China News Headlines: November 14, 2020

China News Headlines November 14, 2020

China News Headlines November 14, 2020

China turns its attention to frozen foods in battle to eliminate virus threat, but experts remain skeptical

China warns of action after Pompeo says Taiwan not part of China

Beijing furious over Pompeo’s Taiwan comments, warns of action

China Warns of Action After Pompeo Says Taiwan Not Part of China

Russia, China in lead as Philippines seeks deals for Covid-19 vaccines

Trump bans Americans from investing in Chinese firms he claims have ties to the military

Trump bans U.S. investments in companies linked to Chinese military

Ant’s record-breaking $37 billion IPO was personally halted by China’s Xi Jinping after boss Jack Ma snubbed government leaders, report says

Why China just got around to congratulating Biden on his 2020 win

China congratulates Biden, but few US policy changes seen

China on track for $31 billion in U.S. ag imports over 12 months

Trump bans investments in companies that White House says aid China’s military

Korean girl group’s panda stunt prompts anger in China

China Congratulates Biden on Presidential Victory

Supermarket in China apologizes for chart that labels women who wear larger sizes ‘rotten’ and ‘terrible’

China warns of action after Pompeo says Taiwan not part of China

Trump Bars Americans From Investing in Firms That Help China’s Military

Ma Jun: China has started to ‘walk the walk’ on climate crisis

Singles Day: Alibaba sales blitz rakes in $75 billion as Chinese shake off Covid-19

China Is Inoculating Thousands With Unapproved COVID-19 Vaccines. Why?

Tracking the global pandemic: Where has been hit hardest?

After long silence, China congratulates Biden

US and China’s blame game over the environment

TikTok lives to see another day in US

US bars investments in ‘Chinese military companies’

VW boss: ‘We have no forced labour’

VW says ‘no forced labour’ at Xinjiang plant

China condemns defiant Hong Kong opposition

Luxury brands jump on China’s retail extravaganza

Can Hong Kong’s democracy fight survive the walkout?

Brazil allows China Covid vaccine trial to resume

Pro-democracy lawmakers ‘had gone too far’

Dennis Kwok: Tough time for democratic movement

Hong Kong: ‘They are forcing us to quit’

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers resign en masse

K-pop band’s panda cuddle raises hackles in China

‘Today we announce our mass resignations’

TikTok asks defeated Trump if it’s still banned

Japan, US defence chiefs confirm Senkakus fall under security pact

China has zeroed in on frozen food as it tries to keep a lid on Covid-19

Pope looked anti-Trump by refusing to meet Pompeo: retired Hong Kong bishop

Is Southeast Asia ready to trust China’s coronavirus vaccines?

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