China in the News: March 25, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

China’s ‘blatant coercion’ of Australia is a lesson for the world, says Antony Blinken

Washington: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has singled out China’s “blatant economic coercion of Australia” as an example of the urgent threats …Sydney Morning Herald4 hours ago

Top U.S. diplomat warns China threatens NATO security, calls for joint approach to counter Beijing

Blinken said the U.S. won’t force allies into an “us or them choice,” but called for a joint approach to counter China.CNBC53 minutes ago

Iron ore tycoon pleads with west to mend its relationship with China

Australia’s richest man has implored politicians to reject Trumpian populism and rebuild the west’s fractured relationship with China to avoid damaging the …Financial Times1 hour ago

‘No accountability’: China’s fresh attack on Australia over alleged war crimes

China has launched a *fresh* assault against the Morrison government with senior Foreign Ministry and embassy officials accusing Canberra of lacking …The Australian1 hour ago

Facebook removes accounts of ‘China-based hackers’ targeting Uighurs

The social media company says journalists and activists living abroad were being targeted.BBC News3 hours ago

China ban sours Taiwan’s ‘freedom pineapple’ harvest

A Chinese ban on pineapple imports from Taiwan has sparked a flood of patriotic buying of the fruit and forced restaurants to come up with inventive new menu …Yahoo Finance Australia20 hours ago

H&M Faces a Boycott in China Over Statement on Uyghurs

The fashion retailer H&M is facing a potential boycott in China after a statement the company made last year expressing deep concerns over reports of forced …The New York Times2 hours ago

A $60 Billion U.S. Stimulus Windfall Is Heading China’s Way

David Ni is expecting a great year for his Chinese car-wheels business, thanks to the $1.9 trillion boost President Joe Biden just gave to the U.S. economy.Bloomberg4 hours ago

China’s rural revolution: the architects rescuing its villages from oblivion

After 20 years of frantic city-building, rustic China is in a death spiral. Now architects are helping to reverse the exodus – with inspirational tofu factories, rice …The Guardian14 hours ago

China’s tech giants face a reckoning with the regulators

Consumers occupy a peculiar role in China’s tech landscape. They are valued customers of the gigantic platforms such as Tencent, ByteDance and Alibaba, …Financial Times20 hours ago

Chinese tech giants sink on report China is considering a state-backed company to oversee tech data

Chinese President Xi Jinping waves during an inauguration ceremony in Macao, in 2019. AP China is continuing its crack down on tech companies,…Business Insider2 hours ago

The ‘long duel’ between the U.S. and China is escalating

If, as seems likely after the exchange of insults between Chinese and American diplomats in Anchorage on Thursday, confrontation continues and indeed …The Washington Post4 hours agoOpinion

The Logic of China’s Vaccine Diplomacy – The Diplomat

An in-depth look at where China’s vaccines are going hints at the motivations behind the campaign.The Diplomat12 hours ago

IPO Watch Will Didi’s IPO accelerate the China tech investment theme?

Reports suggest that ride-hailing firm Didi has brought forward its IPO. With another mega listing on the horizon, we consider the outlook for the wider China tech …CMC Markets8 hours ago

China official Zhao Lijian’s fake news on Manus ‘camps’

Senior Chinese official Zhao Lijian, who sparked a diplomatic furore last year after posting a fake image of an Australian soldier slitting the throat of a young …The Australian7 hours ago

Is China a threat to world order? Two analysts explain

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK — Historians may look back at the U.S.-China meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, last week as a pivotal moment in geopolitics — when a …Nikkei Asia6 hours ago

These four ASX companies are primed to benefit as China accelerates out of COVID-19

China is well known for its pull on Australian commodities but less known is the Asian economic tiger’s consumption of Australian goods and services.Stockhead6 hours ago

Scramble for grants under Morrison’s China Foundation

Applications for grants under Scott Morrison’s $44 million foundation to strengthen ties with China have exceeded the body’s allocated budget by more than 10 …The Australian Financial Review12 hours ago

Why China is so far ahead of the U.S. in electric vehicle production

The global electric vehicle market is still in its early days but it’s quickly growing. China has a massive lead in EV production. Can the U.S. catch up?CNBC1 hour ago

Elon Musk is trying to win China back

Elon Musk’s Tesla has endured a rough couple of months in China. Now he’s working overtime to win Beijing back.CNN15 hours ago

Reading China’s Vision 2035 Plan: Megacities, Trade, Market Consumption

China views its developing megacities, trade partnerships, shift towards consumption growth, and capacity for value-add manufacturing as key to its rise as a …China Briefing14 hours ago

SEC Starts Implementing Law That Risks Chinese Stock Delistings

The threat of Chinese stocks being kicked off U.S. exchanges is gaining traction, with the Securities and Exchange Commission starting to implement a tough …Bloomberg8 hours ago

US Adding Air Power to Naval Operations in Disputed South China Sea

Regional experts say U.S. officials are using a range of aircraft to make speedy yet thorough checks on China’s expansion in a disputed Asian sea. The flights …VOA Asia13 hours ago

Japanese reporter questions China’s purpose behind inoculating foreign journalists. FM responds with dignity, grace

Some 150 foreign journalists from 27 countries who work in China chose to receive Chinese COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday, with many expressing their …Global Times15 hours ago

Tencent Revenue Rises 26% Even With China’s Tech Crackdown

Tencent Holdings Ltd. played down the impact of Beijing’s heightening scrutiny over China’s biggest internet firms, saying a potential revamp of its $120 billion …Bloomberg11 hours ago

China bashes US over racism, inequality, pandemic response

China is taking the U.S. to task over racism, financial inequality and the government’s response to the coronavirus in an annual report that seeks to counter U.S. …ABC News12 hours ago

American alliances in the age of China’s soft suzerainty

Anthony W. Holmes was special adviser for North Korea in the Office of the Secretary of Defense from 2017-2021. During that time, Holmes led the Depar.Nikkei Asia5 hours agoOpinion

China’s lending clampdown: Luxury to suffer?

China is tightening regulations for online consumer lending services such as Alipay’s Huabei. That could impact consumer spending on luxury.Vogue Business14 hours ago

EU has no right to blackmail China: Global Times editorial

The CAI between China and the EU is mutually beneficial, rather than a gift from the EU to China.Global Times13 hours agoOpinion

US Seen Falling Short Countering China’s Rising Geopolitical Clout

Despite initiatives by the previous and current administrations, there are *fresh* concerns the United States is falling short to counter China’s rising geopolitical …VOA Asia22 hours ago

China’s UFC champion Zhang puts title defence before virus jab

Zhang Weili, China’s first and only UFC champion, is agonising over her second shot of a coronavirus vaccine because she wants nothing to disrupt …Yahoo News Australia22 hours ago

Chinese Stocks’ 15% Plunge Shows What Happens When Stimulus Ends

China’s stock market is showing the world what happens when central banks and governments start exiting pandemic-era stimulus — and it’s not pretty.Bloomberg4 hours ago

China plans to invite Palestinians and Israelis for talks – Al-Arabiya

The Chinese government plans to invite Israelis and Palestinians to hold talks in China, Al-Arabiya TV channel quoted Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on …Reuters15 hours ago

Grain from Russia may help China diversify imports

Russia’s exports of corn, for which China has skyrocketing demand, may rise in the coming years with the country’s huge output potential, warm political relations …Global Times13 hours ago

China accused of blackmailing Indo-Pacific nations who need COVID vaccines

China has been accused of pressuring smaller nations, ravaged by coronavirus and desperate to get their hands on a vaccine supply, into favourable trade … hours ago

China’s Foreign Minister Heads to the Middle East

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi begins a six-country tour of the Middle East this week. According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry, Wang “will pay …The Diplomat9 hours ago

U.S. and China deviate from the diplomacy script

Strong smell of gunpowder and drama” was the way Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian described the U.S-China meeting in Anchorage.The Japan Times17 hours agoOpinion

China’s biggest car brand to launch rival to Tesla

Geely’s new upmarket electric car brand Zeekr comes as Elon Musk goes on the charm offensive in China.Yahoo News Australia19 hours ago

China’s New Belt and Road Has Less Concrete, More Blockchain

The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been good for China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The virus “seriously affected” one-fifth of the projects in the China-centered …Bloomberg12 hours ago

Panic in Brazil looks like good news for China

Jair Bolsonaro, now global Covid denier-in-chief, is in a pickle. Brazils death toll from the virus is set to reach 300000 this week, second only to the United States, …The Australian23 hours ago

Move Over Huawei, Xiaomi Is China’s New Smartphone King

The swift decline in Huawei’s smartphone business has left an opening for Chinese gadget maker Xiaomi, which became the world’s No. 3 smartphone maker …The Wall Street Journal9 hours ago

‘Behaving very badly’: NATO boss has Australia’s back on China ‘bullying’

Jens Stoltenberg, who is expanding the role of NATO, wants like-minded democracies to “stand together” and up to China.The Age20 hours ago

Environmental checks lift China Pr/Nd oxide prices

A fall in output in the main production hub of Ganzhou city in south China’s Jiangxi province, following a new round of environmental inspections, is expected by …Argus Media15 hours ago

In depth: Investors dump China’s vape-makers

Investors in China’s two largest e-cigarette companies ran for the exits after Beijing signaled the controversial products will be treated more like tobacco …Nikkei Asia11 hours ago

HSBC Searches for China’s Wealthy With an Army of Roaming Bankers

HSBC Holdings has a new plan to find riches in China: it is hiring 3000 bankers to search prosperous coastal cities for wealthy clients who need advice on …The Wall Street Journal14 hours ago

Climate cooperation between China, West not affected by tension: observers

China will adopt more effective policies and measures to implement the goal of controlling carbon dioxide emissions and it expects the US to catch up following …Global Times9 hours ago

Looking at a post-carbon China and Africa

Without a vision of a post-carbon Africa, China’s climate ambitions will leave Africa in the dust.The Africa Report12 hours ago

Global Economy’s Need for Cargo Speed Zips By Slow Ships to China

Supply Lines is a daily newsletter that tracks trade and supply chains disrupted by the pandemic. Sign up here, and subscribe to our Covid-19 podcast for the …Bloomberg7 hours ago

The US Can Win Without China’s Collapse

I often think of the evolution of U.S.-China policy as the five stages of grief. The United States was too long in denial, unwilling to admit that Washington’s …Foreign Policy13 hours ago

How Illicit Oil Is Smuggled Into North Korea With China’s Help

New satellite images obtained by The New York Times show that China has allowed tankers to use its infrastructure and territorial waters to deliver oil to North …The New York Times5 hours ago

H&M under fire in China over refusal to buy Xinjiang cotton

Chinese celebrities cut ties, and products removed from online e-commerce platforms as clothing company criticised.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post10 hours ago

China’s new five year plan is an iron ore calamity

For many years it has been obvious that the Chinese needed to change their growth model. They have had a little success in shifting away from wasteful …MacroBusiness23 hours ago

France should boost wheat quality to lift China exports -COFCO

PARIS, March 24 (Reuters) – France’s grain sector needs to offer higher-quality wheat to meet Chinese industry needs and strengthen phytosanitary checks if it …Successful Farming9 hours ago

China embassy takes swipe at ‘fusty’ Japan over South China Sea

MANILA (Reuters) – China’s embassy in the Philippines has blamed “some external countries” for stoking tensions in the region, in remarks aimed at Japan after …Reuters13 hours ago

Chinese threat to Taiwan ‘closer to us than most think,’ top US admiral says

China is quickly amassing weapons and systems to militarily overwhelm Taiwan, an action it could be poised to take within the next six years, the admiral …CNN17 hours ago

China Retaliates After EU Sanctions 4 Chinese Officials, Police Department

Europe has mostly tried to avoid political confrontation with China, but this week things came to a head over what EU officials say are human rights abuses in the …NPR16 hours ago

China’s SWIFT joint venture a ‘defensive move’ in US financial war

… *service* provides a network for financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions; But some Chinese medium and …South China Morning Post14 hours ago

China announces Hainan trade fair to boost island’s duty-free status

The inaugural Hainan Expo will take place in May as Beijing pushes ahead with plans to transform the island into a duty-free shopping hub and show its …South China Morning Post13 hours ago

Making milk teas has become a new profession in China

Milk tea, with a range of varied flavors, has become a popular drink in China as many cities in China have set up a number of milk tea stores and chain brands.Global Times15 hours ago

What can Japan do in a Taiwan-China clash?

In the “two-plus-two” meeting that took place last week, the Japanese and U.S. governments unequivocally called out China, highlighting the country’s unila.The Japan Times17 hours agoOpinion

The link between anti-China sentiment in Washington and anti-Asian violence

Some analysts argue that the current political animosity in Washington toward Beijing puts ordinary Asian Americans at risk.The Washington Post10 hours ago

China sees increase in online insurance premiums

Buying personal insurance online is becoming more popular in China, with premiums increasing by 13.6% year on year, according to data from the Insurance …Insurance Business ASIA5 hours ago

China Tries to Exploit U.S. Scrutiny of Government Role in Asian American Violence

Even American officials who reject the same disparaging language China highlighted in a scathing new report criticizing the U.S. say they cannot let up on …U.S. News & World Report2 hours ago

Here’s how much of Australia’s iron ore China bought last year (Hint: a lot of it)

Trade tensions didn’t dampen China’s enthusiasm for Australian iron ore last year, new data from CBA confirms, as it snapped up 81% of all exports.Stockhead5 hours ago

Rising temperatures in China to weigh on coal prices

The heating demand season for thermal coal in northeast China, which typically ends in mid-April, is ending earlier than usual as temperatures rise to their …Argus Media17 hours ago

Pharma manufacturing industry lag and potential for China’s five-year plan

Western China’s pharmaceutical production needs international and domestic investment, but the region offers great potential as Chinese and foreign …pharmaceutical-technology.com7 hours ago

China steps up anti-doping effort with stricter punishments – Xinhua |

BEIJING, March 24 (Xinhua) — The Chinese government is expected to deal out harsher punishments on doping offenses by preventing cheaters from joining …Xinhua18 hours ago

China donates anti-pandemic medical supplies to UNECA – Xinhua |

ADDIS ABABA, March 24 (Xinhua) — The Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the African Union (AU) on Wednesday donated a batch of COVID-19 …Xinhua7 hours ago

3 killed in 5.4 magnitude quake in northwestern China

Quake hit Aksu province of Xinjiang region in northwestern China, country’s media reports – Anadolu Agency.Anadolu Agency8 hours ago

US and EU reboot dialogue on China ‘challenges and opportunities’

LONDON — The European Union and the U.S. will restart a dialogue on dealing with China, top diplomats from both sides said Wednesday after a meeting.Nikkei Asia5 hours ago

China hits a democratic brick wall – POLITICO

Send your tips and thoughts:, or follow Ryan on Twitter. Global Translations comes to you this morning from Singapore or, more precisely, …Politico11 hours ago

US, China look to shore up ties with allies after Alaska clash

Blinken tells Nato the alliance should be focused on some of the challenges Beijing poses, while Biden will join EU talks. Meanwhile, Wang and his Russian …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post15 hours ago

South China Sea: Beijing has extended Spratly Islands reef, photos show

Land has been added in past month to Subi Reef, also claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam, while dispute continues over 200 Chinese vessels at Whitsun …South China Morning Post21 hours ago

Unexpected surge pushes China’s internet population to brink of 1 billion

China will have 983.7 million internet users this year, thanks to an unexpected 8.6% boost in 2020, the fastest expansion its online population has seen since …eMarketer21 hours ago

China Must Create Shared Global Wealth by Andrew Sheng & Xiao Geng

China has become vastly more prosperous in the last two decades, but with greater wealth comes greater social responsibility. Instead of quarreling, the United …Project Syndicate11 hours agoOpinion

US must coordinate with allies in its engagement with China

Conflicts between the U.S. and China over human rights and security were on full display as top diplomats from the two countries met for the first tim.Nikkei Asia21 hours agoOpinion

China’s big battery sector lights a rocket under vanadium prices

How much vanadium could China’s aim to accelerate a transition to lower energy consumption with VFRBs potentially soak up? A lot.Stockhead6 hours ago

China-Australia relations: Beijing set to dominate refined oil exports in Asia-Pacific region, observers say

A rapid increase in China’s crude oil refinery capacity will see it dominate exports in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly to Australia where there are concerns of …The Star Online22 hours ago

China Means Home, Now and Forever: Italian Captain of China Eastern Airlines

Wuhan is the home of all my family members. To us, China means home, the present, and future,” said Diego Benedetto, an Italian captain of China East.Business Wire23 hours ago

Republicans and Democrats have found one thing they can all rally around: Curbing China’s influence

A bipartisan group of senators is pushing to pass legislation as soon as next month to try to rein in China’s economic influence on the United States, in an effort …CNN8 hours ago

China’s Epic Sandstorm Lifts the Price of Coal That Caused It

(Bloomberg) — Chinese thermal coal prices rose a fourth day for a 13% gain this month, and they remain stubbornly above the 600 yuan ($92) a ton mark that in …Yahoo Finance14 hours ago

China ‘bristling’ at suggestions it was not ‘transparent’ in WHO investigation

China will be eager to highlight details in the World Health Organisation’s report into the origins of the coronavirus which indicate the disease was not leaked …Sky News Australia20 hours ago

`Wuhan virus` and the travails of being a pro-China Hong Kong lawmaker

There are a few perils attached with being a pro-China lawmaker in a room full of honest speakers. First, you get hurt at the slightest mention of the most popular …WION14 hours ago

Column: Why our new cold war with China may be a good thing

President Biden has a strategy for selling his next massive economic recovery bill: exploiting fear of losing out to China. “If we don’t get moving, they’re going to …Los Angeles Times14 hours ago

Alcoa CEO Sees ‘Game Changer’ in China’s Aluminum Curbs

Signs that China is taking meaningful steps to rein in aluminum production are a “game changer” for the long-term outlook after years of gluts in the industry, …Bloomberg12 hours ago


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