China News Headlines: December 14, 2020

China News Headlines December 14, 2020

China News Headlines December 14, 2020

Peter Humphrey was once locked up in China. Now he advises other prisoners and their families how to take on Beijing

America needs Joe Biden to face the grim facts about China

Leaked Chinese Communist Party records show CCP members employed in senior, specialist and advisory positions

Trump raises China concerns as reason to veto defense bill

Chinese dams under U.S. scrutiny in Mekong rivalry

One key part of China is behind in the economic recovery

Taiwan’s economic growth looks to top mainland’s for first time in decades

Domestic and global challenges of China’s economic transformation

Flamethrower drone incinerates wasp nests in China

Flamethrower drone incinerates wasp nests in China

Flamethrower drone incinerates wasp nests in China

China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre

AxiosChinese authorities detain Bloomberg News staff member

EU urges China to free reporters after Bloomberg employee arrest

Rapid China Inflows Spur Call for Strongest Yuan Since 1993

China, Australia and the big questions over a Papua New Guinea fishing hub

COVID-era exports are fueling China’s economic recovery. What happens when the pandemic ends?

China, in Nudge to U.S., Makes a New Promise to Tackle Global Warming

The Guardian view on China’s treatment of the Uighurs: from unthinkable to irrefutable

What China’s Expecting With A Biden Presidency

Why China Is Curbing Club Spending And Building New Stadiums To Fulfill Its Soccer Dream

China’s vaccine gambit

Chinese Lunar Probe Is On Its Way Back To Earth, Carrying Moon Rocks

China’s Love Affair With Australian Wine Ends in a Messy Breakup

Intel CEO Quietly Warns Of China’s ‘Greater Bay Area’ Project

China’s bold new Five Year Plan

Chinese tech companies bet big on India. Now they’re being shut out

India and China’s fast-growing tech sectors face tension

Switzerland denies deal with China was threat to dissidents

Foreign investment clampdown prompts claims of Chinese buyers being ‘frozen out’

No relief: How Biden’s new trade chief will keep the pressure on China

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Crackdown

China’s foreign minister asks Japanese counterpart to visit

Leaked files reveal mass infiltration of world’s biggest firms, consulates and govt agencies by CCP members

Global investors place Rmb1tn bet on China breakthrough

Chinese state-owned companies are in trouble. That could hurt the global recovery

Canadians send Christmas cards to the ‘Two Michaels’ in China

China’s new home prices slow in November as tightening steps cool market

Bloomberg News Chinese staff member detained in Beijing

China reports 24 new COVID-19 cases, monitoring tourist spot Hainan

China leads auto industry recovery as sales top expectations

Nasdaq to remove four Chinese companies’ shares from indexes after U.S. order

Investors weigh blocked China companies as Sino-U.S. chill deepens

U.S. House Democrat slams Trump trade policies, urges Biden to work with allies

Chinese toy maker Pop Mart surges nearly 80% in Hong Kong debut

Investors swap China holdings from Wall Street to Hong Kong as delisting threat brews

China says U.S. claims about national security risks from China Telecom are false

Timeline: Tension between China and Australia over commodities trade

China reports 15 new COVID-19 cases vs 12 a day earlier

Face value: In China men’s skincare boom, startups, global investors seek rich glow

China revokes visa exemptions for U.S. diplomat passport holders visiting Hong Kong, Macau

Container ship loses nearly 2,000 cargo carriers in Pacific storm

Boxed out: China’s exports pinched by global run on shipping containers

S&P DJI removes Chinese firms from indexes after U.S. order

S&P DJI removes Chinese firms from indexes after U.S. order

Europe, U.S. should say ‘no’ to China’s ‘wolf-warrior’ diplomacy – EU envoy

Chinese mystery box maker Pop Mart rakes in millions from millennial fans

HK tycoon Jimmy Lai charged under security law

Hong Kong’s rebel mogul

The paper that pushed the boundary

Why people fear the new law

Chinese woman defends herself after Covid shaming

China asks crew to wear nappies to cut Covid risk

Chinese mystery toymaker becomes multi-billionaire

HK tycoon Jimmy Lai charged under security law

Tracking the global pandemic: Where has been hit hardest?

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