China: The Harmonious Society – September 2, 2020

China: The Harmonious Society

China: The Harmonious Society

China’s baby boomers are set to retire, triggering a sharp shift in health-care trends

Pentagon Report: China Now Has World’s Largest Navy as Beijing Expands Military Influence

Game of Thrones makers to adapt Chinese sci-fi classic for Netflix

After Years of Booming Outside Interest in China, Some Global Firms Are Packing Up

Rare rallies in China over Mongolian language curb

China’s ‘fishermen’ mercenaries – The poisoned tip of China’s arrow is its vast armed fishing militia which swarm the waters of other nations to expand China’s area of denial.

China, India Handled COVID-19 Differently. Results Differed Too

Pompeo hopeful China’s Confucius Institutes will be gone from U.S. by year-end

A China-Iran bilateral deal: Costs all around

India, China hold talks amid ‘volatile’ border situation

China Will Gradually Resume Direct International Flights to Beijing

The Next Front in the India-China Conflict Could Be a Thai Canal

Trump blows past the intelligence to accuse China of backing Biden – Officials who have seen the underlying intel say the president and his allies are misrepresenting what it says.

US presidential election: the candidates, the issues, the polls … and China

Taiwan to change passport, fed up with confusion with China

‘I am Taiwanese’: Czech official angers China after Taipei speech

China’s capability to invade Taiwan analyzed in US defense report

US Navy upping its game to beat China

How would US Navy stop Chinese ‘carrier killer’ anti-ship missiles?

Pentagon report: China amassing arsenal of anti-satellite weapons

China’s looming corn shortage fans food security unease

Germany presses China over Hong Kong security law, Uighurs


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