China in the News: March 19, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

A new online skinny trend has emerged on Chinese social media and it is promoting unhealthy body images, experts say

A new fad in China that social media influencers trying on children’s clothes for selfies and to show off their physique has engulfed the Chinese internet, with …ABC News3 hours ago

Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor set to face court in China over spying charges

Two Canadians detained by Beijing more than two years ago on suspicion of espionage will go before Chinese courts this week and the next, ramping up …ABC News16 hours ago

Pentagon pushes for Pacific missile defence site to counter China’s threat to the US

The Pentagon seeks $98 million to build a missile defence facility on Guam, amid concerns that China might be planning an attack on the US Pacific territory.ABC News3 hours ago

The nation Australia must learn from to mend relations with China

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has advised Australia to take a leaf out of Japan’s book when it comes to managing conflict with China, while lashing the …Yahoo News Australia13 hours ago

Calls for PNG to take Chinese vaccines to tackle outbreak

Two of Australia’s top infectious disease and immunology experts say Papua New Guinea should take up the offer of Chinese-made vaccines if they are safe, …Sydney Morning Herald15 hours ago

Government urged to take back Darwin port lease from Chinese company

The Federal Government should consider scrapping a 99-year lease of the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company…9News19 hours ago

US, China set to kick off talks in Alaska

US and Chinese officials appear primed to agree on very little during high-level in-person talks in hours ago

China’s Apparent Strengths Are Really Weaknesses

China’s centralized planning can look unbeatable, but it carries unseen weaknesses.Forbes9 hours ago

Analysis: China delivers on threats to rein in internet economy

On Tuesday, Chinese livestreaming e-commerce came under scrutiny. On Thursday, it was “deepfakes”. And earlier this month, Chinese authorities imposed …Reuters14 hours ago

China dominates global wind industry after record installations

Record wind power installations in 2020 have secured China’s position at the top of the global industry despite waning subsidies from Beijing. The 52 gigawatts …Financial Times23 hours ago

Chinese economy: Beijing’s war on the credit boom

A campaign led by vice-premier Liu He to reduce the danger of uncontrolled lending could strangle the private sector.Financial Times17 hours ago

Vanguard gave up on mutual funds in China, but it may have found a different way into the market

In less than a year, more than 1 million users have signed up for an investment advisory product run through Vanguard’s joint venture with Ant Group.CNBC15 hours ago

From India to Japan, Countries Are Beefing Up Defense to Counter China

For two decades, China has gotten its way in almost every dispute in its neighborhood. Advancing in the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, the South China Sea, and …Foreign Policy13 hours ago

Uyghur exiles urge US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to demand China close Xinjiang camps ahead of talks

The largest group representing exiled ethnic Uyghurs is reaching out to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, urging him to demand China close its internment …ABC News11 hours ago

Top China Chipmaker Gets State Funds for $2.4 Billion Plant

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. will build a $2.35 billion plant with funding from the government of Shenzhen, the first major project to emerge …Bloomberg17 hours ago

China is building up its ability to weaponize trade, new report says

China is diversifying its supply of critical natural resources by buying stakes in overseas companies, said risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft.CNBC22 hours ago

Australia urged to diversify exports away from China

An Australian cross-party parliamentary committee has recommended the country diversify its exports away from its dependence on China, as well as reviewing …Argus Media17 hours ago

China Punishes Microsoft’s LinkedIn Over Lax Censorship

Officials said the social network had failed to block objectionable political *content*, a sign of the sacrifices it must make to remain in the vast but difficult market.The New York Times4 hours ago

US officials who are ready to fight China over Taiwan don’t understand how much is at stake

Opinion: Before we get into a crisis — or a war — over Taiwan, US policymakers and military leaders need to address some hard realities.Business Insider9 hours ago

China’s vaccine outreach doesn’t give it an edge across Africa

Western nations are worried that China’s distribution of vaccines to Africa will give Beijing a diplomatic advantage, but this is unlikely.The Africa Report6 hours ago

US-China ties face new test as top officials meet in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The United States and China will face a new test in their increasingly troubled relations when top officials from both countries …The Associated Press2 hours ago

Anti-China outrage pulls Beijing into Myanmar coup crisis

Bangkok – Beijing is being pulled into the ulcerous crisis in Myanmar, an unraveling country it had carefully stitched into its big plans for Asia, with Chinese …The Japan Times20 hours ago

No “High Hopes” Ahead of US-China Alaska Meeting

Here is today’s Foreign Policy brief: U.S. and Chinese officials meet for first high-level in-person talks of Biden presidency, election exit polls point to a victory for …Foreign Policy11 hours ago

China Diesel Exports Jumped in February on Weak Local Demand

China’s diesel exports jumped last month as local demand slumped due to a slowdown in factory activity over the Lunar New Year.Bloomberg8 hours ago

Josh Rogin’s “Chaos Under Heaven” Shows China Is America’s Hardest Foreign-Policy Problem

How should the Biden administration handle its inaugural meeting with Chinese officials in Alaska today? Based on his new book, Chaos Under Heaven: Trump, …Foreign Policy8 hours ago

India’s middle class shrinks amid COVID-19 as China sees less change

The course of the pandemic in India and China will have a substantial effect on changes in the distribution of income at the global level.Pew Research Center9 hours ago

China must persuade North Korea to give up nuclear weapons, says Blinken

Secretary of state says China has a ‘critical role’, as North Korea says it will refuse dialogue with ‘hostile’ US.The Guardian4 hours ago

Beyond the pandemic, Asian American leaders fear U.S. conflict with China will fan racist backlash

Advocates said intensifying geopolitical competition between Washington and Beijing is contributing to scapegoating of Asian Americans in echoes of earlier …The Washington Post22 hours ago

China’s newest attraction, a hotel with live polar bears, is already fully booked

This hotel is akin to a 21st-century bear pit,” said one advocate.The Washington Post12 hours ago

Ancient Chinese bowl found at garage sale sells for almost $1 million

Hartford: An exceptionally rare 15th century porcelain bowl made in China that somehow turned up at a Connecticut garage sale and sold for just $US35 ($45) …Sydney Morning Herald23 hours ago

COVID-19 Made China’s Debt Problem Worse – The Diplomat

China’s ongoing battle with debt continues, as the government attempts to reduce leverage in the wake of COVID-19 fiscal spending. Guo Shuqing, chairman of …The Diplomat8 hours ago

China accuses outspoken scholar on Xinjiang of fabrication

BEIJING (AP) — China on Thursday accused a scholar and outspoken critic of its policies toward Muslim minorities of fabricating charges that have helped bring …Associated Press12 hours ago

China to issue visas to foreigners who have taken China-made COVID-19 jab

Chinese embassies in several countries have issued notices saying the country will open visa application to select people who have taken a China-made jab.CNA9 hours ago

How China Sees the International Order: A Lesson from the Chinese Classics

Many Western analysts and international relations scholars take the intellectual and historical foundations of statecraft for granted. They invoke the.War on the Rocks15 hours ago

What People in China Are Buying Right Now

It’s March in Shanghai, just weeks before the city’s fashion week festivities kick off. Things are hectic but in a reassuringly pre-pandemic way. A largely physical …The Business of Fashion10 hours ago

Analysis | TikTok, Hong Kong and More U.S.-China Flashpoints

An incumbent superpower and a rising one are finding coexistence increasingly difficult. Jockeying for position in a changing world, the U.S. and China are …Washington Post12 hours ago

Chinese tycoon abruptly quits tech giant he founded

Colin Huang steps down as chairman of Pinduoduo as it becomes China’s biggest shopping platform.Yahoo Finance17 hours ago

Troubled US-China ties face new test in Alaska meeting

The United States and China will face a new test in their increasingly troubled relations when top officials from both countries meet in Alaska.CNBC12 hours ago

China’s Arctic Ambitions Face Increasing Headwinds in Finland

Finland is one of China’s best options for accessing the Arctic. But even here, there is growing suspicion of Chinese investments.The Diplomat21 hours ago

Could China’s ‘Achilles’ heel’ scupper its US$6.4 trillion carbon neutral plan?

Solar, wind, storage and nuclear power projects are set to take centre stage, according to energy analysts Wood Mackenzie, as China moves towards its goal of …South China Morning Post20 hours ago

China Developing Hypersonic Swarms To Overwhelm Missile Defenses

Chinese researchers are working to network hypersonic weapons into a smart swarm for coordinated attacks. Such swarms would be far more dangerous than …Forbes7 hours ago

Despite ban, illicit trading of human placenta continues unabated in China

Despite a ban, *fresh* human placentas continue to be secretly sold in underground markets in China, citing insiders of this illegal industry, Chinese media …Business Standard17 hours ago

Coronavirus eroded China’s middle class but ravaged India’s, new findings show

The pandemic forced about 32 million people out of India’s middle class and increased its poverty total by 75 million last year – both figures account for the …South China Morning Post9 hours ago

UNDP praises China’s victory over extreme poverty

PRNewswire/ — Speakers from home and abroad took to the stage of the Vision China event on Thursday to share the Chinese experience and stories in …PRNewswire6 hours ago

China unveils new broadcast law for internet era

China has released a new draft law governing a broadcast industry that includes private online services as some of its largest players, replacing the current law …Nikkei Asia10 hours ago

Covid-19 drove hundreds of Africans out of Guangzhou. A generation of mixed-race children is their legacy

The pandemic has driven thousands of Africans out of Guangzhou, sparked the most severe anti-black racial clashes in China in decades, and remade business …CNN9 hours ago

Bids by Chinese and other companies for Pacific cable no longer valid

TOKYO — Three companies’ bids to build an undersea cable for Pacific islands, including a Chinese company’s low bid, have been invalidated, Nikkei ha.Nikkei Asia14 hours ago

China’s markets are shaking off their casino reputation

IN A WORLD where internet memes can explain market swings, China is second to none. Early in March, with mainland equities down by 15% in two …The Economist23 hours ago

Pakistan receives second batch of 500,000 vaccines from China

Second donation of Sinopharm coronavirus vaccines brings the country’s total supply to one million shots.Al Jazeera English9 hours ago

China’s share of new wind power tops 90% of region’s total in 2020

TOKYO — China installed a record 52 gigawatts of new wind power capacity in 2020, driving global growth in renewable energy, according to data from t.Nikkei Asia16 hours ago

China backs autocratic regimes to secure resources – MINING.COM

Autocratic regimes represent for Beijing greater supply stability than democracies that are, or may become, hostile to China, Verisk Maplecroft says.MINING.com22 hours ago

Campaigners in China struggle to improve the lot of the disabled

FEW PEOPLE relish a visit to the dentist. For those who are autistic, it can involve unusual torment—some people with the condition have extremely sensitive …The Economist44 minutes ago

China’s Jiangsu FC exit Asian Champions League after collapse

China’s Jiangsu FC have withdrawn from the Asian Champions League following their financial collapse, officials said Thursday, in another sign they are on the …Yahoo News Australia14 hours ago

Ex-Foreign Office chief reveals Whitehall tussle over China policy

A Whitehall battle for control of the UK’s China policy is under way between the Cabinet Office security directorate and the Foreign Office, a former senior …The Guardian8 hours ago

China rejecting 1 country, 2 systems with HKs electoral system overhaul

Read more about China rejecting ‘1 country, 2 systems’ with HK’s electoral system overhaul on Business-standard. As China plans to rewrite election rules in …Business Standard19 hours ago

China reports first local COVID-19 case in more than a month

FILE PHOTO: People line up to get their nucleic acid test at a mass testing site following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Beijing, China, …CNA13 hours ago

How China’s Digital Yuan Could Go Global

China has been quietly testing platforms where the digital yuan can be freely traded with other fiat currencies.Yahoo Finance23 hours ago

China was India’s top imports source despite LAC crisis

India Business News: Even as most of last year saw Indian and Chinese soldiers engaged in a eyeball-eyeball standoff near LAC in eastern Ladakh and violent …Times of India12 hours ago

China suspected of cyber attack on Western Australias parliament: Report

A large number of Australian organisations, including Western Australia’s parliament, were hit by a cyberattack earlier this month, allegedly by the Chinese.Republic TV11 hours ago

China’s clean-energy planners take aim at its $7B high-sulfur oil market

One of the fastest-growing corners of China’s energy market is facing a potentially devastating blow as Xi Jinping’s government increases scrutiny of …WorldOil12 hours ago

China’s COVID-19 Cover Up Killed Health Care Workers

It is widely known that when the new coronavirus emerged in December 2019, the Chinese government downplayed the pandemic threat for several critical …Foreign Policy4 hours ago

Chinese auto giant SAIC Motor plans to use Luminar sensors in high-tech line of vehicles

Chinese automaker SAIC Motor plans to use Luminar lidar sensors to enable autonomous capabilities in a new “R brand” line of vehicles, the companies said …CNBC11 hours ago

China Ramps Up Farm Imports to Cover Domestic Food Shortages

(Bloomberg) — China, the world’s biggest importer of farm commodities, ramped up purchases in the first two months of this year to plug growing local shortages …Yahoo Finance11 hours ago

EU adopts Sinatra Doctrine to counter Chinas growing influence in Europe

Read more about EU adopts ‘Sinatra Doctrine’ to counter China’s growing influence in Europe on Business-standard. The doctrine would be based on two …Business Standard19 hours ago

US lawmakers reintroduce bill to revoke China’s trading status

Lawmakers put forward the ‘China Trade Relations Act’, which would require the US president to approve regular trade relations annually.South China Morning Post4 hours ago

Jon Huntsman warns ‘U.S. has very little leverage’ dealing with China

Former Utah governor and ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. warns China continues to evolve from an authoritarian to totalitarian nation-state and U.S. businesses …Deseret News19 hours ago

The brutal reality of dealing with China | Mar 20th 2021

The brutal reality of dealing with China – Weekly edition of The Economist for Mar 20th 2021. You’ve seen the news, now discover the story.The Economist1 hour ago

China eases implementation of ethanol gasoline on tight feedstock

SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China has been easing its nationwide implementation of vehicle-use ethanol gasoline since 2020 due to tightening supply of feedstock …ICIS18 hours ago

‘Secret to success is not monopoly,’ China tells online platforms: state media

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese internet platforms should protect the rights of consumers and avoid becoming monopolies, state media outlet China Daily wrote …Reuters21 hours ago

African Swine Fever in China Increasing Uncertainty of 2021 Production

African Swine Fever has been making headlines recently as the number of cases reported in China has been on an upswing in recent months.Farm Bureau News9 hours ago

Why China is Struggling to Process its Oscar Nominations Haul

China craves Oscar kudos, but nominations for Chloe Zhao, ‘Better Days’ and ‘Do Not Split’ are hard for authorities and netizens to digest.Variety11 hours ago

China’s top legislature strongly condemns US sanctions on Chinese officials – Xinhua |

BEIJING, March 18 (Xinhua) — A spokesperson for China’s top legislature on Thursday strongly condemned the expanded sanctions announced by the U.S. …Xinhua9 hours ago

Seize China’s momentum to protect pangolins

Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked mammal, with trade epicenters in West and Central Africa, China, and Vietnam (1). The annual traditional medicine …Science Magazine5 hours ago

Chinas high demand for beef from Brazil fuelling environmental crisis

A ravenous demand from China has helped Brazilian beef sales skyrocket to record levels – which has brought upon a devastating environmental cost.Business Standard20 hours ago

China legislature approves development blueprint for next five years

Lewis Lu of KPMG China considers the key tax policies set forth from recent governmental meetings.International Tax Review22 hours ago

More weather crop woes for China

The past two summers have been excessively wet for China; 2021 looks to make a switch.Successful Farming4 hours ago

First Europe-origin recycled steel cargo loads for China under new import rules

The first China bound containerized heavy recycled steel cargo from Europe, following China lifting import restrictions on the raw material Jan. 1, was being …S&P Global15 hours ago

Beijing seeks more information on VanEck China ETF plans

Visit our ETF Hub for investor news and education, market updates and analysis and easy-to-use tools to help you select the right ETFs. China’s fund regulator …Financial Times17 hours ago

French senator plans to visit Taiwan despite China protests

A veteran French senator is still planning to visit Taiwan, the island said Thursday, accusing China of using “wolf warrior” diplomacy to try and scupper the trip.Economic Times11 hours ago

China Building of the Year 2021 Awards: The Finalists | ArchDaily

Following an exciting week of nominations, ArchDaily’s readers have evaluated over 675 projects and selected 10 finalists for the Building of the Year Award …ArchDaily17 hours ago

China and US need healthy cooperation and fair competition

Asked by BBC on Sunday whether he thinks the United States needs to accept that it’s no longer No 1, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: “The US …Chinadaily USA20 hours ago

Air China to buy 18 Airbus A320neo jets from GECAS subsidiary

Air China will buy 18 Airbus A320neo jets from AFS Investments Inc, a subsidiary of aircraft lessor GECAS, the airline said on Thursday, in a boost to Airbus as it …Reuters12 hours ago

China’s Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing outpaces US, EU, Japan

China’s Foxconn and Tsingtao added to the list of cutting-edge advanced manufacturing facilities embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as …South China Morning Post13 hours ago

LAC disengagement done. India, China can now return to old love-hate routine

A month later, it seems that the much-acclaimed first step of disengagement at LAC was only a stand-alone agreement to enable both China and India to claim …ThePrint18 hours agoOpinion

China’s Third Richest Person Cedes Control of E-Commerce Phenom

(Bloomberg) — Pinduoduo Inc.’s billionaire chairman has stepped down from the board, relinquishing control of China’s fastest-growing e-commerce company …Yahoo Finance Australia22 hours ago

China’s PO, ACN prices at record high on tight supplies

Propylene oxide (PO) and acrylonitrile (ACN) prices in China have risen to a record high on continued supply shortages globally amid plant shutdowns in …Argus Media18 hours ago

How VW Group plans to dominate China’s EV market

VW Group has hatched an ambitious road map to hike global battery output at the same time its China unit declared a goal to sell 1.5 million electrified vehicles …Automotive News5 hours ago

Top China Chipmaker Gets Government Funds for $2.4 Billion Plant

(Bloomberg) — Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. will build a $2.35 billion plant with funding from the government of Shenzhen, the first major …Yahoo Finance Australia21 hours ago

How the WHO’s hunt for Covid’s origins stumbled in China

A team of scientists hoped a mission to Wuhan would provide clarity about the virus’s origins. New details about the team’s constraints reveal how little power it …The Australian19 hours ago

China faces difficulties attracting foreign investment this year, ministry says

BEIJING (Reuters) – China faces a severe and complex situation in attracting foreign investment this year, commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng told …Reuters14 hours ago

China’s political gender gap: so much for women holding up half the sky

The roots of the problem of low female political participation lie in the depths of China’s patriarchal culture. Party membership is a basic requirement if a woman …South China Morning Post21 hours agoOpinion

US defence secy’s India visit: Indo-Pacific ties, border tensions with China on agenda

The US official’s visit comes in the wake of India’s plan to ramp up indigenous production of defence hardware.Mint1 hour ago

Japan-China on a razor’s edge over Senkakus

Japan is in a policy box of its own making regarding the Senkaku island chain. China has raised the ante significantly by giving its Coast Guard the right.Asia Times19 hours ago


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