China in the News: March 20, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

US and China complete ‘tough and direct’ talks in Alaska

US and Chinese officials are leaving talks in Alaska that were described as “tough and direct”, as tensions between the world’s two largest economies were laid …ABC News4 hours ago

‘Don’t underestimate us’: US-China ‘fundamentally at odds’

China’s foreign ministry spokesman said the first day of the meetings “totally reeked of explosives and was full of dramatic colours”.Sydney Morning Herald4 hours ago

China and India challenging old duopoly to create a new space order

At a time of heightened political tensions between China and the West, space is emerging as an important front in the geopolitical struggle brewing between the …ABC News7 hours ago

Crown Resorts employees ‘instructed to use codewords’ when discussing China operations

Casino also ran ‘clandestine’ office in Guangzhou, according to court documents filed by law firm Maurice Blackburn.The Guardian8 hours ago

Joe Biden sent his lieutenants to Asia to build a wall of friendship against China. Then came an awkward showdown with Beijing

The top aim of the trip to Asia seemed to be applying soothing diplomatic words to relationships that had chafed under the freewheeling and unpredictable …ABC News7 hours ago

‘Farcical’: China slammed over Covid investigation claims

Remarks by China’s lead scientist in the World Health Organisation-led investigation into the origins of coronavirus have been slammed as “farcical” after he …Yahoo News Australia19 hours ago

China and Taiwan face off in pineapple war

Taiwan fights back against Chinese curbs on the export of their fruit – with plenty of support.BBC News5 hours ago

Marise Payne says Australia won’t trade away values to restart China dialogue

Foreign Minister Marise Payne says the Biden Administration has shown it has Australia’s back after guaranteeing it will not grant China any improvement in …Sydney Morning Herald9 hours ago

Why did Alibaba’s Jack Ma disappear for three months?

Alibaba’s Jack Ma appeared to fall out of favour after criticising China’s regulators.BBC News2 hours ago

New Pentagon No. 2 warns China’s “aggressive” actions pose threat to global order

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks, in her first public remarks since she was sworn in, called China’s military increasingly capable, saying its “aggressive” …NBC News6 hours ago

Michael Spavor: Canadian spy trial in China ends without verdict

Michael Spavor’s case is part of a diplomatic spat between China and the US and Canada.BBC News10 hours ago

China tariff on Australia’s barley reshapes global trade

HAMBURG, Germany/MOSCOW — Barley prices around the world are rising sharply as China sucks in crops from elsewhere after hitting Australia with steep.Nikkei Asia21 hours ago

China to Restrict Tesla Use by Military and State Employees

SINGAPORE—China’s government is restricting the use of Tesla Inc.’s TSLA 0.26% vehicles by military staff and employees of key state-owned companies, …The Wall Street Journal12 hours ago

Carbon Trading with Chinese Characteristics

China continues to be serious about supporting new energy technology and companies; the country launched its national carbon exchange on February 1, …China Briefing19 hours ago

Europe signals opposition against Chinas intimidation in South China Sea

Read more about Europe signals opposition against China’s intimidation in South China Sea on Business-standard. In a united opposition against China’s …Business Standard19 hours ago

China is raising the alarm over corporate surveillance. But it’s got a massive network of its own

A popular annual consumer rights show in China has sparked a national debate about privacy and surveillance and sent companies scrambling to stay on …CNN17 hours ago

XPeng Kicks Off the Longest Autonomous Driving Expedition in China

XPeng Inc. (“XPeng” or the “Company”, NYSE: XPEV), a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle (“Smart EV”) company, today kicked off the autonomous driv.Business Wire11 hours ago

It’s a generational thing: China’s youth leading nation away from US culture

Amid changing sentiment in China, the likes of Nike, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have been forced to change their approach, while domestic films have taken …South China Morning Post10 hours ago

U.S.-China talks kick off with a ‘frigid’ start, but former Pentagon official says that’s not surprising

The first U.S.-China meeting under Biden is unlikely to result in any visible compromises, said a former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of Defense for East Asia.CNBC16 hours ago

China Buys More Iranian and Venezuelan Oil, in a Test for Biden

China has sharply increased its imports of oil from Iran and Venezuela in a challenge to two Biden administration foreign-policy priorities, according to U.S. …The Wall Street Journal4 hours ago

We Can’t Let China Eat Our Lunch

Last week, China made a bold move in its quest to become an innovation superpower, unveiling a five year plan to grow the country’s economy by six percent, …Forbes12 hours ago

Why Biden’s China Policy Faces an Obstacle in Germany

TAICANG, China — German and Chinese flags flutter along tree-lined avenues. Workers are erecting a shopping-and-hotel project with the half-timbered style of …The New York Times13 hours ago

China has 3 new spy satellites in orbit after Long March 4C launch

The China National Space Administration launched another trio of satellites into orbit late Friday (March 12), adding to its network of spy satellites observing …Space.com6 hours ago

‘Real buzz in the room’: Johnson holds virtual call with Hong Kongers who’ve fled China’s crackdown

Hong Kongers who fled China’s repressive crackdown have urged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to consider recognising their qualifications in order to …Sydney Morning Herald7 hours ago

China opens its borders to foreigners who take Chinese shots, as geopolitical vaccine silos emerge

China is making it easier for foreigners to enter the country. But there’s one condition: they need to have received a China-made Covid-19 vaccine.CNN1 hour ago

Friday briefing: US and China share no love in cold climate of Alaska

Hello, Warren Murray with Friday’s bill of fair and accurate reporting. Extraordinary scenes have played out in Alaska where senior officials from the US and …The Guardian20 hours ago

After China-US confrontational talks, eyes turn to trade for possible cooperation

After the world saw what has been characterized as an unprecedented open confrontation between China and the US, many in the business world are turning …Global Times14 hours ago

China has detained my young children. I don’t know if I’ll ever see them again

I had to leave four of my children when I was forced to flee Xinjiang five years ago, says Uighur Muslim Mihriban Kader.The Guardian17 hours ago

How Wuhan’s dream chip project became a nightmare

Wuhan chip maker HSMC once bragged it could challenge China’s national chip champion SMIC, but three years after being formally announced, the project …South China Morning Post2 hours ago

Graphics chip developers attract strong investment in China

BEIJING — Moore Threads, a Chinese graphics processing unit developer, has raised several billion yuan (several hundred million dollars) in two fundi.Nikkei Asia2 hours ago

The world this week – The Biden doctrine : new US president takes on China and Russia

Forget niceties, there won’t even be a final communiqué when China and the U-S wrap up two days of talks in Anchorage, Alaska. The first face-to-face sit down …FRANCE 247 hours ago

Apple warns against unauthorised tracking after China workaround

Read more about Apple warns against unauthorised tracking after China workaround on Business-standard. Several Chinese technology companies, including …Business Standard6 hours ago

China rebukes LinkedIn for failing to control political content: Report

It seems Microsoft’s professional networking site LinkedIn is in hot water in China as the country’s internet regulator has rebuked the executive of the company …Mint29 minutes ago

America issues warning to China

Escalating tensions between the US and China have been on display at talks in Alaska – with America issuing a strong warning to Beijing.9News6 hours ago

China wrist-slaps Microsoft’s LinkedIn: Report

Chinese regulators appear to have put career website LinkedIn on notice this week. Here’s the latest…Fox Business6 hours ago

Beyond Colossus or Collapse: Five Myths Driving American Debates about China

The high-level meeting in Alaska this week between top American and Chinese national security officials is pivotal. Indeed, historians may look back on it.War on the Rocks19 hours ago

Taiwan Says China Bolstering Ability to Attack, Blockade Island

TAIPEI (Reuters) – China is bolstering its ability to attack and blockade Taiwan, deploying long-range missiles to prevent foreign forces helping in the event of …U.S. News & World Report15 hours ago

Chinese granny who fought off attacker in US praised for bravery

The 76-year-old was waiting to cross the street in San Francisco when she was punched, reports say.BBC News18 hours ago

Europe spies alarmed after Estonia scientist caught spying for China

Estonia marine scientists Tarmo Kõuts was sentenced to three years in prison this week. He had spied for China since 2018, prosecutors said.Business Insider11 hours ago

Pentagon chief visits ‘Quad’ ally India with China high on agenda

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin arrived in India Friday for the first face-to-face meetings between New Delhi and the Biden administration, with shared alarm about …Yahoo News Australia13 hours ago

First Thing: no love lost between US and China at high-level talks

The two countries clashed over human rights, democracy and power at their first summit of the Biden administration. Plus, lawmakers said anti-Asian hate was at …The Guardian15 hours ago

US-China meeting breaks into tense confrontation on camera

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and Chinese diplomats had a tense exchange at a key first meeting in Alaska.CNN5 hours ago

Netizens applaud Chinese delegation’s sharp response to US at Alaska talks

Chinese netizens applauded the sharp counterattack by the Chinese delegation in responding to the US side’s arrogance and aggression at the China-US …Global Times13 hours ago

Nepal must become self-dependent. China’s undeclared trade blockade hurts Kathmandu

During the festive season, nearly 2000 containers with clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronics and industrial raw materials were stopped from entering Nepal.ThePrint18 hours agoOpinion

One way to build China-US trust

The two rivals can find common ground in reversing a military coup in Myanmar, creating goodwill to solve other tense conflicts.The Christian Science Monitor7 hours agoOpinion

Biden’s solar dreams collide with outrage over China’s ‘genocide’

Factories in Xinjiang, home to the oppressed Uyghur minority, produce half the global supply of polysilicon, a metal critical for the panels that turn sunlight into …The Japan Times22 hours ago

China offers vaccine to UN peacekeepers

China’s Permanent Representative to the UN Zhang Jun informed UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday that China will donate 300,000 doses of …DAWN.com11 hours ago

Brazil’s jet maker Embraer eyes home turf of China’s COMAC

TOKYO — Brazilian regional jet maker Embraer aims to expand its share in China, despite the rapid rise of that country’s homegrown manufacturer.”We s.Nikkei Asia21 hours ago

China bashing – The Echo

I was surprised to see The Echo joining in on the current media bout of China bashing (Backlash 10 March ‘Tik Tok is Chinese-owned psyops’). I thought you …Echonetdaily7 hours ago

China Still a Tier-3 Manufacturer in Global Rankings

China still considers itself a low-end manufacturing hub and aims to change this through targeted investments and market opening, indicated by Made in China …China Briefing22 hours ago

China’s digital yuan ambitions face a bubble tea test

SUZHOU, China — In one of the latest trials being conducted by the People’s Bank of China into its ambitious project to digitize the yuan, Zhou Jie c.Nikkei Asia20 hours ago

US and China relations breaking down

Relations between the US and China broke down today with officials from both countries sparring during their first face-to-face meeting under the Biden …9News19 hours ago

How our new climate policies could lead to increased reliance on China | TheHill

Several climate goals of the administration, notably reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the energy and transportation sectors, are likely to be held hostage …The Hill4 hours agoOpinion

Senior Chinese officials put forth China’s stands at China-US strategic dialogue – Xinhua |

ANCHORAGE, the United States, March 18 (Xinhua) — Senior Chinese officials put forward China’s stands on relevant issues at the start of the high-level …Xinhua23 hours ago

China and US urged to work together to fight climate change

China and US urged to work together in fight against climate change after Alaska summit.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post12 hours ago

China, Russia to stand ‘back to back’ as tensions with US rise, observers say

Neighbours will look to cement ties so they can ‘jointly respond to the shift in US policy towards’ them, academic says.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

China out to ‘avoid a policy cliff’ amid global commodity price rebound

China’s strong economic recovery from the coronavirus has seen the likes of iron ore, copper and oil record steep price gains this year, but Beijing is set to ‘tap …South China Morning Post19 hours ago

Secretary Blinken: We’ll discuss our deep concerns with actions by China

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said America will discuss deep concerns with actions by China.9News2 days ago

Meet China’s Royal Enfield Himalayan copy: Gets TFT screen and USDs!

The Hanway G30 is less China’s answer to the Himalayan and more an unapologetic copy, but there’s still a lot to like on the G30.India Today12 hours ago

Pakistan’s China-Built Nuclear Reactor Starts Operation

Pakistan has connected its new Chinese-built nuclear power plant, with an installed capacity of 1100 megawatts, to the national grid. The development marks a …Voice of America10 hours ago

FTSE Russell nudges China toward further market opening

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – FTSE Russell is in active talks with Chinese regulators about reform measures that could help increase the weighting of Chinese …Reuters16 hours ago

As Jack Ma’s Media Empire Faces China Pressure, “Chairman Rabbit” Thrives

Even as China moves to strip away media outlets from Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., authorities are allowing several patriotic upstarts to blossom in one …NDTV22 hours ago

China’s largest dust storm in a decade hits Beijing

A satellite image shows an enormous plume of sand and dust that blanketed northern China on March 15, 2021.EarthSky18 hours ago

The Strategic Implications of the China-Russia Lunar Base Cooperation Agreement

On March 9, 2021, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and Russian Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding …The Diplomat15 hours ago

China supports WFP’s lifesaving assistance to vulnerable people in four African countries

BEIJING – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the Government of China have signed agreements to provide food assistance to vulnerable…Mirage News17 hours ago

Alaska summit: China still hopes for progress despite tense start to talks

The meeting in Anchorage began with a series of testy public exchanges, but the mood reportedly improved once the two sides sat down behind closed doors.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post14 hours ago

US military to keep wary eye on Chinese and Russian space ambitions under President Biden

The space ambitions of Russia and China will likely stay front and center for the U.S. military during the administration of President Joe Biden.Space.com16 hours ago

Defenders of the Quad: Austin arrives in India with new China playbook

NEW YORK — Just as his E-4B aircraft, a militarized version of the Boeing 747, started to descend toward Hawaii on the first leg of his first interna.Nikkei Asia7 hours ago

In China, virtual influencers are taking on media roles traditionally held by humans

Once relegated to the children’s market, virtual characters are entering the mainstream in China. Fictional as these digitally rendered avatars may be, they hold …eMarketer21 hours ago

Domestic Consumers, Overseas Supporters Grab up Taiwanese Pineapples After China Import Ban

Consumers in Taiwan and sympathizers overseas have gone on a pineapple buying spree this month to support local growers who were stung by a sudden ban …VOA Asia16 hours ago

Before the Chinese Exclusion Act, This Anti-Immigrant Law Targeted Asian Women

Enacted seven years before the Chinese Exclusion Act, the 1875 Page Act was one of the earliest pieces of federal legislation to restrict immigration to the …History10 hours ago

China is refining more oil than the US for the first time

The US, home to more oil refineries than any other country, lost its title to China as the world’s largest refiner of raw crude oil in 2020. China began refining more …Quartz10 hours ago

Securing raw materials key to China’s economic, carbon neutrality goals – report – MINING.COM

China’s move towards carbon neutrality by 2060 can complement both energy security and economic goals, a new report by Wood Mackenzie states.MINING.com13 hours ago

China wins high marks from Russians, scoring 74% favorability

MOSCOW — An overwhelming majority of Russians see China in a positive light, recent survey data shows, bucking global sentiment as Beijing faces crit.Nikkei Asia22 hours ago

Racist anti-Asian hashtags spiked after Trump first tweeted ‘Chinese virus,’ study finds

A group of researchers found Twitter users published more anti-Asian hashtags the week after he first tweeted about the “Chinese virus.”Washington Post15 hours ago

China says will ‘study’ mandatory COVID-19 vaccine rule to Indian students

China on Friday said it will “study” the applicability of its new rule of mandating vaccination by Chinese COVID-19 jabs to thousands of Indian students who were …Economic Times12 hours ago

China stocks end lower as rough US talks dent risk appetite

BEIJING: Chinese equities ended lower on Friday, marking a weekly loss of 1.4 per cent, after a rough start to China-U.S. bilateral talks prompted heavy selling …Economic Times17 hours ago

‘Anti-Asian Hate’ Big Obstacle for U.S. Tourism as China Outbound Travel Restarts

Mainland Chinese travelers are now putting “friendliness” as the top factor influencing their willingness to travel overseas, above even the absence of Anti-Asian …Skift15 hours ago

Swiss rebuke China over human rights but stop short of curbing investment

ZURICH (Reuters) – Neutral Switzerland accused China on Friday of “increasingly authoritarian tendencies” and suppressing dissidents and minorities, though it …WHBL News10 hours ago

Talk tough but be ready to cave – Britain’s China strategy

Big Brother Washington may want to confront and contain China but many of its allies prefer better trade relations instead.South China Morning Post14 hours agoOpinion

Betting on China’s driverless future, Toyota, Bosch, Daimler jump on board Momenta’s $500M round

Across the street from Suzhou North, a high-speed railway station in a historic city near Shanghai, a futuristic M-shaped building easily catches the eye of …TechCrunch23 hours ago


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