China News Headlines: October 8, 2020

China News HeadlinesUS warns China against Taiwan attack, stresses US ‘ambiguity’

How to Avoid War Over Taiwan

What pandemic? Crowds swarm the Great Wall of China as travel surges during holiday week

How Would Biden Deal With China If Elected President?

Donald Trump vows to ‘make China pay’ for coronavirus pandemic

Vice presidential debate: Pence blasts Biden as ‘cheerleader for communist China’

Trump says U.S. economic recovery is faster than any other country’s — but China is leaps and bounds ahead

China’s Mars-bound probe returns self-portrait from deep space

Trump threatens China with big price ‘for what they’ve done to the world’ as campaign looks to shift blame

Huawei: ‘Clear evidence of collusion’ with Chinese Communist Party

Trump is losing his new ‘Cold War’ with China

KMT Reversal Prompts Fresh Chinese War Threat Against Taiwan

Pompeo’s Message in Japan: Countering China Is Worth Meeting Face to Face

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio shares his China strategy

Bolton Is Kidding Himself on China and North Korea

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