China in the News: December 27, 2020

China in the News December 27, 2020

China in the News December 27, 2020

All the latest Chinese news headlines from around the world.

China to overtake US as world’s biggest economy by 2028, report predicts

China to leapfrog US as world’s biggest economy by 2028: Report

China set to surpass U.S. as world’s biggest economy by 2028, says report

China turns off the lights in ‘Christmas town’ as officials race to meet energy targets

Time’s up for democracy as ‘people’s autocracy’ takes root

NY Post Editorial Board: China’s deadly COVID cover-up was worse than we thought

Biden unlikely to be any softer on Beijing than Trump, leading expert says

Commentary: US-China relations – age of engagement comes to an end

U.S., China And Australia Evacuate Expeditioner From Antarctica In  Day Mission

Tumble on Regulatory Crackdown in China

China launches antitrust investigation into Alibaba

Alibaba stock suffers record fall after antitrust probe in China

Stalled E.U.-China investment deal signals European skepticism on China, willingness to work with Biden

EU-China Investment Talks Near Completion, Raising Concerns

China asks Spain, Netherlands to back EU deal after France threatens to block it

China’s Economy Set to Overtake U.S. Earlier Due to Covid Fallout

Trump Attacks China in Christmas Tweet as Millions Await Stimulus Update

China’s virus deceptions have been even worse than we thought

China: Free Journalists, Activists

Sailors Stranded for Months as China Refuses to Let Ships Unload Australian Coal

In One Of China’s Rare Catholic Communities, Christmas Is A Colorful Mix of Custom

China’s vaccines are poised to help less wealthy nations, but face trust issues

China’s Energy Dependence To Grow Despite Major Oil Discoveries

Why China is rushing a high-level team to Nepal to defuse political crisisT

Chinese Stocks Have Banner Year, Gaining Nearly $5 Trillion

Soft power diplomacy of China in shreds amid pandemic

Morocco acquires 65 million vaccine doses from China, UK

Chinese women with cheating husbands know who to call: Zhang Yufen’s Fire Phoenix Agency

2 charts show China’s shortfall in buying U.S. goods under the ‘phase one’ trade deal

Singaporean woman faces execution in China as family launches last desperate appeal

With Money, and Waste, China Fights for Chip Independence

China-E.U. Talks Hit Another Snag as Biden Camp Objects

Chinese vaccines are poised to fill gap, but will they work?

Over half of Chinese adults are now overweight. That’s more people than the entire US population

US strikes at the heart of China’s bid to become a tech superpower

China Plans to Hold NPC Annual Session from March 5

Pompeo Weighs Genocide Designation Over Persecution of Uighurs in China’s Xinjiang Region

How China’s Tech Giants Like Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu Aid Spy Agencies

China to leapfrog U.S. as world’s biggest economy by 2028: think tank

China reports 20 new COVID-19 mainland cases vs 14 a day earlier

China’s imports of Australian copper concentrate lowest since at least 2016

Japan official, calling Taiwan ‘red line,’ urges Biden to ‘be strong’

China extends tariff exemptions for imports of some U.S. products for one year

China will conduct talks on EU investment pact ‘at its own pace’

China issues draft rules on bank units’ sales of wealth management products

China’s suspends poultry imports from Ireland due to bird flu

Trial of HK people detained in China from Monday, supporters say

China reports 14 new COVID-19 cases vs 17 a day earlier

Turkey says China’s Sinovac COVID vaccine 91.25% effective in late trials

China launches antitrust probe into tech giant Alibaba

China to suspend UK flights indefinitely -foreign ministry

Swimming-Sun’s doping ban referred back to CAS after appeal

Beijing avoids draconian COVID restrictions ahead of festive season

China suspends more Australia timber imports citing pests in cargoes

China independent firm plans $380 million LNG terminal in eastern Jiangsu

Breakingviews – Xi Jinping dumps coal in Alibaba’s stocking

Key events behind China’s investigation into Alibaba Group

Ant group says will strictly comply with all regulatory requirements

Chinese economy ‘to overtake US by 2028’

Millions of Americans face jobless benefits lapse

China helps rescue Australian from Antarctica

Alibaba being investigated over monopoly tactics

China to leapfrog US as world’s biggest economy by 2028: Report

Stocks, British pound get Brexit lift, Alibaba hit by China probe

‘Demand-side’ reforms: In China, this means cutting inequality

China launches antitrust probe into technology giant Alibaba

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