China News Headlines: October 15, 2020

China News Headlines

China News Headlines

Chinese President Xi Jinping tells troops to focus on ‘preparing for war’

What war with China could look like

China Got Better. We Got Sicker. Thanks, Trump

Young South Koreans turn on China as Hong Kong, coronavirus weigh on minds

Mass Testing: China Doubles Down on Its Covid-19 Control Plan

China’s September consumer inflation eases as pork price surge ebbs, but pressure remains on manufacturers

China is snapping up Japanese government bonds, and it’s not just for the returns

Canada’s Trudeau hits China on human rights, ‘coercive diplomacy’

China’s Xi Jinping spotlights Shenzhen as future for economic growth, Hong Kong given back seat

China holds new naval drill as Xi steps up military rhetoric

In City Where China Welcomed the World, Xi Prepares for a Colder One

China’s Xi uses key speech to promote integration of Hong Kong

Australia Worries Coal Is China’s Next Target as Ties Fray

Apple Counts on 5G to Boost iPhone Fortunes in China

China Learns the Hard Way That Money Can’t Buy You Love – Few countries have soured more rapidly against China than Australia, as decades of influence-building by Beijing come to naught

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