China in the News: March 12, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world

Australia’s foreign affairs minister concerned over China’s latest move to endorse tighter control over Hong Kong

Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne has expressed her concerns after China’s parliament approved a draft decision to change Hong Kong’s …ABC News7 hours ago

China’s parliament remakes Hong Kong in its own image

For almost 24 years, Hong Kong has been a kind of unwitting political laboratory, the subject of an experiment centred on the defining ideological divide of our …BBC News9 hours ago

‘Litany of complaints’: US expects ‘frank, difficult’ meeting with China

Joe Biden’s top foreign affairs officials will raise a “long litany” of complaints about China, including economic pressure on US allies such as Australia.Sydney Morning Herald6 hours ago

Biden Steers Off a Blunt Anti-China Message With Asian Allies

As President Joe Biden seeks to shore up ties with allies in Asia, he’s reshaping the message to avoid spooking them about America’s intentions when it comes …Bloomberg46 minutes ago

‘Quad’ Summit: Biden Looks To Boost Coordination Against China

President Biden will step up his efforts to counterbalance China through coordination with like-minded countries on Friday when he takes part in a first-of-its-kind …NPR6 hours ago

‘Interested in aggression’: Dire warning about China’s new move

A top military commander said China’s latest moves suggest they’ve adopted an ‘aggressive posture’.Yahoo News Australia4 hours ago

Why Australia should be concerned about rise in China defence budget

China’s increase in military spending of 6.8 per cent next year confirms how important the superpower’s ambitions are in shaping Australia’s defence strategy.9News2 days ago

Chinese takeover of island near Australian military training area causes unease inside defence and government

A decision to grant a Chinese linked company a mining licence on a remote West Australian island, close to a military training area, is raising concerns inside …ABC News8 hours ago

China’s five-year plan focuses on scientific self-reliance

Global tensions, limits on international collaboration and an emphasis on real-world applications drive the nation’s vision for research.Nature.com15 hours ago

LinkedIn suspends new sign-ups in China

Hong Kong (CNN Business) LinkedIn — one of the few Western social media networks available in China — has suspended new sign-ups in the country, but …CNN13 hours ago

The 14th Five-Year Plan Shows Lower Expectations for China’s Economic Future

Last week, China began its biggest annual political gathering, the so-called Two Sessions (lianghui). The early policy documents and speeches to come out of …Foreign Policy10 hours ago

China Lays Plans to Tame Tech Giant Alibaba

The e-commerce company is likely to face softer treatment than its Ant affiliate, provided it distances itself from founder Jack Ma and aligns itself more closely …The Wall Street Journal12 hours ago

China turns its back on Bangladesh BRI coal projects

China has told Bangladesh it will not fund coal mines and polluting power plants, as Beijing took the first tentative steps towards fulfilling its promises of …Financial TimesYesterday

Sandalwood giant Quintis strikes deal with China’s largest manufacturer of traditional medicines

The world’s biggest Indian sandalwood producer has struck a deal with Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceuticals to develop products for the booming Chinese traditional …ABC News19 hours ago

Chinese newspaper editor accuses Australia of genocide

The controversial editor of one of Beijing’s English-language mouthpieces has hit back at Australia as allegations of genocide levelled against China gain …Yahoo News AustraliaYesterday

China Turns to Elon Musk as Technology Dreams Sour

The Tesla boss and digital prankster is striking a chord at a time of disillusionment with the tech industry and its leading tycoons.The New York Times10 hours ago

China says it will pay for COVID-19 vaccines for all athletes at Tokyo 2020

China strengthened its relationship with the International Olympic Committee on Thursday by offering to pay for vaccines for athletes as criticism of the 2022 …Wide World of Sports7 hours ago

Chinese journalist accuses Australia of ‘genocide’ after Uyghur criticism

The editor-in-chief of one of China’s state-owned newspapers has accused Australia of committing genocide in the wake of criticism over alleged human rights …

China’s chance to bridge the Algeria–Morocco divide

Authors: Michaël Tanchum and Nerea Álvarez-Aríztegui, University of Navarra. China is at a crossroads as it expands its economic presence in Northwest Africa.East Asia Forum4 hours ago

Middle East LNG Hedging in China’s Energy Diplomacy

Increased demand for energy will give China greater and greater dependency on – and sway over – the world’s LNG producers.The Diplomat2 hours ago

Chinese ‘research’ vessel Shiyan 3 spotted off the coast of Western Australia

An expert on Chinese maritime activities says one of the superpower’s research vessels, dubbed “Shiyan 3”, is currently operating near hours ago

The Main Takeaways After China’s Annual Parliament Session

China wrapped up parliament and approved a decision that further erodes democracy in Hong Kong a day before a summit of four countries, including the U.S., …NPR6 hours ago

EU to Sanction Chinese Officials Over Human Rights Violations

The European Union is set to target China with sanctions for the first time since the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, blacklisting four people and one entity …The Wall Street Journal7 hours ago

China could invade Taiwan in the next 6 years, assume global leadership role, U.S. admiral warns

A top U.S. admiral has said that Taiwan is in China’s military sights, warning of possible military action in the next six years, as well as fears Beijing could …NBC NewsYesterday

The meaning behind the pageantry of China’s Two Sessions

Minxin Pei is professor of government at Claremont McKenna College and a nonresident senior fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.Ch.Nikkei Asia2 days agoOpinion

‘A savage beast’: China worried about impact of Biden’s US rescue plan

US President Joe Biden’s US$1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan was signed into legislation on Thursday, but concerns have been raised about its potential to …South China Morning Post11 hours ago

China Adopts ‘Assertive Posture’ With Eye on Taiwan, Admiral Says – Seapower

Admiral Philip Davidson, commander of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, speaking at the American Enterprise Institute on March 4 and in testimony to Congress …SEAPOWER Magazine Online8 hours ago

China and Russia Agree to Explore the Moon Together

The two countries, moving increasingly closer, signed a memorandum of agreement to collaborate on lunar missions, including the establishment of a research …The New York TimesYesterday

Singapore PM: ‘Considerable risk’ of severe US-China tensions

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says there is “significant anxiety” over US-China ties.BBC News5 hours ago

Fitch Rates China Everbright Bank HK Branch’s USD Notes Final ‘BBB’

Fitch Ratings – Hong Kong – 11 Mar 2021: Fitch Ratings has assigned a final rating of ‘BBB’ to China Everbright Bank Company Limited’s (CEB, BBB/Stable/b+) …Fitch Ratings19 hours ago

China blasts BBC report after summoning UK ambassador

BEIJING: China has slammed a BBC report, days after summoning the British ambassador to Beijing to register displeasure over a recent article she …CNA22 hours ago

Quad Members Outmatch China’s Military Arsenal

Welcome to Foreign Policy’s China Brief. The highlights this week: Why the Quad should take an honest look at the Chinese military’s capabilities, Beijing and …Foreign PolicyYesterday

Russia and China unveil plans for joint lunar space station as Moscow drifts away from NASA

MOSCOW — Russia and China have agreed to build a base on or around the Moon, the latest signal of geopolitical maneuvering in space and an apparent …NBC News12 hours ago

Two Sessions: Gender roles, mental health discussed at China’s top meet

The role of women dominated discussion at one of the Two Sessions, the country’s top political event.BBC NewsYesterday

City of lost mosques: how Suzhou tells the story of China’s Islamic past

The labyrinth of alleys and lanes in the old city of Suzhou hides a secret: historical fragments of the long history of Islam in China. Regular stories in the …The Conversation UK3 days ago

China, Iran, North Korea seek support at U.N. to push back against unilateral force, sanctions

China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and others are seeking support for a coalition to defend the United Nations Charter by pushing back against the use or threat of …Reuters4 hours ago

China’s mask diplomacy during Covid-19 in Africa worked

Being Chinese in Africa was the worst possible stigma for much of 2020. Africans vilified the Chinese, blaming them for the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time …Quartz13 hours ago

China’s NPC approves sweeping changes to Hong Kong electoral system

Register and follow to be notified the next time *content* from Two Sessions 2021 (Lianghui) is published. Sarah Zheng. Published: 3:16pm, 11 Mar, 2021.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post20 hours ago

Europe is focusing on ‘tech sovereignty’ as tensions flare between the U.S. and China

The EU is investing billions of euros into what it believes are fundamental and core technologies as part of an effort to boost its tech sovereignty.CNBC2 days ago

Tesla’s China-made Model Y takes off despite holiday car sales slump

Tesla’s Model Y was the third best-selling electric car in China in February, according to data released Wednesday by the China Passenger Car Association.CNBC16 hours ago

China’s next great leap forward could be a setback for Australia

Even if Australia’s political relationship with China improves, its plans to turbo-charge a de-carbonised economy will pose challenges for our economy.Sydney Morning Herald7 days ago

A Surge in Iranian Oil Exports Is Clogging Up Chinese Ports

China is gorging on sanctioned Iranian oil — with imports forecast to more than double this month from February — as other countries hold off purchases for fear …Bloomberg17 hours ago

China’s ‘panda huggers’ speech preys on Australian divisions

A speech this week by a senior Chinese diplomat in Canberra plays up the idea that Australia is embroiled in a struggle between ‘friends’ and ‘enemies’ of …The Australian Financial Review9 days ago

China’s uneven recovery from Covid has been ‘understated,’ says S&P economist

China’s services sector has been slow to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic, said Shaun Roache, chief economist for Asia-Pacific at S&P Global Ratings.CNBC2 days ago

ANALYSIS: Communist Party seeking China’s ‘rejuvenation’

BEIJING (AP) — The catchword “rejuvenation” has been tucked into the major speeches at China’s biggest political event of the year, the meeting of its …Associated Press2 days ago

China leads world’s biggest increase in wind power capacity

Developers built windfarms with a total capacity of almost 100GW in 2020, a rise of nearly 60% on previous year.The Guardian19 hours ago

The EU’s vaccine rollout is going so badly that Russia and China are now stepping in to take advantage

China and Russia could use the contracts as ‘leverage’ to extract ‘concessions’ from EU member states.Business Insider15 hours ago

Liberal Party donor Huifeng ‘Haha’ Liu ‘engaged in acts of foreign interference’: ASIO

As Huifeng “Haha” Liu fights his deportation order, court documents reveal ASIO found the Melbourne-based businessman “deliberately misrepresented” his ties …ABC News8 hours ago

China Splurges On Iranian Oil Despite U.S. Sanctions

Despite the U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil exports, some Chinese refiners are buying so much Iranian crude that the ports in the Shandong province, where most …Yahoo Finance5 hours ago

Cheap Electric Vehicles in China Bring Green Transportation to the Masses

No-frills models bring green transportation to the masses.BloombergYesterday

Washington confirms direct engagement between US and Chinese diplomats

The White House has confirmed that Chinese and US diplomats are “directly engaged” in talks, in response to questions over an exclusive report in the South …South China Morning Post2 days ago

President Biden’s second big bill may be China package pushed by top Senate Democrat

With fate of Biden infrastructure package unclear, Sen. Charles E Schumer pushes bill to curb China’s influence.The Washington PostYesterday

China’s smartphone shipments build on post-pandemic rebound in February

China’s smartphone shipments increased more than threefold in February 2021 from a year ago, government data published on Thursday showed, signaling an …Economic Times20 hours ago

China’s cashes in on steady online demand, beats market expectations

Chinese e-commerce company Inc reported a 31% jump in fourth-quarter revenue on Thursday as more shoppers flocked to its website on the back of a …Reuters12 hours ago

Taiwan bursts with creative pineapple dishes after China ban

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Taiwan’s classic beef noodle soup has taken on a sweet and sour twist. Taipei chef Hung Ching Lung created a pineapple beef noodle …Associated Press2 days ago

China’s Stock Rally Is Out of Time

The shares are suffering from the same rotation away from tech and growth as in the U.S. but don’t enjoy the same comfort blanket from the central bank.The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

Ukraine to nationalise aircraft engine maker to prevent Chinese takeover

Ukraine is set to nationalise Motor Sich, one of the world’s top makers of engines for cargo aircraft and helicopters, to prevent a long-running Chinese takeover …Financial Times7 hours ago

After dethroning Huawei in China, Oppo launches high-end smartphone in global push

Oppo is hoping its new flagship device, Find X3 Pro, will help boost market share abroad so it can take on the likes of Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung.CNBC15 hours ago

China building offensive, aggressive military, top US Pacific commander says

China is assembling an increasingly offensive military and expanding its regional footprint, as Beijing steps up efforts to supplant American military power in Asia …CNNYesterday

“Chinese business, Out!” Myanmar anger threatens investment plans

Hailed by China as a symbol of “mutually beneficial cooperation”, the pipeline has become a target for public anger over perceptions Beijing is backing the junta …Yahoo Finance16 hours ago


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