China News Headlines: November 7, 2020

China News Headlines November 7, 2020

China News Headlines November 7, 2020

China-Australia relations: looming ban on Australian goods clouds Shanghai import expo

US removes shadowy group from terror list blamed by China for attacks

In Shanghai, China meets the U.S. – Innovation matters: moving forward in Shanghai

China’s military modernisation has pushed Japan to develop its own stealth fighter, analysts say

In Halting Ant’s I.P.O., China Sends a Warning to Business

The Day Jack Ma Became Ray Dalio’s Nightmare

No American election will change China’s mind

India’s top general says face-off with China could spark bigger conflict

China leapfrogs world with first 6G experimental satellite

Why Trump Will Blame Beijing for a Biden Victory

As China Casts a Pall Over Hong Kong, Some See Opportunity

U.S. Firms Get Another Boost From China

Chinese video-sharing app Kuaishou files for IPO as new leaders emerge in the industry

As China’s Propaganda Push Continues, Wuhan Emerges as a Star

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Launches 3 Collaborations to Advance Healthcare in China

JD and Diageo Partner on Responsible Drinking Efforts in China

Australian exporters urge Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government to take China to world trade umpire

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