China News Headlines: October 13, 2020

China News Headlines

China News Headlines

China’s ban on Australian coal could be ‘indefinite‘ amid heightened political tensions

China to test 9 million people as coronavirus cluster detected in city of Qingdao

Covid-19: China’s Qingdao to test nine million in five days

China’s imports post biggest surge since before coronavirus pandemic, as trade recovery gathers steam

Chinese shoppers spend big during the Golden Week holidays — a sign consumption is on the mend

See tourists swarm China during Golden Week

‘Golden week’: wedding season boom in China with 600,000 couples tying knot

Some Chinese firms are unfazed by worsening U.S. relations. A fintech unicorn’s IPO is the latest proof

China hands out $1.5 million of its digital currency in one of the country’s biggest public tests

Korean pop group BTS in trouble in China over Korean War comments

BTS Honored Korean War Sacrifices. Some in China Detected an Insult.

Beijing Believes Trump Is Accelerating American Decline

Think Trump Wins? These 3 Stocks Would Thrive if Trump’s China Policies Remain in Place

China denies Canadians ‘arbitrarily’ detained over Meng case

Canada’s Ambassador to China granted virtual consular access to detained Canadians

Canadian detained in China ‘astonished’ to learn about scale of Covid pandemic

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