China in the News: December 30, 2020

China in the News December 30, 2020

China in the News December 30, 2020

All the latest Chinese news headlines from around the world.

Hong Kongers who tried to flee to Taiwan jailed in China for up to 3 years

Hong Kong Protesters Who Fled by Boat Are Sentenced to Prison in China

China jails 10 Hong Kong activists for ‘illegal border crossing’

‘Bullet has left the chamber’: Biden will not likely roll back Trump campaign against China tech

China enlists Covid-19 prevention squad for hospitals to beat next wave

China Covid-19: How state media and censorship took on coronavirus

Nearly half a million people may have had Covid-19 in Wuhan, study shows. That’s almost 10 times the official figure

How China won 2020

China Eyes Shrinking Jack Ma’s Business Empire

Jack Ma Has Lost $11 Billion in Two Months on China Scrutiny

China orders Alibaba founder Jack Ma to break up fintech empire

The Three Big Mistakes China Made in 2020

China Has All It Needs to Vaccinate Millions, Except Proof Its Vaccines Work

Pushback on Xi’s Vision for China Spreads Beyond U.S.

‘Let us go home’: US relative of corrupt China security chief pleads with Xi

The Coming Global Backlash against China

Apple’s longtime supplier accused of using forced labor in China

Is China right to tame Ant?

Chinese Citizen Journalist Sentenced to 4 Years for Covid Reporting

Chinese Citizen Journalist Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison

Analyst argues that China’s regulation of Ant Group is bad for financial technology — and China’s economy

From the US to China, Korea, India and Europe, antitrust action against tech is gaining serious momentum

China Orders Ant Group to Revamp Its Business

What my grandfather’s life taught me about China and America

Biden’s nominees will face a China gauntlet

Biden sounds like he has made a choice on China

China’s economy is still months away from a full recovery, business survey finds

Australia’s growth may ‘never return’ to its pre-virus path after trade trouble with China, says economist

Hong Kong teenager jailed for China flag insult

Dada Group Included on Hurun’s Top 500 Private Enterprises

Hong Kong teenager gets 4 months in prison for insulting Chinese flag

Tencent backs Chinese healthcare portal DXY in $500M round

James Cooper: That Decoupling Sound: China, the US and a Year of CBDCs – CoinDesk

Taiwanese MP calls for enhanced cooperation with Australia in face of Chinese aggression

In One Of China’s Rare Catholic Communities, Christmas Is A Colorful Mix of Custom

Behind China’s fastest-growing big city: Aviation, tourism and a potential housing bubble

‘Revenge’: China’s new warning to Australia amid trade spat

No Meaningful Outcome Of Talks With China On LAC Standoff: Rajnath Singh

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