China News Headlines: November 10, 2020

China News Headlines November 10, 2020

China News Headlines November 10, 2020

China declines to formally recognise Biden win in US elections

Biden, as President, Will Shift U.S. Toolkit on China

A worried Asia wonders: What will Joe Biden do?

‘Stand by Her’: In China, a Movement Hands Out Free Sanitary Pads in Schools

China should expect no reprieve from Trump measures under Biden: analysts

A Divided Washington Is (Sort of) United on China

U.S. vs. China in 5G: The Battle Isn’t Even Close

Trump’s farewell to China — what to expect

‘His speech was perfect’: Chinese social media users celebrate Biden win

Biden to Face Long List of Foreign Challenges, With China No. 1

Xi Jinping’s Strength is China’s Weakness

Biden, Like Trump, Will Deepen Integration With China

Biden administration might see eye-to-eye with China on two things, says former IMF China head

Washington should not force countries to choose between the U.S. and China, says ex-diplomat

Is China a New Colonial Power?

Apple supplier Pegatron found using illegal student labor in China

Apple suspends iPhone assembler Pegatron over labor violations in China

The Duty-Free Business Must Reroute to China

How the ‘durian of soup’ became the hippest dish in China

Tesla (TSLA) could surprise with over 500,000 cars produced in China next year, supply chain report says

US Sanctions Four Chinese Officials for Hong Kong Clampdown

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