China News Headlines: October 9, 2020

China News Headlines

China News Headlines

China censored vice presidential debate when Pence was asked about communist nation: report

China joins COVAX, UN-backed global COVID-19 vaccine facility

China’s own Kung Fu Mulan takes on Disney and becomes another 2020 flop

China is getting ready to field its 3rd aircraft carrier — here’s why it’s no match for US flattops

Trump: Bring Troops Home So They’re Fresh to Fight China, Russia, or North Korea

What is China’s plan to meet Xi Jinping’s economic vision for ‘socialist modernisation’ by 2035?

Why Rio Tinto and China are at loggerheads

How others see China

What China’s speedy COVID vaccine deployment means for the pandemic – China has promised vaccines to many countries, but whether it can meet its commitments is unclear.

New US Aid for Southeast Asia Takes Aim at Chinese Influence

UK lawmakers accuse Huawei of ‘collusion’ with Beijing, say telco’s gear may be axed from British networks by 2025

China Threatens War Over New Taiwan Independence Proposal: State Media

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