China News Headlines: October 30, 2020

China News Headlines October 30, 2020

China News Headlines October 30, 2020

China’s military rise poses the greatest foreign policy challenge to the next US President

China’s Leaders Vow Tech ‘Self-Reliance,’ Military Power and Economic Recovery

Exclusive: Julius Baer plans wealth management joint venture in China – sources

Wilbur Ross Remained on Chinese Joint Venture Board While Running U.S.-China Trade War

China sent fugitive’s elderly father to America to coerce him into going home, US claims

He got a coronavirus vaccine in China but had to keep it secret. Why?

Large Covid outbreak in China linked to Xinjiang forced labour

China to Reveal How It Plans to Grow Economy Into the 2030s

US, Greenland close to signing deals keeping China out of Arctic: report

The U.S. May Soon Sell Taiwan Missiles to Strike China

China blasts US charges against agents seeking man’s return

As the West Stumbles, ‘Helmsman’ Xi Pushes an Ambitious Plan for China

China Stresses Reliance on Its Own Technologies in Five-Year Plan

Trump administration pushes allies to pressure China over its nuclear program

If China’s economy is so strong, why isn’t its currency stronger?

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