The weird world of China: August 14, 2020

Weird World of China

Weird World of China

Xi Jinping is reinventing state capitalism. Don’t underestimate it

After 500 Years Trying to Tame Fatal Floods, China Tries a New Way

China’s Baidu posts tepid forecast as ad sales remain under pressure

Chinese cities find coronavirus in frozen food imports, WHO downplays infection risk

President Trump targeted in videos from Chinese network of fake accounts, as Big Tech battles back

A financial iron curtain? China seen bracing for more US action

ByteDance censored anti-China content in Indonesian news app

The Trump administration wants a US-China commercial split

Biden’s China Policy Can’t Help but Be Incoherent

The United States Can’t Handle China Alone

China launches ‘Clean Plate’ campaign against food waste

China’s Confucius Institute designated as a foreign mission of Beijing

Apple supplier Foxconn is ahead of its peers in diversifying out of China, analyst says

China to Supply Coronavirus Vaccine to Pakistan


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