China in the News: March 13, 2021

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China reports Australia to UN body over ‘violated’ human rights

China itself has been accused of operating detention centres, with more than 1m people estimated to have been detained in Xinjiang.The Guardian9 hours ago

China urges Australia to close offshore detention centres

China on Friday said it was “deeply concerned” by what it described as the Australian government’s operation of offshore detention centers, and called for the …CNN5 hours ago

US and Asia allies launch major vaccine drive to counter China

The US has crafted a plan with Japan, India and Australia to provide 1bn doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine to south-east Asian nations in an effort …Financial Times22 hours ago

Biden meets ‘Quad’ leaders as U.S., allies step up efforts to counter China

President Joe Biden took part in the first leaders’ summit of the informal international alliance known as the “Quad” on Friday as his administration steps up …NBC News14 hours ago

Australia concerned after Chinese legislators back tighter control over Hong Kong

Foreign Minister Marise Payne has expressed concern after China’s legislature endorsed the ruling Communist Party’s move to tighten control over Hong Kong …9NewsYesterday

China’s next aircraft carrier likely nuclear powered, says report

Construction of fourth ship resumed earlier this year after delays as Beijing continues to flex its naval power.Al Jazeera English59 minutes ago

IOC under fire after ‘dismissing’ claims of genocide against Uighurs in China

The IOC faced *fresh* criticism from human rights groups who have accused it of hiding behind political neutrality to stage the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Guardian2 hours ago

Taiwan’s cabinet reshuffle a response to China’s ‘unrestricted warfare’ | The Strategist

Last month, Taiwan’s government announced several personnel changes in leadership positions in its defence and security team, including the key posts of …The StrategistYesterday

China’s Long March 7A rocket launches on 1st successful flight

China’s new Long March 7A rocket successfully launched its first orbital mission after its first attempt one year ago ended with a failure.Space.com6 hours ago

China’s ‘mask diplomacy’ wins influence across Africa, during and after the pandemic

Being Chinese in Africa was the worst possible stigma for much of 2020. Africans vilified the Chinese, blaming them for the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same …The Conversation US3 days ago

China’s chance to bridge the Algeria–Morocco divide

Authors: Michaël Tanchum and Nerea Álvarez-Aríztegui, University of Navarra. China is at a crossroads as it expands its economic presence in Northwest Africa.East Asia ForumYesterday

China and Russia’s proposed lunar research station is an ominous sign for the West

The recent announcement that China and Russia intend to cooperate to build a lunar research station is ominous. While the immediate effects are minimal, it is …The Washington Post11 hours ago

China’s five-year plan focuses on scientific self-reliance News

Global tensions, limits on international collaboration and an emphasis on real-world applications drive the nation’s vision for research.Nature.com2 days ago

China’s Dr. Fauci, Dr. Zhang Wenhong, Urges Restraint in Fighting Covid-19

China has imposed some of the toughest lockdowns in the world to stop Covid-19. One city sealed apartment doors, leaving residents with dwindling food and …The New York Times3 hours ago

AirAsia’s China dream gets strong backing from new investor

KUALA LUMPUR — AirAsia’s newest major shareholder Stanley Choi wants to realize CEO Tony Fernandes’ long-held goal of landing the no-frills Malaysian.Nikkei AsiaYesterday

China’s Corporate Earnings Set for Biggest Jump in a Decade

A surge in corporate profits in China may just be the positive catalyst global stock markets need as rising bond yields threaten to derail the rally in equities.Bloomberg4 hours ago

China’s GDP growth target of over 6% is easy to reach – and that’s not a bad thing, analysts say

China’s target of more than 6% growth for 2021 is not very meaningful because it can be easily reached — but that may not be a bad thing, analysts said.CNBCYesterday

China’s threat to the US makes us a power player

In a historic geopolitical shift, Australia is emerging as a key alliance hub and partner for the US in Asia as the Biden administration moves to reshape and …The Australian19 hours ago

After Biden stimulus, US economic growth could rival China’s for the first time in decades

New York (CNN Business) For decades, China’s economy has grown much faster than America’s. That trend is likely to be broken in 2021 as the US recovery …CNN13 hours ago

China’s Regulators Punished Tech Giants. What Could Come Next.

The year could bring more regulatory and antitrust developments as China hashes out its approach to the digital economy.Barron’s13 hours ago

Two Sessions: Gender roles, mental health discussed at China’s top meet

The role of women dominated discussion at one of the Two Sessions, the country’s top political event.BBC News2 days ago

Business daily – China launches world’s first vaccine passport scheme

China has introduced “virus passports” in a bid to boost international travel, after its tourism sector took a 70 percent hit from the pandemic. The United States …FRANCE 2422 hours ago

Chloe Zhao Backlash Will Test China’s New Era of Hollywood Censorship

Chloe Zhao’s complicated predicament in her home country leaves the China release of ‘Nomadland’ — and Marvel tentpole ‘The Eternals’ — hanging in the …Hollywood Reporter13 hours ago

Uyghur Women Are China’s Biggest Victims—and Its Strongest Resistance

BEIJING—China’s campaign of repression against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang is brutal even by the standards of the worst authoritarian …Foreign Policy11 hours ago

COVID-19: China’s ‘vaccine favouritism’ risks damaging global fight against pandemic, says expert

China has pledged to donate coronavirus vaccines to 53 countries and export them to 27 more, according to state media, which has celebrated the deliveries.Sky NewsYesterday

Quad owes its revival to President Xi’s ‘fortress China’ doctrine

The US’ leadership role in the Quad is a sharp contrast to the message from Washington after the 2007 Malabar naval exercises that cautioned against …Hindustan TimesYesterday

Chinese takeover of island near Australian military training area causes unease inside defence and government

A decision to grant a Chinese linked company a mining licence on a remote West Australian island, close to a military training area, is raising concerns inside …ABC NewsYesterday

China’s ‘Slanders and Smears’ at UN Human Rights Council

The Chinese government has rejoined the United Nations Human Rights Council, and this week, diplomats opted for open hostility.Human Rights WatchYesterday

China’s young consumers are spending big — and 3 stocks could be winners

Millennials will fuel China’s consumption growth in the coming years and their spending habits will determine which consumer stocks could be winners, said …CNBCYesterday

Premier Li Keqiang Meets the Press:Full Transcript of Questions and Answers

The Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress held a press conference at the Great Hall of the People on the afternoon of March 11, 2021. Premier …MFA ChinaYesterday

China weeds out chip industry weaklings by raising bar for aid

BEIJING — China will limit tax breaks and other state support for semiconductor companies to only those that show an ability to produce the home-grow.Nikkei Asia11 hours ago

China’s low GDP target gives Beijing room to address market risks

Mainland Chinese stocks have tumbled as authorities signaled a shift away from policies meant to keep the economy afloat in the wake of the pandemic.CNBC2 days ago

LinkedIn suspends new sign-ups in China

Hong Kong (CNN Business) LinkedIn — one of the few Western social media networks available in China — has suspended new sign-ups in the country, but …CNNYesterday

Beijing accuses Canberra of ‘reckless obstruction’, warns of trade impact

Beijing has accused Australia of “reckless obstruction” and warned its products are in the crosshairs of Chinese days ago

White House says Biden discussed China challenges with leaders from India, Japan, Australia

U.S. President Joe Biden discussed challenges posed by China with leaders from India, Japan and Australia in a meeting on Friday, White House national …Reuters12 hours ago

Top US and China envoys to meet in Alaska next week

The US and China will hold a high-level meeting in Alaska next week, in the first significant engagement between diplomats from the world’s two largest …Financial Times2 days ago

America Will Only Beat China When Its Regime Fails

Competition between the United States and China has begun, but how will it end? There is a bipartisan consensus that Sino-American relations will be defined …Foreign Policy2 days ago

Exclusive: China’s in talks to buy stake worth US$1.5 billion in brokerage – sources Inc is in talks to buy part or all of a stake in brokerage Sinolink Securities worth at least US$1.5 billion, three people said, as the e-commerce major aims …CNA3 hours ago

China breaching every article in genocide convention, says legal report on Uighurs

The Chinese government has breached every single article of the UN genocide convention in its treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang, and bears responsibility for …The Guardian3 days ago

China Strikes Cautious Note on Fiscal Consolidation

Fitch Ratings-Hong Kong-08 March 2021: The presentation of the budget at the annual session of the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s legislature.Fitch Ratings4 days ago

China Turns to Elon Musk as Technology Dreams Sour

The Tesla boss and digital prankster is striking a chord at a time of disillusionment with the tech industry and its leading tycoons.The New York TimesYesterday

China’s aggression and the Trump administration’s shortsightedness

In 2003, Josh Rogin was working on a project as a paralegal when he came across State Department documents that showed China was supporting the …The Washington Post19 hours ago

China says manufacturing ‘greatness’ still 30 years away

While many already see China as the world’s factory its leaders want less dependence on US technology.BBC News5 days ago

‘Avatar’ expected to retake all-time box office crown after China re-release

James Cameron’s science-fiction blockbuster “Avatar” is poised to return to the top of the all-time movie box office charts this weekend after the film was …Reuters9 hours ago

I.O.C. Will Buy Coronavirus Vaccines From China

In what amounts to a public relations coup for China and a solution to a problem for the International Olympic Committee, the I.O.C. president, Thomas Bach, …The New York TimesYesterday

Q&A: What does China’s 14th ‘five year plan’ mean for climate change?

In short, the five year plan’s outline sets a 18% reduction target for “CO2 intensity” and 13.5% target for “energy intensity” from 2021 to 2025.Carbon Brief23 hours ago

Quad Members Outmatch China’s Military Arsenal

Welcome to Foreign Policy’s China Brief. The highlights this week: Why the Quad should take an honest look at the Chinese military’s capabilities, Beijing and …Foreign Policy2 days ago

China Hits Out at New Huawei Curbs, Says U.S. Can’t Be Trusted

China blasted President Joe Biden’s administration for imposing new restrictions on national tech champion Huawei Technologies Co., saying the U.S. “isn’t a …Bloomberg22 hours ago

China’s mask diplomacy during Covid-19 in Africa worked

Being Chinese in Africa was the worst possible stigma for much of 2020. Africans vilified the Chinese, blaming them for the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time …Quartz2 days ago

The long history of Islam in China can be found hidden in the old city of Suzhou

At one point it was thought that China could become the largest Islamic country in the world. What happened?Scroll.in14 hours ago

China transferred technology, skills to Pakistan through CPEC: envoy

LAHORE: The newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong says China transferred its technology, knowledge and skills through the Lahore …DAWN.com4 hours ago


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