China tests engine for Mach 16 aerospace bomber

The Engine was Tested in a Wind Tunnel

The Engine was Tested in a Wind Tunnel

SCMP says in its report “Chinese team test jet engine ‘able to reach anywhere on Earth within 2 hours” that China tests a prototype of sodramjet engine in its hypersonic wind tunnel in Beijing.

Such enigine can power an aerospaceplane for both military and civil purposes that takes off horizontally from an airport, speeds up to enter an orbit around the Earth and land at an airport.

The report says, “Chinese scientists have built what they claim is a revolutionary plane engine for Mach 16 flight.

An aircraft powered by the engine could reach anywhere in the world within two hours, they said.”

That is precisely a supersonic engine for an aerospace bomber described in my book “Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The US”.

My prescience in the book is based on Xi Jinping’s instruction on development of integrated space and air capabilities for both attack and defense when he visited PLA Air Force.

The development is China’s military secret but Chinese official media has revealed some information about the development that has been caught by my sensitive eyes.

The report precisely proves my prescience.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at

Source: Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements – China Tests Engine for Mach 16 Aerospace Bomber

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