China in the News: March 14, 2021

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Australia renews concerns over coal ships stuck off China amid import quota uncertainty

The protracted standoff sees about 40 ships carrying coal of Australian origin still awaiting clearance at Chinese ports.The Guardian6 hours ago

China arms for war, as Quad fights back

Military conflict in the Pacific, which would certainly involve Australia, is becoming more likely.The Australian2 days ago

Trade war? China was buying goods from Australia long before 1788

China was buying goods from northern Australia long before 1788, with trade routes running through Indonesia to Arnhem Land, writes Gareth Hutchens.ABC News5 hours ago

Trade war fallout: how reliant is Australia’s economy on China?

China’s importance to the Australian economy has exploded in recent years – but data shows Australia is not nearly so important to China.The Guardian8 hours ago

China reports Australia to UN body over ‘violated’ human rights

China itself has been accused of operating detention centres, with more than 1m people estimated to have been detained in Xinjiang. Reuters. Fri 12 Mar 2021 …The GuardianYesterday

China Says China-Made Vaccines Will Help Get You Into China

BEIJING — China raised the stakes in the international vaccine competition on Saturday, saying that foreigners wishing to enter the Chinese mainland from …The New York Times2 hours ago

Biden’s China reset is already on the ropes

Derek Grossman is a senior defense analyst at the nonprofit, nonpartisan Rand Corporation. He formerly served as an intelligence adviser at the Pentag.Nikkei Asia7 hours agoOpinion

When it comes to China’s nuclear weapons, numbers aren’t everything

Threat inflation tends to lead to poor policy outcomes. When it comes to China’s nuclear arsenal, it’s important for American leaders to accurately understand the …DefenseNews.com17 hours agoOpinion

Taiwan’s cabinet reshuffle a response to China’s ‘unrestricted warfare’ | The Strategist

Last month, Taiwan’s government announced several personnel changes in leadership positions in its defence and security team, including the key posts of …The Strategist2 days ago

EU deal cements China’s advantage in media war

Beijing has closed its market to European media investors, while EU keeps doors open to Chinese propagandists.POLITICO.eu13 hours ago

China’s Dr. Fauci, Dr. Zhang Wenhong, Urges Restraint in Fighting Covid-19

China has imposed some of the toughest lockdowns in the world to stop Covid-19. One city sealed apartment doors, leaving residents with dwindling food and …The New York Times23 hours ago

Russian-Chinese pact to explore the moon is another sign the U.S. must change its approach to Moscow

Russia’s growing strategic bond with China is the latest evidence the Western approach to Moscow has failed to produce the desired results.CNBC5 hours ago

China’s chance to bridge the Algeria–Morocco divide

Authors: Michaël Tanchum and Nerea Álvarez-Aríztegui, University of Navarra. China is at a crossroads as it expands its economic presence in Northwest Africa.East Asia Forum2 days ago

China’s five-year plan focuses on scientific self-reliance News

Global tensions, limits on international collaboration and an emphasis on real-world applications drive the nation’s vision for research.Nature.com3 days ago

Olympic host Japan will not take part in China vaccine offer

Japan will not take part in China’s offer — accepted by the International Olympic Committee — to provide vaccines for “participants” in the postponed Tokyo …ESPN Australia2 days ago

China’s next aircraft carrier likely nuclear powered, says report

Construction of fourth ship resumed earlier this year after delays as Beijing continues to flex its naval power.Al Jazeera English17 hours ago

Chloe Zhao Backlash Will Test China’s New Era of Hollywood Censorship

Chloe Zhao’s complicated predicament in her home country leaves the China release of ‘Nomadland’ — and Marvel tentpole ‘The Eternals’ — hanging in the …Hollywood ReporterYesterday

Uyghur Women Are China’s Biggest Victims—and Its Strongest Resistance

BEIJING—China’s campaign of repression against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang is brutal even by the standards of the worst authoritarian …Foreign PolicyYesterday

China’s Youthful, Debt-Fueled Spending Spree Sparks a Reckoning

Chinese regulators attempting to rein in Ant Group Co. and a swelling online-lending industry have a target in their sights: the excessive, debt-fueled lifestyles of …The Wall Street Journal17 hours ago

China lashes out at US over tighter Huawei restrictions

The United States informed some Huawei suppliers of tighter conditions on previously approved export licences.Aljazeera.comYesterday

China’s Long March 7A rocket launches on 1st successful flight

China’s new Long March 7A rocket successfully launched its first orbital mission after its first attempt one year ago ended with a failure.Space.comYesterday

China’s ‘mask diplomacy’ wins influence across Africa, during and after the pandemic

Being Chinese in Africa was the worst possible stigma for much of 2020. Africans vilified the Chinese, blaming them for the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same …The Conversation US4 days ago

China’s GDP growth target of over 6% is easy to reach – and that’s not a bad thing, analysts say

China’s target of more than 6% growth for 2021 is not very meaningful because it can be easily reached — but that may not be a bad thing, analysts said.CNBC2 days ago

China wants to use spirit of ‘yang’ to counter ‘feminization’ of boys

China’s Education Ministry has published a notice detailing how it plans to counter the “feminization” of young men and boys. The plans, however, have been …Insider18 hours ago

Chinese takeover of abandoned WA island ‘paradise’ close to military training area sparks concerns

A Chinese-linked company has been granted a mining licence on a remote West Australian island close to a military training area, sparking concerns inside the … minutes ago

The 14th Five-Year Plan Shows Lower Expectations for China’s Economic Future

Last week, China began its biggest annual political gathering, the so-called Two Sessions (lianghui). The early policy documents and speeches to come out of …Foreign Policy2 days ago

Beijing accuses Canberra of ‘reckless obstruction’, warns of trade impact

Beijing has accused Australia of “reckless obstruction” and warned its products are in the crosshairs of Chinese days ago

After Biden stimulus, US economic growth could rival China’s for the first time in decades

New York (CNN Business) For decades, China’s economy has grown much faster than America’s. That trend is likely to be broken in 2021 as the US recovery …CNNYesterday

China’s low GDP target gives Beijing room to address market risks

Mainland Chinese stocks have tumbled as authorities signaled a shift away from policies meant to keep the economy afloat in the wake of the pandemic.CNBC3 days ago

The double lives of gay men in China’s Hainan province

It’s around 7:30pm on a warm November evening in Jiaji, the county capital of Qionghai, on the east coast of Hainan, an island province of the People’s Republic …The Conversation UK3 days ago

LinkedIn suspends new sign-ups in China

Hong Kong (CNN Business) LinkedIn — one of the few Western social media networks available in China — has suspended new sign-ups in the country, but …CNN2 days ago

Top US and China envoys to meet in Alaska next week

The US and China will hold a high-level meeting in Alaska next week, in the first significant engagement between diplomats from the world’s two largest …Financial Times3 days ago

China breaching every article in genocide convention, says legal report on Uighurs

The Chinese government has breached every single article of the UN genocide convention in its treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang, and bears responsibility for …The Guardian4 days ago

Bill Maher sounds alarm on China’s dominance over US: ‘They’re eating our lunch’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher closed his show Friday night by sounding the alarm on China’s growing dominance over the United States.Fox News21 hours ago

China Strikes Cautious Note on Fiscal Consolidation

Fitch Ratings-Hong Kong-08 March 2021: The presentation of the budget at the annual session of the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s legislature.Fitch Ratings5 days ago

Analysis: ‘Chinese business, Out!’ Myanmar anger threatens investment plans

“China’s gas pipeline will be burned,” chanted a group of protesters in Myanmar this week on the route of a Chinese pipeline.Reuters3 days ago

America Will Only Beat China When Its Regime Fails

Competition between the United States and China has begun, but how will it end? There is a bipartisan consensus that Sino-American relations will be defined …Foreign Policy3 days ago

China’s antitrust regulator denies mulling record Alibaba fine but hits Tencent and Baidu

China’s market regulator has imposed fines on some of the country’s biggest tech companies relating to 10 deals that violated anti-monopoly laws.MarketWatch2 days ago

Avatar passes Avengers: Endgame to retake box office crown after China re-release

Avatar has once again retaken its crown as the most lucrative movie of all time, with James Cameron’s 2009 film reaching a new all-time box office high to beat …The Verge14 hours ago

Chinese investment in Australia plummets 61%

The drop reflects tougher foreign investment laws and the effects of Covid-19.BBC News13 days ago

China and Russia Agree to Explore the Moon Together

The two countries, moving increasingly closer, signed a memorandum of agreement to collaborate on lunar missions, including the establishment of a research …The New York Times3 days ago

Erasing memory in China’s Tibet – The Interpreter – The Interpreter

The Chinese Communist Party is employing familiar tactics to assert its rule. When co-opting fails, coerce or silence.The Interpreter13 days ago

IOC welcomes China’s Covid-19 vaccine offer – not so Tokyo

Beijing’s pledge to supply doses for participants in the next Summer and Winter Games a brilliant diplomatic move, observer says.South China Morning PostYesterday

COVID-19: China’s ‘vaccine favouritism’ risks damaging global fight against pandemic, says expert

China has pledged to donate coronavirus vaccines to 53 countries and export them to 27 more, according to state media, which has celebrated the deliveries.Sky News2 days ago

China’s ‘corona tech’ takes hold across Japan and ASEAN

TOKYO — New technologies adopted in China to cope with the coronavirus pandemic are rapidly finding a home in Japan, such as virtual reality systems.Nikkei Asia20 hours ago


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