China creating an Orwellian world with informatiion warfare

China Mousepad

China Mousepad

Chinese state and its leadership (Chinese Communist Party – CCP) are getting nervous at the pace of progress of their global pre-eminence and how the world is reacting to it.

They firmly believe that history repeats itself. In their fervour to take China to its lost glory, they are ready to use every means available at their disposal, and they are unable to conceal that intention from the world.

Public opinion and awareness are a very significant part of this activity. Governments and counties look for tools to create a favourable atmosphere.

China has found one medicine for all its ills – Information Warfare(IW).

With the advent of the internet age, which has widened its scope exponentially in the last ten years, it is getting alarming, what all can be achieved by individuals and countries like China.

It is using this tool internally and externally very efficiently.

Innocent ordinary citizens, ignorant of the hidden agenda keep justifying for the same Communist Party and country in the name of patriotism. 

George Orwell must be tossing and turning in his grave, looking at how Chinese leadership has rewritten ‘Orwellian World’.

How China is controlling it’s citizens and how it plans to control the free world, continue to read my latest article on India’s most respected Think-Tank platform, ‘Chanakya Forum’

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