China in the News: February 18, 2021

China Flag

Satellite images show China emptying military camps at border flashpoint with India

China is seen in satellite images dismantling dozens of structures and moving vehicles to empty out entire camps along a disputed Himalayan border, where …ABC News16 hours ago

US President Joe Biden says China will face repercussions on human rights abuses

China will pay a price for its human rights abuses, United States President Joe Biden warned, responding to queries on the Asian nation’s handling of Muslim …ABC News21 hours ago

China steps up online controls with new rule for bloggers

Ma Xiaolin frequently wrote about current affairs on one of China’s leading microblogging sites, where he has 2 million followers. But recently, he said in a post, … hours ago

The port operators behind China’s naval expansion | The Strategist

The Chinese Communist Party’s first leader, Mao Zedong, once said that ‘political power grows out of the barrel of a gun’. Mao’s words echo a fundamental truth …The Strategist7 hours ago

How China is devastating Australia’s billion-dollar wine industry

Melbourne, Australia (CNN Business) South Australian winemaker Jarrad White spent almost a decade building his business in China. Then, in a matter of …CNN 15 hours ago

Here’s exactly why China is so crucial to global recovery

An educational activity attended by more than 1,300 teachers and students in Shiyan city, Hubei province, China, On December 10, 2020. (Photo credit: …Yahoo Finance Australia1 hour ago

Biden and China: Administration Rethinks Relations

The Biden administration is under intense pressure to maintain former President Donald J. Trump’s curbs on China, even as it tries to develop a more …The New York Times7 hours ago

How China is bending the rules in the South China Sea

Chinese exercises in the South China Sea last month, and the strong US response, show these disputed waters will not soon be calm. While the focus has …The Interpreter22 hours ago

Lynas gains on report China could ban rare earth exports

The threat of a China crackdown on rare earths exports for use by US defence companies has underpinned a surge in Lynas Corp’s share price as analysts …The Australian Financial Review19 hours ago

Concerns over China’s rare earth export curbs speed up diversification plans

Concerns over China’s intentions were heightened when sources said Beijing could restrict exports to the US, a move that could hurt its weapons manufacturing …South China Morning Post6 hours ago

‘Possible war’ looming on Australia’s doorstep as China ramps up attacks on Taiwan

A “severe crisis” could be brewing in 2021 as superpowers China and the US increasingly clash over tiny Taiwan – potentially leaving Australia hours ago

Myanmar protesters accuse China of backing coup plotters

Members of a nationwide civil disobedience movement opposing Myanmar’s coup are venting their anger at China, which protesters accuse of helping the …Financial Times23 hours ago

China Decoupling Would Cost U.S. Billions, Chamber Says

American companies would lose hundreds of billions of dollars if they slashed investment in China or the nations increased tariffs, the U.S. Chamber of …Bloomberg6 hours ago

Virtual control: the agenda behind China’s new digital currency

The planned ‘e-yuan’ could boost Beijing’s surveillance state and create competition for private fintech groups.Financial Times21 hours ago

Sorry, America: China is now Europe’s biggest trading partner for goods

London (CNN Business) Europe is now trading more goods with China than the United States, a sign of how the pandemic is transforming the global economy.CNN 7 hours ago

Taiwan accuses China of blocking efforts to buy Covid vaccines

Taiwan has accused China of obstructing its efforts to buy coronavirus vaccines from BioNTech, in the latest example of a political dispute that threatens the fight …Financial Times15 hours ago

Businesses changing tune on Australia–China relations | The Strategist

Like a Jim’s Mowing franchise owner watching a neighbour lay synthetic grass, many Australian business leaders with multiple lines of dependency on Chinese …The Strategist1 hour ago

NASA’s China exclusion could mean missed opportunity for Mars InSight

NASA’s Mars InSight lander is poised to make the ultimate field recording when Perseverance attempts its Feb. 18 landing. Politics could squelch an even better …SpaceNews10 hours ago

Russia, China to sign agreement on international lunar research station

Russia is preparing to sign a memorandum of understanding with China to cooperate on a vision for an international lunar research station (ILRS).SpaceNews10 hours ago

Joe Biden suggests China’s Uighur genocide is part of ‘different cultural norms’

US President Joe Biden has appeared to downplay China’s genocide of Uighur Muslims, saying “culturally there are different norms” in every hours ago

China’s trade sanctions on Australian agriculture force farmers to find new markets

Farmers who fell victim to the multi-billion-dollar China-Australia trade spat are seeing signs of hope as they find new customers for their produce.ABC News4 days ago

China military watch | The Strategist

As tensions rise over China’s recent aggressive air patrolling across the Taiwan Strait, and concern mounts that Beijing may stage a provocation to coerce Taipei …The Strategist6 days ago

China’s Gen Z consumers drive growth of domestic brands as spending power rises

China’s Gen Z cohort is notably more globally minded and enthusiastic about “Made in China” products, said L Catterton’s Charlotte Chang.CNBCYesterday

China not targeting US in rare-earth exports, but option remains

China’s rare-earth exports to the US are not being restricted and are continuing unaffected, but reviews of such an option may have been done and measures …Global Times13 hours ago

U.S. still hasn’t ruled out lab accident origin for Covid because China hasn’t been transparent

The U.S. still hasn’t completely ruled out a lab accident as Covid’s source, as officials continue to review intel on China’s initial handling of the outbreak.NBC NewsYesterday

Chinese Markets Reopen With Stocks Primed to Hit All-Time Highs

Chinese stocks jumped after reopening for the first time after the Lunar New Year break on Thursday, poised to close at a new record high.Bloomberg9 minutes ago

Record China box office foreshadows global pent-up demand for movies, Imax CEO says

After Imax reported record Lunar New Year weekend gross box-office sales in China, CEO Rich Gelfond said Americans will run to the movies when it’s safe …CNBCYesterday

Decoupling With China Would Hurt U.S. Businesses, Chamber of Commerce Says

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned that rising tensions with China could have serious consequences for U.S. businesses, laying out a worse-case …The Wall Street Journal11 hours ago

China’s digital yuan needs to beat Alipay, WeChat Pay before challenging dollar, researcher says

China’s digital yuan will need to dethrone the country’s domestic e-payments giants first, before it can think of competing against the greenback internationally, …CNBC19 hours ago

Doubts about the WHO COVID inquiry fuel China’s advantage

A highly anticipated global inquiry, more than a dozen investigators, a fortnight of inspections at ground-zero of the virus that sent borders up around the world, …Sydney Morning Herald6 days ago

China Blocked Jack Ma’s Ant IPO After Investigation Revealed Likely Beneficiaries

Well-connected Chinese power players were behind layers of opaque investment vehicles that would have profited from the world’s largest stock listing.The Wall Street JournalYesterday

US Government to Stop Buying Chinese-made Drones

In its latest move to address national security threats posed by Chinese-made drones, the U.S. federal government’s purchasing agency no longer will purchase …Voice of AmericaYesterday

China overtakes U.S. as Europe’s main trading partner for the first time

China dethroned the U.S. last year to become Europe’s top trading partner for the first time, data from the European statistics office has shown.CNBC2 days ago

Why China banned the BBC, and why it matters

The BBC has recently covered a number of sensitive issues in China.CNBC20 hours ago

New Satellite Images Show China Vacating Military Camps At Ladakh

China has dismantled dozens of structures and moved vehicles to empty out entire camps along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) – the de facto border, where …NDTV9 hours ago

These Industries Could Be Hurt by U.S.-China Breakup

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Rhodium Group issued a report that puts the cost of a U.S.-China breakup into the billions of dollars annually.Barron’s5 hours ago

China targets rare earth export curbs to hobble US defence industry

China is exploring limiting the export of rare earth minerals that are crucial for the manufacture of American F-35 fighter jets and other sophisticated weaponry, …Financial Times2 days ago

India, China disengagement to conclude in 2-3 days, says Foreign Secretary Shringla

Foreign Secretary says disengagement plan a ‘step in right direction’, adds India and China both feel ‘comfortable’ to discuss such matters in Russia.ThePrint9 hours ago

China rolls over 200 bln yuan of medium-term loans, rate unchanged

China’s central bank on Thursday rolled over maturing medium-term loans while keeping the interest rate unchanged for a 10th straight month.Reuters1 hour ago

Will Washington Derail China’s Aviation Industry?

Amid the chaos of the Trump administration’s final weeks, the U.S. Commerce Department made a little-noticed announcement that has the potential to derail …Foreign PolicyYesterday

Canada’s China problem – POLITICO

Justin Trudeau wants to make sure “all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed” before drawing any conclusions about whether what’s happening in Xinjiang …Politico11 hours ago

Colgate-Palmolive Not Rebranding China’s Black Person’s Toothpaste

The rebranding looked liked it was going ahead based on Chinese trademark filings made by Colgate affiliate in June 2020 for HYMULA. However, since then …The National Law Review12 hours ago

What the Fear of China Is Doing to American Science

In what is becoming a familiar scene in American higher education, a Chinese-born scientist at a high-profile university was recently arrested for his ties to the …The AtlanticYesterday

Advertising, AI help China’s Baidu beat expectations for revenue

China’s Baidu Inc reported quarterly revenue above Wall Street expectations on Wednesday, bolstered by a rise in advertising on its core search …CNA5 hours ago

Biden’s Plan to Protect American Workers Will Boost China’s Power in Asia

U.S. President Joe Biden outlined his big new foreign-policy idea in a speech on Feb. 4: rebuilding the U.S. middle class. “There’s no longer a bright line …Foreign Policy2 days ago

W.H.O. Researcher Seeking Coronavirus Origins on His Trip to China

An interview with Peter Daszak, an animal disease specialist, just after his return from an investigative research mission to Wuhan, the site of the original Covid …The New York Times4 days ago

Hollywood Struggles for Fans in China’s Growing Film Market

With China’s box office takings expected to return to near pre-pandemic highs in 2021, the world’s largest movie market is becoming more attractive — and more …Bloomberg2 days ago

China’s box office roars while Hollywood remains on mute

China’s box office was off to a roaring start during the crucial Lunar New Year holiday while the majority of cinemas remain closed in North America, …Financial Times5 days ago

Access Asia – Covid-19: Is China’s vaccine diplomacy working?

Wealthy countries were quick to snatch up Covid-19 vaccines from Western companies, leaving low-income ones to look elsewhere. Enter China and India.FRANCE 242 days ago

China’s political power grows with its capital markets

As more money flows to China’s financial markets, it gains another weapon to challenge the United States’ position as the world’s superpower.ampAxios2 days ago

Inside the battle between the BBC and China

New York (CNN Business) China banned BBC World News from airing in the country, according to a statement China’s National Radio and Television …CNN 2 days ago


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