China in the News: March 10, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world

‘Doomed to fail’: China responds to Winter Olympics boycott calls

China has responded to ongoing calls to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.Yahoo Sport Australia35 minutes ago

In message to China, Biden to meet Australia, India, Japan PMs

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden will hold first-ever joint talks on Friday (Mar 12) with the leaders of Australia, India and Japan, boosting an emerging …CNA2 hours ago

Quad stepped up to leader level in response to China

Within days a decisive event will occur with long-run consequences for the Indo-Pacific — new US President Joe Biden will meet with Japans leader, Yoshihide …The Australian12 hours ago

Westerners are increasingly scared of traveling to China as threat of detention rises

Jeff Wasserstrom is a self-proclaimed China specialist who is seriously considering never returning to China — at least, he says, not while President Xi Jinping is …CNN27 minutes ago

Top US commander fears Chinese invasion of Taiwan by 2027

WASHINGTON: China could invade Taiwan within the next six years, as Beijing accelerates its moves to supplant American military power in Asia, a top US …CNA2 hours ago

China pioneers ‘virus passports’ as EU gets Russia jab boost

China has launched a system of so-called “virus passports” to kickstart international travel, as Russia sealed its first deal on Tuesday to manufacture the Sputnik …Yahoo Finance Australia13 hours ago

Battlelines have been drawn for the next US-China stoush

The battlelines for the next phase of the tussle for economic and strategic supremacy between China and the US are being drawn, not directly in military …Sydney Morning Herald2 days ago

Miner BHP makes another anti-pollution deal with Chinese steel producer

Newly signed memorandum of understanding between Chinese steel mill and Australian miner will see US$15 million spent over three years on research to …South China Morning Post14 hours ago

Everything you need to know about China’s coronavirus vaccines

At least 25 countries and territories around the world — largely in Asia and the Middle East — are using Chinese vaccines.POLITICO.eu22 hours ago

China’s appetite for meat fades as vegan revolution takes hold

Concerns over carbon emissions and food crises are fuelling a move away from meat consumption as a symbol of wealth.The Guardian14 hours ago

Sister of Uyghur entrepreneur believed to be detained in China urges Biden to act over ‘unspeakable injustice’

Almost five years ago, Ekpar Asat disappeared upon returning to China after participating in a prestigious State Department program in the United States.CNN 2 hours ago

U.S and China Engage, Tentatively, on Climate Change

The U.S. and China are engaged in a confidence-building exercise that could show whether the world’s two largest economies can work together on shared …The Wall Street Journal8 hours ago

China is falling short on its climate pledge

China’s pledge last September to become carbon-neutral by 2060 was one of the most striking advances in the climate change battle over the past year.Financial Times15 hours agoOpinion

China, Russia enter MoU on international lunar research station

The Chinese and Russian space agencies signed a memorandum of understanding Tuesday on construction of an international lunar research station.SpaceNews10 hours ago

City of lost mosques: how Suzhou tells the story of China’s Islamic past

The labyrinth of alleys and lanes in the old city of Suzhou hides a secret: historical fragments of the long history of Islam in China. Regular stories in the …The Conversation UK12 hours ago

China M&A surges on Covid recovery as focus shifts inwards

Dealmaking within China is running at a record pace, with the value of domestic mergers and acquisitions this year totalling $77.5bn — the busiest-ever start to a …Financial Times19 hours ago

China says manufacturing ‘greatness’ still 30 years away

While many already see China as the world’s factory its leaders want less dependence on US technology.BBC News2 days ago

How China’s Belt and Road and an Australian mining company could be the deciding issues in the Greenland election

Greenlanders are weighing up the delicate balance of economic growth, foreign influence and their environment as an election campaign largely centred on a …ABC News3 days ago

China to support WHO on setting up vaccination mutual recognition platform

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday once again expressed practical and ethical concerns over using a vaccination passport as a certificate for …Global Times12 hours ago

SBS to temporarily stop airing Chinese state TV amid concerns over forced prisoner confessions

SBS suspends its daily broadcast of the Chinese government’s Mandarin news bulletin after a human rights group accuses the public broadcaster of possibly …ABC News5 days ago

Democracy is on trial in Hong Kong — and China is fixing the verdict

DEMOCRACY IS on trial in Hong Kong. Last week, authorities detained and charged 47 people — virtually the entire leadership of the opposition — with …Washington PostYesterdayOpinion

Asian stocks set to follow Wall St rally but China worries grow

Asian stocks were set to track U.S. gains on Wednesday, as falling bond yields eased concerns about surging inflation, although focus will shift …CNA1 hour ago

Unless America acts now, China could trounce it in artificial intelligence

“AMERICA,” WRITE the authors of a congressionally commissioned report on national security and artificial intelligence, “is not prepared to defend or compete in …The Washington Post2 hours agoOpinion

‘There will be problems’: China fears the blowback from global financial bubbles

Global markets are awash with liquidity, with the risk of financial “bubbles” rising as central banks continue to pour monetary stimulus into their economies in …Sydney Morning Herald7 days ago

UK universities’ closeness to China poses risks, says Jo Johnson

The former universities minister Jo Johnson has warned of the “poorly understood” risks of increasingly close collaboration between UK universities and China.The GuardianYesterday

Haunted by 2008, China and U.S. Diverge on Stimulus Plans

(Bloomberg) — The U.S. and China are pursuing divergent economic policies in the aftermath of the coronavirus recession in a role reversal from last time the …Yahoo FinanceYesterday

Why China Worries About Losing Manufacturing

It might seem odd for the world’s factory floor to be concerned about deindustrialization. But China’s latest five-year plan shows Beijing is worried—and with …The Wall Street Journal18 hours ago

China’s Soaring Exports Show Strong Demand a Year After Lockdown

China’s exports surged in the first two months of the year, reflecting strong global demand for manufactured goods and with figures partly skewed by the low …Bloomberg2 days ago

West vilifying China’s Xinjiang governance may eventually backfire

Professor Mestre’s opinion that “France and other European countries [haunted by terrorism] could take the answers given by Xinjiang” back in 2019 was not to …Global Times11 hours ago

China State Funds Buy Stocks to Stem Worsening Rout

(Bloomberg) — The bearish mood prevailing in China’s stock market is proving a match even for state-backed funds, and casting a cloud over the Communist …Yahoo Finance22 hours ago

Why China is the Kautilya of international politics

While the disengagement in Ladakh is apace, China is well placed in the rajamandala to carry on its hostility towards India by means other than war.ThePrint22 hours agoOpinion

India to buy US armed drones to counter China, Pakistan

India plans to buy 30 armed drones from the U.S. to boost its sea and land defenses as tensions persist with neighbours China and Pakistan, according to …Mint19 minutes ago

China’s Car Sales More Than Quadrupled in February

BEIJING—China’s car sales surged in February from a year earlier when the country was at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and consumers were locked …The Wall Street Journal23 hours ago

Exclusive: Chinese EV trio eye HK listings this year to raise combined $5 billion – sources

U.S.-listed Chinese electric vehicle (EV) makers Li Auto Inc, Nio Inc and Xpeng Inc plan to list in Hong Kong as soon as this year, tapping a growing investor …Reuters16 hours ago

Chinese stocks enter correction territory

The Chinese stock market dropped further on Monday, taking the decline from recent record highs to 12 per cent, on concerns that equities in Shanghai and …Financial Times2 days ago

Mexico leans on China after Biden rules out vaccines sharing in short term

Mexico is turning to China to fill a vaccine shortfall with an order for 22 million doses, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Tuesday, a week after U.S. …Reuters11 hours ago

Biden should reverse ‘dangerous practice’ on Taiwan, China’s foreign minister says

President Joe Biden’s administration should roll back the “dangerous practice” of showing support for Taiwan, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Sunday.NBC News2 days ago

Chinese investment in Australia plummets 61%

The drop reflects tougher foreign investment laws and the effects of Covid-19.BBC News9 days ago

These Chinese stocks listed in the U.S. are rebounding after getting pummeled in 2020

Here are some of last year’s most downtrodden U.S.-listed Chinese stocks, including ones that are now on a tear.CNBC1 hour ago

China hackers RedEcho accused of targeting India electric grid

Chinese hackers have been accused of causing a blackout in India’s most populous city last year after a US cybersecurity firm linked them to the days ago

Erasing memory in China’s Tibet – The Interpreter

This article draws from the “Tibet: Colonialism with Chinese characteristics?” episode of The Little Red Podcast, which features interviews and chat celebrating …The Interpreter9 days ago

Tesla, Nio stocks bounce after upbeat China car sales data

Shares of Tesla Inc. undefined bounced 5.6% in premarket trading Tuesday, after tumbling 21.6% amid a five-day losing streak through Monday, after upbeat car …MarketWatch14 hours ago

Microsoft attack blamed on China goes global, with 60,000 victims

An attack on Microsoft’s business email software is morphing into a global cybersecurity crisis, as hackers race to infect as many victims as possible before …Seattle TimesYesterday

Large Ethanol Shipments Set Sail; Why China May Be Testing the Waters

More than a month after news broke China committed to its largest ethanol purchase ever, some of those exports have sailed. One economist thinks China may …Agweb Powered by Farm Journal9 hours ago

Avatar Gets a Surprise Re-Release in China, Eyeing Avengers: Endgame’s No. 1 Global Box Office Record – IGN

The surprise re-release carries the possibility of Avatar reclaiming its record from Avengers: Endgame as the highest-grossing movie in global box office history.IGN54 minutes ago

How the US military is preparing for a war with China

Admiral James Stavridis was 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and 12th Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He sp.Nikkei Asia3 days ago

Here’s how Xi Jinping wants China to build its own Silicon Valley

A Silicon Valley in China? Xi Jinping wants just that. This is especially because the US, which has advanced electronics and semiconductor technology, is not …ThePrint18 hours ago

China Claims It Has Eliminated Poverty But Is That True?

Over the past eight years, some 100 million people in rural China have emerged from poverty, a sign of economic progress trumpeted by President Xi Jinping.Voice of America7 days ago

China’s Communist party ran campaign to discredit BBC, thinktank finds

Australian study finds a ‘coordinated effort by CCP’s propaganda apparatus’ to distract from critical BBC reports and redirect narrative.The Guardian6 days ago

China has built the world’s largest navy. Now what’s Beijing going to do with it?

At some point between 2015 and today, China has assembled the world’s largest naval force. And now it’s working to make it formidable far from its shores.CNN 4 days ago

Chinese technology stocks have fallen harder than US peers

Index of largest technology stocks listed in Hong Kong drops 26% in less than three weeks.Livemint13 hours ago

Canadian-linked foundation offers travel to China in exchange for research from academics, scientists

The North American Foundation for Science and Technology attempts to woo prominent scientists and medical professionals to travel to China to give paid …The Globe and Mail10 hours ago


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