China News Headlines: November 13, 2020

China News Headlines November 13, 2020

China News Headlines November 13, 2020

Trump bans US investments that would aid China’s military

Trump Bars Investment in Chinese Firms With Military Ties

Factbox: List of 31 Chinese companies designated by the U.S. as military-backed

China’s President Xi Jinping Personally Scuttled Jack Ma’s Ant IPO

Jack Ma, Show Them How to Run a $280 Billion Bank

China Is Inoculating Thousands With Unapproved COVID-19 Vaccines. Why?

China proposes antitrust law ahead of Singles’ Day shopping spree

China drafts new antitrust guideline to rein in tech giants, wiping US$102 billion from Alibaba, Tencent and Meituan stocks

Morgan Stanley names internet companies that will be hit by China’s proposed anti-monopoly rules

Trump to ban Americans from investing in Chinese companies

Trump bars U.S. investments in Chinese military-linked firms

Why self-help books are so popular in China

Britain, EU Join U.S. In Condemning China’s Crackdown On Hong Kong Lawmakers

China is breaking Hong Kong treaty with UK, says Dominic Raab

China Targets Hong Kong’s Lawmakers as It Squelches Dissent

Trump Bars Americans From Investing in Firms That Help China’s Military

A brief experiment in a more open Chinese web

Hong Kong and China could face fresh US sanctions over ousting of lawmakers

How China’s Control of Information is a Cyber Weakness

Singles Day: Alibaba sales blitz rakes in $75 billion as Chinese shake off Covid-19

China Muslims: Volkswagen says ‘no forced labour’ at Xinjiang plant

Inner Mongolia officials lambasted for handling education reform poorly

US announces stay of TikTok ban, and sale deadline is held off for at least a month

As China’s confidence grows, it looks to ‘design’ how war is fought

US Huawei prosecutors let accused Chinese professor return home

‘Don’t be a sycophant’ towards China, ex-Australia PM urges

First major show in China for Judy Chicago’s feminist art

China extends ban on visitors to 8 more countries, including India, France and Russia

Brave ‘wartime conditions’ to stop Covid-19, vice-premier tells Kashgar

China closes door to visitors from Britain, Belgium and Philippines

Coronavirus: public education key to China’s fight, disease expert says

Trump administration cracks down on US investments in Chinese firms

Canada woos Hong Kong students amid China crackdown

WHO-backed probes move forward to shed light on early days of virus

Harvard not discriminating against Asian-Americans, US appeal court rules

China-India border dispute: are both sides breaking the deadlock?

Xi Jinping to visit South Korea in next few weeks, Yonhap says

China’s new economic strategy must strike a balance, EU diplomat says

China’s race to find a vaccine gathers pace after pause in Brazil trial

ASEAN summit gets under way amid ‘major power rivalries’

Hong Kong legislators to resign, US threatens more sanctions

Why is Taiwan’s Kuomintang on the ropes?

Why is Taiwan’s Kuomintang on the ropes?

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy legislators to resign en masse

China’s tech clampdown wipes $260bn off share values

Crazy sale! China’s Singles’ Day bags record shopping revenues

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