China News Headlines: October 26, 2020

China News Headlines October 26, 2020

China News Headlines October 26, 2020

Whether Trump or Biden wins, US-China relations look set to worsen

US-China relations: Xi Jinping ups rhetorical ante as Donald Trump and Joe Biden both compete to talk tough

China’s top leaders meet this week to plan for the next five years. Here’s what to expect

Xi’s speech could not be more pointed amid escalating tensions

US closely monitoring India-China border row; does not want it to escalate: Official

China-India tensions hit ‘Silk Road’ border businesses

U.S., India Expected to Sign Military Pact as China Prompts Closer Ties

UK risks road rage with China in Africa

Xi’s carbon neutrality vow to reshape China’s five-year plan

China’s New Growth Plan May Push Economy Past U.S. Within Decade

Questions and Answers About the Bidens and a Deal in China

China Trade War Didn’t Boost U.S. Manufacturing Might

Apple supplier Luxshare unnerves Foxconn as U.S.-China feud speeds supply chain shift

China: new coronavirus outbreak detected in Xinjiang city of Kashgar

Why China’s claims of dramatic economic recovery might not add up

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