China News Headlines: November 1, 2020

China News Headlines November 1, 2020

China News Headlines November 1, 2020

How China’s Xi Jinping blew a golden opportunity with US President Donald Trump

Xi Jinping’s ‘carbon neutrality’ bombshell leaves China in a climate conundrum

U.S. Says Virus Can’t Be Controlled. China Aims to Prove It Wrong.

Mainland China reports 24 new COVID-19 cases vs 33 a day earlier

Shanghai could be the world’s biggest IPO market this year. Holding the title will be tough

Here’s What Economists Are Saying About China’s New 5-Year Plan

US election 2020: The Asians who are rooting for Trump to win

Jimmy Lai distances himself from report on Hunter Biden’s alleged China links

China wants to be less reliant on the United States. That’s a tall order

China’s military rise poses the greatest foreign policy challenge to the next US President

An Update On Taiwan And China’s Troubled Relationship

As China’s economy picks up, new university grads are still looking for jobs

Can China be a global leader?

As pandemic unfolded, India’s relationship with China has come under severe stress: Jaishankar

China’s most-controlled region is facing the country’s biggest coronavirus outbreak in months

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