China News Headlines: November 12, 2020

China News Headlines November 12, 2020

China News Headlines November 12, 2020

China Targets Hong Kong’s Lawmakers as It Squelches Dissent

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers to resign en masse

$250 billion wiped off Chinese tech stocks as Beijing signals crackdown

7 Chinese Stocks To Buy Even If Trade Tension Persists

Who has the upper hand in the China-India border dispute?

China breaks national record for Mariana Trench manned-dive amid race for deep sea resources

Chinese shoppers are buying fewer foreign goods – and it’s not just because of nationalism, says consultant

China’s Singles Day: 3m worker, 4,000 planes and cargo ships

Questions Mount About Controversial Hunter Biden-China Dossier

Don’t Sleep on China’s New Blockchain Internet

China forces ouster of Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers, quashing opposition

Asian leaders to sign China-backed trade deal amid U.S. election uncertainty

China can expect Biden to keep pushing for change, with help from U.S. allies

China urges US to stop boosting ties with Taiwan

K-Pop band Blackpink’s video with giant panda cub sparks outrage in China

Buffeted by Trump, China Has Little Hope for Warmer Relations With Biden

On Singles’ Day in China, Couriers Clamor for More

China condemns HK opposition walkout as ‘farce’

Luxury brands jump on China’s retail extravaganza

Brazil allows China Covid vaccine trial to resume

Pro-democracy lawmakers ‘had gone too far’

Hong Kong: ‘They are forcing us to quit

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers resign en masse

K-pop band’s panda cuddle raises hackles in China

‘Today we announce our mass resignations’

TikTok asks defeated Trump if it’s still banned

Tracking the global pandemic: Where has been hit hardest?

China to clamp down on internet giants

The world’s biggest shopping event luring scammers

Hong Kong’s dying news stands tell a story of change

Bolsonaro hails ‘victory’ as vaccine trial halted

Biden will need focus on China, says ex-Nato chief

COVID kills 15,000 US mink as Denmark recommends nationwide cull

Bazil halts trials of Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

US sanctions more officials over China’s crackdown in Hong Kong

China declines to formally recognise Biden win in US elections

Taiwan fears loss in US support as Trump booted from office

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