Mulan 2020: Women in key roles.

Fujian tulou 福建土楼 : the filming place of Mulan 2020

Disney’s film ‘Mulan’ 2020 is a superb display of femininity.

Niki Caro is now known as the first female director making a USD200+ million budget movie.

Caro has proved she is not merely able to master the production of this piece of art up to this large scale, but also has succeeded in making this supposedly combat story very feminine.

Amanda Silver co-writes the screenplay with her husband Rick Jaffa (married for 31 years by 2020), as well as Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin.

It is a sparkle of genius that in the story the confrontation between Mulan and a newly created character Xianniang (a powerful witch, not in the animated Mulan 1998) amplifies the beauty of femininity.

Fans are looking forward to seeing Silver’s writing in Avatar 2.

Liu Yi-fei plays the role of Mulan. Liu does not look exceptionally beautiful in modern time. But when she is put in the ancient context, her face, her eyes, her posture, her gesture and her walking pace etc all make you feel that you are looking at an ancient beauty alive, the same as those portrayed in the ancient paintings.

The filming took place in New Zealand and mainland China. The Chinese audience has just discovered that the place was Fujian tulou 福建土楼. This residential village was initially built in the 12th century, and gladly it remains till now. Take a look at the photos to see its unique style of architecture from this webpage and for more information go to this Wikipedia page.

The opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China News.

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