The weird world of China: August 23, 2020

Weird World of China

Weird World of China

China’s Communist Party is a threat to the world, says former elite insider

Bannon’s Chinese host an irritant to Communist Party

Op-ed: What Japan’s 1980s boom and bust can tell us about the Chinese economy

What a Biden-Harris Administration Could Mean for U.S. and China Relations

Trade war no barrier to Vans owner as VF Corp links up with Tencent to turbocharge online retail sales in China

China’s AI tech leaves aside questions of ethics

Xi’s Crusade on Food Waste Triggers Rare Anxiety Over Supplies

Trump says could ‘decouple’ and not do business with China

China Occupying Land In 7 Border Districts, Says Nepal Survey Department

India rejects reference to Kashmir in China-Pakistan joint statement

China’s ‘The Eight Hundred’ Grosses Nearly $90 Million.

If you think Fall Guys would be a perfect mobile game, China has news for you

When India defeated China at the United Nations

Australian farmers, Chinese consumers and the political and trade tensions in between

China approves BlackRock, Temasek and CCB joint wealth venture

Explained: Who is Cai Xia, the Chinese dissident who called Xi Jinping a ‘mafia boss’ and more


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