Chinese History: December 10, 553 – Houzhu, last emperor of the Chen dynasty, was born

Chen Shubao

Chen Shubao

Chen Shubao, also known as Houzhu of Chen, was born on December 10 553.

He was the last emperor of the Chen dynasty, which was conquered by Sui dynasty.

At the time of his ascension, Chen was already facing military pressure by the Sui on multiple fronts, and, according to traditional historians, Chen Shubao was an incompetent ruler who was more interested in literature and women than in the affairs of the state.

In 589, Sui forces captured Chen’s capital, Jiankang, and captured him, ending Chen’s rule and unifying China after nearly three centuries of division that had started with the conquests of Emperor Hui of Jin.

He was taken to the Sui’s capital Chang’an, where he was treated kindly by Emperor Wen of Sui and his Emperor Yang of Sui successor until his death in 604, during the reign of Emperor Wen’s son, Emperor Yang.

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