China in the News: March 5, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world

U.S. Commerce head to use tool to limit tech exports to China firms to ‘full effect’

New U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said she will make full use of a powerful regulatory tool that has been deployed to limit the flow of U.S. technology and products to China’s Huawei and others. 7:34pm EST

ByteDance developing Clubhouse-like app for China amid copycat rush: sources

TikTok owner ByteDance is working on a Clubhouse-like app for China, sources familiar with the matter said, as the global success of the U.S.-based audio chat service inspires a rush of copycats in the country. 5:35am EST

China’s market rates unlikely to rise rapidly in short term: state media

China’s market interest rates are unlikely to rise rapidly in the short term despite the recent sharp uptick in U.S. bond yields, the state-run China Securities Journal said on Thursday. Mar 03 2021

Former Hong Kong chief C.Y. Leung does not rule out return to post

Former Hong Kong Chief Executive C.Y. Leung, among the most vocal supporters of Beijing’s moves to tighten control over the territory, did not rule out a return to his former post in an interview on Wednesday. Mar 03 2021

Concerns over China vaccine diplomacy “narrow-minded”: political advisory body

Concerns about China using vaccines to sway other countries are “narrow-minded,” a top political advisory body said, apparently dismissing a notion among rival powers that Beijing exploits the fight against COVID-19 to boost its global influence. Mar 03 2021

Ukraine COVID-19 hospitalisations rise to record as Chinese vaccine faces delay

A record number of Ukrainians were taken to hospital with coronavirus over the past 24 hours, while the number of deaths remains consistently high, health ministry data show on Wednesday. Mar 03 2021

Prickly problem: Taiwan says won’t be beaten by China pineapple ban

Taiwan will not be beaten by China’s ban on pineapple imports and will rally round its farmers to turn crisis into opportunity with new markets and more sales at home, President Tsai Ing-wen said on Wednesday, offering a defiant rebuke to Beijing. Mar 03 2021

Breakingviews – Capital Calls: China walks back tough rate talk

Concise insights on global finance in the Covid-19 era. Mar 03 2021

U.S. working with allies on COVID-19 vaccine strategy in Asia to counter China: FT

The United States is working with allies Japan, India and Australia on a plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines in Asia to counter the influence of China, the Financial Times newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the talks. Mar 03 2021

U.S., Canada hail Taiwan’s ‘freedom pineapples’ after Chinese ban

The de facto U.S. and Canadian embassies in Taiwan on Tuesday praised the quality of pineapples grown on the island, depicting photographs of their top diplomats in Taipei with the fruit after an import ban by China. Mar 03 2021

China fines group-buying platforms owned by Meituan, Pinduoduo over improper pricing

China fined on Wednesday five community group-buying platforms owned and backed by the likes of Meituan, Pinduoduo, Tencent Holdings, Alibaba Group and Didi Chuxing, citing “improper pricing behaviour”. Mar 03 2021

One in five Chinese Australians report attacks or threats amid pandemic, rising tensions

One in five Chinese Australians say they have been physically threatened or attacked in the past year because of the COVID-19 pandemic and tensions in Australia’s relationship with China, a survey by the Lowy Institute think tank reported. Mar 02 2021

China confirms swine fever in piglets in Yunnan province

An outbreak of African swine fever has been confirmed in piglets being illegally transported through Funing county in China’s southwestern province of Yunnan, the farm ministry said. Mar 02 2021

Breakingviews – Xi’s green campaign will restructure state sector

Xi Jinping’s push to make the world’s second-largest economy carbon-neutral by 2060 will reshape the state sector. Equity investors have applauded moves by energy giants like Sinopec and PetroChina to jump on the green bandwagon. But creditors and smaller players in coal and heavy industries might shiver. Mar 02 2021

China’s services sector grows at slowest rate in 10 months in February: Caixin PMI

China’s services sector activity grew at its slowest pace in 10 months in February as firms struggled with sluggish demand and high costs, a private sector survey showed on Wednesday, prompting them to cut jobs. Mar 02 2021

Chinese delegates to propose vaccine passports at annual meetings: Global Times

Some delegates attending the annual meetings of the Chinese parliament and its advisory body due to begin this week will propose issuing COVID-19 vaccine passports that they say will restore some normality, the Global Times reported on Wednesday. Mar 02 2021

Jack Ma loses title as China’s richest man after coming under Beijing’s scrutiny

Alibaba and Ant Group founder Jack Ma has lost the title of China’s richest man, a list published on Tuesday showed, as his peers prospered while his empire was put under heavy scrutiny by Chinese regulators. Mar 02 2021

China says door to Xinjiang ‘always open’, but U.N. rights boss should not prejudge

China said on Tuesday that it was discussing a visit to its Xinjiang region by United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet, but that she should not set out with the aim of condemning its policies. Mar 02 2021

Beijing dismisses alleged Chinese hacking of Indian vaccine makers

China on Tuesday rejected an allegation by a cyber intelligence firm that a state-backed hacking group targeted the IT systems of two Indian coronavirus vaccine makers. Mar 02 2021

Mining magnets: Arctic island finds green power can be a curse

In the tenth century, Erik the Red, a Viking from Iceland, was so impressed with the vegetation on another Arctic island he had found he called it “the green land.” Today, it’s Greenland’s rocks that are attracting outsiders – superpowers riding a green revolution. Mar 02 2021

Leaders aren’t talking and trade tensions remain, but Chinese students haven’t abandoned Australia … yet

Chinese people in Australia lodge more student visa applications in the month of January this year than in January during any previous year.ABC News6 hours ago

Putting ‘patriots’ in power: China to overhaul Hong Kong’s political system

China’s top legislative body will overhaul Hong Kong’s electoral system, declaring it was its responsibility to put “patriots” in power.Sydney Morning Herald9 hours ago

Most Americans Support Tough Stance Toward China on Human Rights, Economic Issues

Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images) Pew Research Center conducted this study to understand American views toward China. For this analysis, we.Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project10 hours ago

‘There will be problems’: China fears the blowback from global financial bubbles

Global markets are awash with liquidity, with the risk of financial “bubbles” rising as central banks continue to pour monetary stimulus into their economies in …Sydney Morning Herald2 days ago

Hong Kong’s vanishing freedom on the agenda as China’s annual congress begins

Hong Kong has been dropped from the Heritage Foundation’s ‘Index of Economic Freedom,’ as China’s annual Communist Party congress starts in Beijing.NBC News9 hours ago

China calls on Australia to admit ‘deeply concerning’ problem

One of China’s Foreign Ministry spokespeople has continued the department’s onslaught on Australia, calling for Canberra to admit the nation has a racism …Yahoo News AustraliaYesterday

Climate change: Will China take a ‘great leap’ to a greener economy?

A new five-year plan may signal a switch from fossil fuels, but economic worries could limit change.BBC News17 hours ago

China has given away millions in its digital yuan trials. This is how it works

The People’s Bank of China has been developing the digital yuan, a so-called central bank digital currency that aims to replace some of the cash in circulation.CNBC1 hour ago

Thousands of fake doses of COVID-19 vaccines seized in China and South Africa

Police in China and South Africa seize thousands of fake doses of COVID-19 jabs, global police organisation Interpol says, warning this represented only the “tip …ABC News19 hours ago

Microsoft accuses China over email cyber-attacks

The US tech giant blamed the attacks on Hafnium, a state-sponsored group operating out of China.BBC News2 days ago

Xi Maps Out China’s Post-Covid Ascent

Xi Jinping has struck a confident posture as he looks to secure China’s prosperity and power in a post-Covid world, saying that the country is entering a time of …The New York Times23 hours ago

‘If the others go I’ll go’: Inside China’s scheme to transfer Uighurs into work

A high-level Chinese study says a massive work scheme is reducing Uighur population density in Xinjiang.BBC News2 days ago

China says Australians must ‘own up’ to racism and become ‘better citizens’ after Lowy Institute survey

China has seized on a survey that suggested Chinese-Australians have experienced a rise in racist incidents over the past year, saying Australians need to … hours ago

US to build anti-China missile network along first island chain

WASHINGTON — The U.S. will bolster its conventional deterrence against China, establishing a network of precision-strike missiles along the so-called first …Nikkei Asia9 hours ago

Bill Birtles, on China – Conversations

In 2015 Bill began his dream job as the ABC’s China Correspondent. Five years later, 7 State Security police officers visited him in the middle of the night and …ABC News2 days ago

Critics question China’s right to host Winter Olympics

Some lawmakers in the Netherlands, Canada and the US say China should be stripped of 2022 Games over human rights abuses.POLITICO.eu21 hours ago

Japan wants China to stop anal COVID tests on citizens

Japan has voiced its discomfort over China’s unorthodox COVID health tests for arriving hours ago

Chinese diplomat Wang Xining claims being a friend of China is seen as a ‘sin’ in Australia, hits out at Australian media reporting

China’s most high-profile diplomat in Australia, Wang Xining, says “history will prove that it is wise and visionary to be China’s friends, and your children and …ABC News3 days ago

How China’s Massive Corruption Crackdown Snares Entrepreneurs Across The Country

LULIANG, China — The meteoric rise of aluminum executive Zhang Zhixiong transformed his rural Chinese hamlet into a lucrative mining community. But his fall …NPR7 hours ago

China row opens export opportunities for India

India is moving to fill the Chinese vacuum for Australian resources and wine, as a free-trade agreement between Canberra and New Delhi gains momentum …The Australian5 hours ago

China approves sale of traditional medicine products to treat Covid-19

China has approved three traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) products for sale to help treat Covid-19, the government’s National Medical Products …CNN 15 hours ago

China’s pork herd recovery still a long way off – despite Govt rhetoric

INDEPENDENT meat industry analyst Simon Quilty has written-off recent optimistic Chinese rhetoric around its pig herd recovery, suggesting the country’s pork …Beef Central19 hours ago

Protecting China’s finless porpoise

The Yangtze finless porpoise (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis), one of the 13 flagship global species recognized by the World Wildlife Fund (1), has been officially …Science Magazine6 hours ago

Australia Plans to Loosen China’s Grip on Minerals Supply Chain

(Bloomberg) — Australia wants to leverage off its position as a top mineral producer by boosting processing and manufacturing, part of a plan to challenge …Yahoo Finance21 hours ago

China’s new laws overlook native herpetofauna

After revising the China Wildlife Protection Law in 2018 (1), China released an updated version of the accompanying List of Wild Animals under Special State …Science Magazine6 hours ago

Family Disappears Amid China’s Detention Of Mostly Ethnic Uyghurs

A family in China’s region of Xinjiang left videos, pleading for help as authorities mounted a mass detention campaign. Then they disappeared.NPR2 days ago

China to keep steady, proper increase in defense spending, figure open and transparent: NPC spokesperson

China will maintain a proper and steady increase in defense spending, and the figure is open and transparent, a spokesperson for the annual session of the …Global Times10 hours ago

Death threats, distrust and racism: how anti-Chinese sentiment in Australia ‘seeped into the mainstream’

Threatening letters sent to Asian councillors and a surge in race hate attacks during the pandemic has renewed calls for a centralised hate tracker.The Guardian21 hours ago

With growth on track, China starts to unwind stimulus

THE PHRASE “first in, first out” has become shorthand for China’s experience of the covid-19 pandemic: it is both where the virus started spreading and the first …The Economist1 hour ago

U.S. issues warning after Microsoft says China hacked its mail server program

The U.S. has issued an emergency warning after Microsoft said it caught China hacking into its mail and calendar server program, called Exchange.NBC NewsYesterday

Goldman picks 5 Chinese tech stocks — and one has an upside of 91%

The buy-rated Chinese tech stocks have upsides of between 37% and 91% over the next five years, the Goldman analysts said.CNBC14 hours ago

NATO grapples with grasping China’s transportation clout in Europe

COLOGNE, Germany – NATO officials are scrambling to understand the extent to which Chinese investments in key transportation nodes throughout Europe …DefenseNews.com3 hours ago

Secretary Of State Described China As Biden’s Biggest Political Test

In a speech, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken described China as the Biden administration’s biggest political test.NPR3 hours ago

Making sense of a purge of China’s security services

It signals both the depth and opacity of Xi Jinping’s power.The Economist2 minutes ago

China fines Pinduoduo and Meituan for veggie discounts too big

SHANGHAI — China’s antitrust watchdog has levied fines against Pinduoduo, Meituan and three other online sellers, saying they engaged in imprope.Nikkei AsiaYesterday

Lithuania Riles China With Taiwan Trade-Office Plan as Ties Sour

Lithuania is planning to open a trade office in Taiwan this year and is chewing over leaving a Chinese-led forum for eastern European states, complicating …Bloomberg11 hours ago

Opinion: Rare Truths About China’s Rare Earths

Environmentalists and markets can end Beijing’s monopoly on minerals for smartphones and more.The Wall Street JournalYesterdayOpinion

A major Chinese bitcoin mining hub is shutting down its cryptocurrency operations

China’s Inner Mongolia region plans to ban new cryptocurrency mining projects and shut down existing activity in a bid to cut down on the energy-consuming …CNBC2 days ago

China military watch | The Strategist

As tensions rise over China’s recent aggressive air patrolling across the Taiwan Strait, and concern mounts that Beijing may stage a provocation to coerce Taipei …The Strategist12 Feb

Are Galaxy Entertainment and MGM China a winning bet?

Investors think so, the casinos’ heavy pandemic losses notwithstanding.The Economist9 hours agoOpinion

LeBron James, NBA stars silent on Chinese court ruling homosexuality possible mental disorder

LeBron James and other NBA stars have kept silent on a Chinese court’s recent ruling that homosexuality can be considered a mental disorder, leading to …Fox News2 hours ago

18:38 ET IMAX China Reports Full-Year 2020 Financial Results

PRNewswire/ — IMAX China Holding, Inc. (“IMAX China” or the “Company”, HKG: 1970) today reported full-year 2020 results highlighted by second-half box …PRNewswire1 hour ago

Fitch Rates China Everbright Bank HK Branch’s Proposed USD Notes ‘BBB(EXP)’

Fitch Ratings – Hong Kong/Shanghai – 03 Mar 2021: Fitch Ratings has assigned an expected rating of ‘BBB(EXP)’ to China Everbright Bank Company Limited’s …Fitch Ratings21 hours ago

Toothless Initially, China’s New Carbon Market Could Be Fearsome

China’s new emissions trading market might look like a vast paper-pushing operation, but it could evolve into a powerful tool to decarbonize China’s coal-fired …Forbes3 days ago

Australian island ‘locked up under our very eyes’ by China

Nationals MP George Christensen has told Sky News the Chinese developer holding the Keswick Island head-lease has “locked up” the island “under our very …Sky News Australia12 hours ago

Chinese vaccines sweep much of the world, despite concerns

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — The plane laden with vaccines had just rolled to a stop at Santiago’s airport in late January, and Chile’s president, Sebastián Piñera, was …Associated Press3 days ago

China’s trade sanctions on Australian agriculture force farmers to find new markets

Farmers who fell victim to the multi-billion-dollar China-Australia trade spat are seeing signs of hope as they find new customers for their produce.ABC News14 Feb

EMERGING MARKETS-China, Indonesia lead Asian stocks lower as U.S. yields rise again

Malaysia leaves interest rates unchanged at 1.75% * China stocks fall over 2%; Taiwan, S.Korea closed over 1% lower By Nikhil Nainan March 4 (Reuters) …Reuters17 hours ago

Jack Ma loses title as China’s richest man after coming under Beijing’s scrutiny

BEIJING (Reuters) – Alibaba and Ant Group founder Jack Ma has lost the title of China’s richest man, a list published on Tuesday showed, as his peers …Reuters2 days ago

How China is devastating Australia’s billion-dollar wine industry

Melbourne, Australia (CNN Business) South Australian winemaker Jarrad White spent almost a decade building his business in China. Then, in a matter of …CNN 19 Feb

Yancoal’s Chinese backers want to invest more in Australia

Yancoal chief David Moult says his Chinese state-owned backers want to invest more in Australia despite diplomatic tensions curbing Chinese inbound …The Australian Financial Review12 hours ago

Back-to-Back Defaults in China Shrugged Off in Credit Market

Just two months into 2021 some of the worst fears for Chinese credit are starting to flare, and yet you’d barely know it looking at the broader market.Bloomberg15 hours ago

Ouster and QCraft Announce Recent Launch of Robobus Fleet in China Using Ouster Lidar Sensors

Ouster, Inc. (“Ouster”) a leading provider of high-resolution digital lidar sensors for the industrial automation, smart infrastructure, robotics, and.Business Wire2 hours ago

Explained: China’s cyber eye and India

In the latest in a series of surveillance and hacking attempts, a Chinese state-backed hacker firm has been reported to be targeting Indian vaccine makers.The Indian Express2 days ago

China takes aim at Australian universities with latest boycott

Australian universities have already been hit hard by the COVID-19 days ago

If China-Pakistan came to peace table, BJP’s failed national security strategy helped too

In just a matter of a fortnight, India’s national security strategy and foreign policy has taken a 180-degree turn with respect to its two belligerent neighbours …ThePrint21 hours agoOpinion

China Cancelation Didn’t Dampen Strong Sorghum Demand Story

Sorghum producers are enjoying strong demand once again. China’s purchases started to rebound in early 2020 and the demand story has been strong ever …Agweb Powered by Farm Journal8 hours ago


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