming the second-largest party in the Reichstag
  • Xi’s China
    • March 2018 – China removes the two-term limit on the presidency. Xi Jinping to remain in power for life.


  • Hitler’s Germany – 19 May 
    • First over 10,000 tons Deutschland-class cruiser launched in Germany. German Navy moves from coastal defense vessels to open sea warfare capabilities. 
  • Xi’s China
    • December 2013 – China’s Central Military Commission commences it’s plan to commission two Liaoning-pattern aircraft carriers. China amongst 13 navies of the world to operate aircraft carriers.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 18 September
    • Mukden Incident: the Japanese stage a false flag bombing against a Japanese-owned railroad in the Chinese region of Manchuria, blaming Chinese dissidents for the attack, an incident that many claim is the official start of what would become the Second World War. 
  • Xi’s China
    • China is desperately trying for false flag operations so that it uses those incidents to encroach upon the neighboring territories.
    • October 2018 – Chinese destroyer, Lanzhou came dangerously close to the United States guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur in the Spratly Islands.
    • Apr-May-Jun 2020
    • China Coast Guard vessel Haijing 4301 rammed and sank a Vietnamese fishing boat, QNG 90617 TS, near Woody Island. The fishermen, as well as the crews of two other Vietnamese vessels, were detained.
    • China has used these terror tactics in the past with the all the navies in the South China Sea and U.S. Navy, and it may repeat the same in the future.
    • China is trying to create fasle flag operation in Ladakh, India, since 05 May 2020. On 15 June during a routine patrol, PLA mercenaries carried out unprovoked attack on Indian soldiers, assaulting them with spiked sticks. 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives, but they stunned PLA by killing 43 of their mercenaries.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 19 September – Using the Mukden Incident as a pretext, the Japanese invade Manchuria
  • Xi’s China – China would use one such incident to escalate tension and invade either Taiwan, try to encroach upon Indian territories, create trouble in the South China Sea; and Indian Ocean Region.
Summary Of Encounters

Summary Of Encounters

China Vietnam Actions

China Vietnam Actions


  • Hitler’s Germany – 25 July 
    • Soviet-Polish nonaggression pact is signed with it being initially effective for three years.
  • Xi’s China
    • 08 May 2015 – Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China established an information security agreement heralded as a “nonaggression pact” between the countries in cyberspace.
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping


  • Hitler’s Germany – 28 February 
  • Xi’s China
    • 16 June 2020 – China’s legislative body drafts Hong Kong national security law. The timing coincides with a cowardly attack by PLA mercenaries on Indian soldiers, in Ladakh. This was done to divert the attention of all the civilized nations of the world from happenings in Hong Kong.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 20 March
    • Germany’s first concentration camp, Dachau, is completed.
  • Xi’s China
    • April 2017 – China starts a modern-day concentration camps in East Turkmenistan.
Xinjiang Concentration Camps

Xinjiang Concentration Camps

  • Hitler’s Germany – 21 June
    • All non-Nazi parties are banned in Germany. 
  • Xi’s China
    • March 2018 – Xi Jinping becomes President for life. Only five years ago Beijing was being ruled by a collective leadership, under ex-President Hu Jintao.
Votes for President

Votes for President


  • Hitler’s Germany – 30 June 
    • Night of the Long Knives in Germany. Potential rivals to Hitler within the Nazi Party, including SA leader Ernst Röhm and prominent anti-Nazi conservatives such as, former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher, are killed by the SS and the Gestapo.
  • Xi’s China – China has a long history of purging dissidents.
    • 1989 – Zhao Ziyang, general secretary of CPC and key reformist put under house arrest for life after Tiananmen uprising in 1989.
    • 2018 – Actress Fan Bingbing, Three Canadian citizens, Gene-editing scientist He Jiankui, Interpol Chief Meng Hongwei, Award-Winning photographer Lu Guang, Ink-splash girl Dong Yaoqiong, Church leader Wang Yi disappear. 
    • 2019 – Qiu Zhanxuan, student activist. Abducted on 29 April by State security agents on the outskirts of Beijing. He remains missing.
    • 2020 – Chinese tycoon Ren Zhiqiang goes missing after criticising Beijing’s response to coronavirus outbreak.
    • The list is endless.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 20 July 
    • The SS becomes an organization independent of the Nazi Party, reporting directly to Adolf Hitler.
  • Xi’s China
    • January 2016 – Central Military Commission(CMC) Chairman Xi Jinping creates an army that is loyal to no one but himself. For many years, two former CMC vice chairmen, Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, controlled most important and powerful General Staff Department (GSD) and General Political Department (GPD). They were shunted out on corruption charges. Xi has restructured PLA and effectively created an army of his own.


  • Hitler’s Germany – 07 March
    • In violation of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany seizes the Rhineland. Hitler expresses his limited expansionist aim of building a greater German nation, and his desire for British understanding and cooperation. King Edward VIII orders the military to stand down in relation to the move.
  • Xi’s China
    • 01 January 1950 – China claims sovereignty over Tibet. Chinese government troops invaded Tibet on October 7, 1950, calling it peaceful liberation. The UN General Assembly condemned the Chinese invasion of Tibet and went back to their regular routine. 
    • 02 January 2019 – In his speech, Xi Jinping retorted that ”there is only one China, Taiwan must and will be unified with the mainland”. Xi stated “problem cannot be put off for another generation”, and has called upon the military to be prepared to fight “bloody battles” for every “single inch” of its territory.
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen

  • Hitler’s Germany – 01 August 
    • Germany hosts the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, indicating its emergence on the world stage.
  • Xi’s China
    • 08 August 2008 – China hosts summer XXIX Olympics, indicating its emergence on the world stage.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 18 October
    • Goring is made head of the German Four Year Plan, an effort to make Germany self-sufficient and increase armaments.
  • Xi’s China
    • January 2020 – China becomes world’s second-biggest arms producer, behind the United States and ahead of Russia(Sweden-based think tank).


  • Hitler’s Germany – 31 August
  • Xi’s China – 
    • China has been inciting smaller countries like Pakistan and Nepal to raise nonissues in their sphere against India. 
    • China may incite N Korea to start a war with S Korea. The latest developments in N Korea strongly indicate that.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 12 December
  • Xi’s China
    • September 2018 – Chinese destroyer moved within 41 metres of and almost collided with the USS Decatur destroyer during a tense face-off in the South China Sea.
    • April 2020 – The PLA Navy ship came within 100 metres of a U.S. Navy Ship in the South China Sea.
Chinese and US Ships Unsafe Encounter

Chinese and US Ships Unsafe Encounter

  • Hitler’s Germany – 13 December 
  • Xi’s China – China is not able to forget the humiliation at the hand of Japanese, and that has badly affected the psyche of the whole nation. 
Battle of Nanking

Battle of Nanking


  • Hitler’s Germany – 13 March 
    • Austria is annexed by Germany. 
  • Xi’s China – China may annex Nepal to have better access to India.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 27 September
    • U.S. President Roosevelt sends a letter to German Führer Adolf Hitler seeking peace. 
  • Xi’s China – The west is continuously appeasing China and ignoring its malfeasance.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 30 September
    • The Munich Agreement is signed by Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The agreement allows Germany to annex the Czechoslovak Sudetenland area in exchange for peace in an attempt to appease Hitler.
  • Xi’s China – The west has provided nothing more than lip service to the Chinese occupation of Tibet, and East Turkmenistan and open threats to Tawan; and other littoral nations of the region. The similar appeasement of Nazi Germany pushed the world into World War.
Western Powers Handing Czechoslavakia to Germany on a Plate

Western Powers Handing Czechoslavakia to Germany on a Plate

  • Hitler’s Germany – 05 October
    • Germany invalidates the passports of all its Jewish citizens who are reissued passports with the letter “J” stamped in red. This change was made after requests by Sweden and Switzerland who wanted a way of easily denying Jews entry into their countries
  • Xi’s China – China would do so with all foreigners, Hong Kongers, Tibetans and Uighurs when hostilities breakout 
  • Hitler’s Germany – 09 November
    • Following vom Rath’s death, the Kristallnachtpogrom begins in Germany; thousands of Jewish shops and synagogues are smashed, looted, burned, and destroyed throughout the country. 
  • Xi’s China – Churches and other foreign institutions are regularly harassed in China, accusing them of spying for the west.


  • Hitler’s Germany – 27 January
    • Hitler orders Plan Z, a 5-year naval expansion programme intended to provide for a huge German fleet capable of defeating the Royal Navy by 1944.
  • Xi’s China
    • In the eight years between 2010 and 2018, 24 destroyers were launched from Chinese shipyards. China plans to have the largest and strongest navy in the world by 2030.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 14-15 March 
  • Xi’s China 
    • 20 April 2020 – China announces that it has established two districts in disputed Paracels and Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, disregarding other nations claims. 
  • Hitler’s Germany – 03 April 
    • Hitler orders the German military to start planning for the attack on Poland, on August 25, 1939.
  • Xi’s China – China has completed plans to unify Hong Kong and Taiwan with PRC.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 14 April
    • U.S. President Roosevelt sends letter to German Chancellor Hitler and Italian Prime Minister Mussolini seeking peace.
  • Xi’s China – Dangerous appeasement of China by the West would have a heavy cost attached to it.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 22 May 
    • The Pact of Steel, known formally as the “Pact of Friendship and Alliance between Germany and Italy”.
  • Xi’s China – China would get into such pacts with Pakistan just before the war.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 23 August
    • The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact is signed between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, with secret provisions for the division of Eastern Europe.
  • Xi’s China – China would get into such pacts with Russia just before the war.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 25 August
    • In response to a message from Mussolini that Italy will not honor the Pact of Steel if Germany attacks Poland, Hitler delays the launch of the invasion by five days to provide more time to secure British and French neutrality.
  • Xi’s China – China would try and seek neutrality of a few western countries before attacking Taiwan.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 30 August 
  • Xi’s China – Chian would give an ultimatum to Taiwan before the year-end.
  • Hitler’s Germany – 01 September 
  • Xi’s China – 
    • Unable to salvage the sinking Chinese economy and stem the unemployment rates crossing 500 million, Xi would invade Taiwan before the end of 2022. This would divert the attention of Chinese citizens, and may delay Xi’s ouster.
    • The start of World War III.


Our Assessment:

  • The existing tensions at the India-Tibet border are just a façade by China. There are many nefarious designs being given final touches. 
  • China would open many fronts in a very short time. Arunachal Pradesh-Tibet border and the Indian Ocean are some of them. 
  • China would spread its poison through its vassal states in India. 
  • Chinese and Pakistani terror activities would increase in India. 
  • India should review its relationship with Nepal and sanitize the Indo-Nepal border for the infiltrations. 
  • The next few days in the short-term and two years in the long-term are very crucial for India(India should be ready for a major showdown with China in the coming few days).
  • There are no elections being held in India, so the Indian government should show full resolve and act swiftly showing determination and strength of character. 
  • India has to traverse alone. No western country is likely to come to extend helping hand against China. Nevertheless, India should send its emissaries across the free world as well as the countries surrounding China. 
  • The world has to understand one thing that China is a devil that thrives on fear. If one goes beyond that psychological barrier, China had no answers. 
  • Chinese leadership hates uncertainty and unpredictability. Prime Minister Modi and President Trump create that atmosphere, which China cannot comprehend and fears. 
  • India has made major advancements in defence production. Indian defence exports jumped 700% int the 2015-19 period, and it ranks 23rd in the world’s major exporters list. However, that does match with the country’s economy and size. India lags in innovation and R&D.
  • India has to overcome past mistakes of:
    • Not sending troops to Afghanistan. The presence of Indian troops in Afghanistan would have kept China and Pakistan on the tenterhooks.
    • Not taking an active part in the South China Sea along with other Quad members.
    • Not recognizing Taiwan as an independent country.
    • Not supporting Hong Kong struggle.
    • Giving up the Tibetan freedom struggle.
    • Allowing Nepal to go the Communist way. 
    • Allowing Sri Lank to fall in the Chinese lap.
    • Not anticipating Chinese tariff exemption to Bangladesh on its 97% exports, on 19 June 2020.

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