China in the News: March 26, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

Why is the West so sceptical of China’s vaccines?

While China’s failure to allow its trial results to be peer-reviewed has fuelled concerns in health circles, geopolitics experts believe there is more to the West’s …ABC News4 hours ago

Most Australian trade with China has plummeted 40 per cent amid tensions, DFAT reveals

The value of Australian trade with China has plummeted by 40 per cent for almost all industries since a trade dispute ramped up between the two countries.ABC News11 hours ago

China attacks foreign clothing brands including Nike, H&M for comments on Xinjiang human rights abuses

China’s ruling Communist Party lashes out at major clothing and footwear brands like H&M and Nike as it retaliates for Western sanctions over human rights …ABC News13 hours ago

China’s taunts absurd and wrong

If he had deliberately set out to make a fool of himself and the regime he represented, senior Chinese wolf warrior Zhao Lijian could not have done better than …The Australian10 hours agoOpinion

China a vindictive and unreliable trading partner: ambassador Graham Fletcher

Australias ambassador to Beijing says China is a vindictive and unreliable trading partner and Foreign Minister Marise Payne has described human rights …The Australian5 hours ago

Russia and China are sending Biden a message: don’t judge us or try to change us. Those days are over

Both Russia and China are signalling they will only deal with the West where and when it suits them. They are also increasingly comfortable working together as …The Conversation AU19 hours ago

Taiwan begins mass production of long-range missile amid China tensions

Taiwan says it has begun mass production of a long-range missile and is developing three other models, in a rare admission of efforts to develop strike capacity …ABC News15 hours ago

Recognize That China Has Huge Demographic Problems

Its working population is set to shrink in absolute and relative terms, a fact that will severely constrain the county’s economic flexibility.Forbes9 hours ago

A Cautionary Tale For China’s Ambitious Chipmakers

Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. was supposed to be one of China’s most advanced chipmakers. Now it’s bankrupt — a big flop at a time …NPR11 hours ago

Will China weaponise its rare earth edge?

Author: Kristin Vekasi, University of Maine. In January 2021, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology discussed the possibility of restricting …East Asia Forum12 hours ago

Biden says China won’t surpass U.S. as global leader on his watch

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday said he would prevent China from passing the United States to become the most powerful …Reuters2 hours ago

China’s EU Sanctions Are the Latest Proof: Beijing Doesn’t Understand Democracies

This week, in an act of tit-for-tat after the European Union imposed sanctions on Chinese officials involved in Xinjiang human rights abuses, China imposed its …The Diplomat10 hours ago

Chinese tech stocks fall sharply on rising regulatory concerns

Chinese technology stocks dropped sharply on growing concerns of possible delistings from US exchanges and reported plans by Beijing to take control of …Financial Times13 hours ago

Chinese Ambassador to the US: China’s goal is not to replace United States

China’s goal is not to replace the United States as the world’s leading country, the Chinese Ambassador to the US said Thursday.CNN39 minutes ago

Turkey raises Uighur issue with China as hundreds protest

About 1000 gather in Istanbul to denounce China’s treatment of Uighurs during Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit.Al Jazeera English1 hour ago

Philippines, Vietnam press China over vessels massing in South China Sea

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte expressed concern to China’s ambassador about Chinese vessels massing in the South China Sea, …Reuters12 hours ago

Facebook says it blocked hackers in China who were trying to spy on Uyghur Muslims abroad

Facebook said it had blocked a group of hackers from China who were trying to infect the devices of Uyghur Muslims living abroad to enable surveillance.CNBC16 hours ago

Right leads push to toughen language on China at ALP conference

Federal Labor is fighting internal spotfires on foreign affairs and trade ahead of next week’s triennial ALP national conference, with the factions divided over how …The Australian Financial Review15 hours ago

Foreign Funds Are Falling Out of Love With China’s Top Stock

China’s largest stock Kweichou Moutai Co. is rapidly losing appeal among overseas investors, with a recent selling spree helping to wipe out a year-to-date gain …Bloomberg15 hours ago

Report on US-China Competition in East, South China Sea – USNI News

The following is the March 18, 2020 Congressional Research *Service* report U.S.-China Strategic Competition in South and East China Seas: Background and …USNI News10 hours ago

West’s racist ‘Wolf Warrior’ portrayal of Chinese diplomats

The West’s depiction of China’s direct diplomacy as being “Wolf Warrior” is clearly racist.Global Times13 hours ago

Global and China CNC Machine Tool Industry Report, 2020-2026 Featuring 12 Foreign and 13 Chinese CNC Machine Tool Manufacturers –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global and China CNC Machine Tool Industry Report, 2020-2026” report has been added to’s …Business Wire8 hours ago

14th Five Year Plan: China’s carbon-centred environmental blueprint

The recently published 14th Five Year Plan sets out policies on climate change, pollution, ecological protection and the ocean.chinadialogue6 hours ago

Winter of discontent – Will countries boycott China’s Olympics in 2022? | China

IN 2015, WHEN the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing, some people criticised the decision because of …The Economist1 hour ago

China exploits identity politics to ‘make us weaker and itself stronger’

China is exploiting identity politics and culture wars in Australia as a weapon “to make us weaker, and itself stronger”, after it claimed the Detention Centres on …Daily Telegraph14 hours ago

Tencent boss vows ‘compliance’ with China regulators

Tencent’s billionaire founder Pony Ma — China’s second richest man — has met anti-monopoly regulators and agreed his firm will be “as compliant as possible”, …Yahoo Finance Australia17 hours ago

Coronavirus: A death sentence for China’s live animal markets

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed China to shut down its live animal markets for good. But that doesn’t mean that the wildlife trade is over or that the risk of …DW (English)9 hours ago

Laos taps Xi classmate as presidential aide, deepening China tilt

BANGKOK — Laos has appointed a former schoolmate of Chinese President Xi Jinping to serve as a top aide to the Southeast Asian nation’s new lead.Nikkei Asia1 hour ago

Defense Innovation Leader Stresses Importance of U.S., China Technology Race

Michael Brown, director of the Defense Innovation Unit, says China has a well-integrated, systematic, long-term strategy to make sure it’s doing the most to …Department of Defense9 hours ago

China to step up financial support for wind and solar power

China said on Thursday it will step up financial support for the development of wind and solar power generation, as part of its efforts to meet its target for carbon …Reuters13 hours ago

It is ‘hypocritical’ of China to accuse Australia of human rights violations

It is “hypocritical” of China to accuse Australia of human rights violations, according to Adoni Media Managing Director Leisa Goddard. “The hypocrisy that they …Chronicle9 hours ago

Can the U.S. and China Find Common Ground in Space?

Last week’s contentious meeting between Chinese and U.S. delegations in Alaska was entering its second hour when Mars entered the conversation.Bloomberg20 hours agoOpinion

What’s Up With China EVs? Here’s a Clue

Electric-car infrastructure is something investors would do well to watch.Bloomberg12 hours ago

China presses global fashion firms to reverse Xinjiang cotton boycott

Chinese social media users and clothing consumers strike back at labels refusing to buy cotton because of human rights issues against Uygurs.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post18 hours ago

The US is sanctioning Chinese officials over alleged abuse of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Here’s what you need to know

The United States and its allies are stepping up pressure on China in a unified show of force against Beijing’s alleged repression of Uyghurs, a predominantly …CNN16 hours ago

‘Rampant US demand’: China’s exports set for US$60 billion boost

Chinese exports are likely to increase by US$60 billion over 2021-22 as Americans snap up computers, household equipment and clothing flush with US$1400 …South China Morning Post21 hours ago

China is taking aim at the key to America’s dominant role in the world

Infrastructure is key to American dominance and China wants to build the next generation of it.The Washington Post13 hours ago

Company Restructuring in China: Common Options for Foreign Businesses

We discuss the common options available to foreign businesses for company restructuring in China, which is necessary to stay market competitive and agile.China Briefing11 hours ago

Cheer up China naysayers, bond defaults have benefits too

Henny Sender is a managing director at BlackRock in Hong Kong, and a senior adviser to the BlackRock Investment Institute.While the COVID pandemic rag.Nikkei Asia18 hours agoOpinion

The Geopolitics of Politics and Protest: Myanmar, China and the U.S.

The U.S.-China relationship is fraught with challenges and shot through with uncertainty. As last week’s summit between Secretary of State Antony Blinken, …Lawfare8 hours ago

The Director’s Chair: Anna Fifield on China, North Korea and New Zealand

In this episode of The Director’s Chair, Michael Fullilove speaks with award-winning journalist, author, and editor Anna Fifield.The Interpreter17 hours ago

Counterintelligence agents for the Western powers told us what China and Russia pay their double-agents

It turns out that spies are cheap. You can buy a traitor for the price of a car. One spy recently uncovered inside NATO cost China only 17000 euros.Business Insider14 hours ago

China’s Go-It-Alone Five-Year Plan by George Magnus

China’s new Five-Year Plan focuses on self-reliance more than any other since its reform and opening up began. But unless the government recognizes the …Project Syndicate7 hours agoOpinion

Xi points to China’s cultural past in message for country’s future

As Beijing comes under pressure from the West, president seeks to project image of calm, observer says.South China Morning Post10 hours ago

China, Hungary to strengthen military cooperation

Share. QR. Copied. Error loading media: File could not be played. 00:00. 00:00. 01:45. The Chinese military is willing to expand and strengthen military …CGTN9 hours ago

Huge Chinese consulate is on Federal Government radar

Australia’s top diplomat says concerns about Adelaide’s Chinese consulate are under “active consideration” by the Federal Government. Claire Bickers. follow.The Advertiser18 hours ago

For Canadians, Two Michaels’ Ordeal Exposed ‘Dark Side of China’

Trials held in secrecy for two Canadians imprisoned more than two years ago in China have concluded, with official verdicts to be announced “at a chosen time,” …Voice of America23 hours ago

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo: U.S. Devising Strategy To Push Back On China

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says she is is beginning to mend fences with U.S. allies alienated by the Trump administration. She says they will be …NPR35 minutes ago

How China’s fragmented bureaucracy works to Ant Group’s advantage

Angela Huyue Zhang is director of the Center for Chinese Law at the University of Hong Kong. She is author of “Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism: How t.Nikkei Asia3 hours agoOpinion

Cloud-seeding will not solve China’s water shortages

IN EARLY MARCH a small aeroplane being used by a local weather bureau crashed in a village in the southern province of Jiangxi. All five people on board …The Economist1 hour ago

Chinese divorce courts are places of peril for women

ACCORDING TO THE letter of the law, a Chinese family court should be a safe haven for Wang Fumei (not her real name), a 36-year-old battered wife and …The Economist1 hour ago

China Mobile ‘studying’ mainland listing plan after NYSE eviction

HONG KONG — China Mobile, the world’s largest telecommunications company by subscribers, said it is studying the possibility of listing its shares on.Nikkei Asia10 hours ago

China’s civil aviation capacity to rise by 43% to 2 billion passenger trips within 5 years

As the year 2021 marks the beginning of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), industries make their plans in line with the country’s development. The civil …Global Times12 hours ago

China ETFs Struggle as Tensions Rise with the West

China country-specific ETFs, notably those with a higher tilt toward technology stocks, have slumped as the U.S.-China tensions escalate…ETF Trends10 hours ago

Hong Kong Isn’t an Endgame for China. It’s a Starting Point.

When asked for a response to recently proposed legislation in China that would make Hong Kong’s elections favor Beijing loyalists even more, U.S. State …The Dispatch13 hours ago

China Overtakes U.S. As World’s Largest Refiner

As the shift in oil demand from Covid-19 turned the tables of regional levels of fuel production and exports, China succeeded in overtaking the USA as the …OilPrice.com6 hours ago

Unauthorized construction at Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park evokes ire of Chinese netizens, who call to maintain park’s current state as “mark of national shame.”

The news that an unauthorized construction project at Beijing’s Yuanmingyuan, or Old Summer Palace, has been order to be stopped began trending on …Global Times14 hours ago

While India and China bicker, ethnic-Chinese Indians move away

Kolkata’s Chinese community is a shadow of its former self.The Economist7 hours ago

In signal to China, U.S. raised India ties during Alaska talks

The Joe Biden administration highlighted the strength of U.S.-India ties in its March 19 meeting with Chinese officials in Alaska, underlining how it has …The Hindu1 hour ago

China says it firmly opposes Quad alliance as it adheres to Cold War mentality

China said on Thursday that it was firmly opposed to the Quad alliance consisting of the US, India, Australia and Japan as it asked Washington to refrain from …Economic Times7 hours ago

4 workers trapped after coalmine blast in China

Coal and gas explosion at mine in northern Shanxi province – Anadolu Agency.Anadolu Agency16 hours ago

Q&A: What does China’s 14th ‘five year plan’ mean for climate change?

Following a week-long meeting, the National People’s Congress (NPC) of China yesterday formalised the “outline for the 14th five year plan and long-term …Eco-Business17 hours ago

Dow Falls 150 Points As Nike Plunges Over China Boycott And Alleged Ties To Forced Labor

Despite promising economic data, stocks are falling Thursday morning as oil prices continue to rise and apparel giants face backlash over alleged ties to forced …Forbes9 hours ago

CNN finds stranded Uyghur children in China

Amnesty International reports that China’s policies towards ethnic Uyghur Muslims have split up thousands of families, as some children are prevented from …CNN 13 hours ago

Chinese firms confirm halt to some Australian hay imports, seek alternatives

Chinese hay industry representatives confirmed that many Australian suppliers have failed to get permits to export to China, so the sector is looking at …Global Times10 hours ago

LPGA unsure of China event as Singapore, Thailand return

No final decision has been made on the status of the LPGA Blue Bay tournament planned for China in May, LPGA officials said Wednesday while confirming …Yahoo News Australia22 hours ago

China central bank says to deepen exchange rate reform

(Reuters) – China’s central bank on Thursday said it would deepen exchange rate reform and increase yuan exchange rate flexibility, as well as improve the …Reuters10 hours ago

China can’t get what it really wants

Welcome, China Watchers. This week’s guest host is Matt Turpin, former China director at the U.S. National Security Council and editor of the Hoover Institution’s …Politico11 hours ago

Firmly opposed to Quad alliance: China

India News: China said on Thursday that it was firmly opposed to the Quad alliance consisting of the US, India, Australia and Japan. The Quad mechanism …Times of India17 minutes ago

U.S.-China Tensions Are Rising. Nike Stock Is Paying the Price.

Tensions between the U.S. and China are on the rise—and the sometimes impenetrable geopolitical issues are getting real for investors. Hopes that the state of …Barron’s10 hours ago

China rates COVID close to HIV as a deadly infectious disease

China included COVID-19 statistics in a newly published national statutory infectious diseases report, listing the new coronavirus as the second-highest deadly …Nikkei Asia9 hours ago

China proposes global rules for central bank digital currencies

By Tom Wilson and Marc Jones. LONDON (Reuters) – China proposed a set of global rules for central bank digital currencies on Thursday, from how they can be …Yahoo Finance8 hours ago

Secretary Of Commerce On The Trade War With China Biden Has Inherited

NPR’s Audie Cornish speaks with Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo about steel and aluminum tariffs and the trade war with China that the Biden …NPR2 hours ago

GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares wobble in volatile trade as China tech selloff weighs

Asian equities bounced between gains and losses on Thursday as a selloff in Chinese technology shares due to concerns they will be de-listed from U.S. …Reuters20 hours ago

Huawei chips crisis shortens odds on China-US conflict

The Chinese equipment vendor is due to run out of chips in the next few weeks, say experts, and the consequences could be far-reaching.Light Reading16 hours ago

China urges U.S. to stop ‘discriminatory’ action against its firms

China on Thursday urged the United States to stop “discriminatory” action against Chinese companies after the U.S. adopted measures that would kick foreign …Reuters15 hours ago

Dismissing Tyson comment, China’s Zhang Weili confident of title defense

China’s UFC world champion Zhang Weili has dismissed boxing great Mike Tyson’s comment that her component Rose Namajunas will.Global Times14 hours ago

India, China to maintain communication to promote settlement of other issues: Chinese Defense Ministry

India and China have agreed to maintain communication through military and diplomatic channels to promote the settlement of other issues in the west section …All India Radio9 hours ago

Not Just Nike: Xinjiang Maelstrom Rocks Burberry, Adidas, Uniqlo

After Weibo users lashed out at H&M and Nike, Adidas and Uniqlo are trending now, too, and Tencent scrapped a Burberry gaming deal.Sourcing Journal8 hours ago

Bilibili, China’s YouTube, wants to be its Netflix

THE MISSION statement of Bilibili, often dubbed “China’s YouTube”, stands out for its modesty. Instead of promising to change the world, the firm aspires merely …The Economist7 hours ago

China blue chips close at 3-mth low on policy fears, Xinjiang tensions

SSEC -0.05%, nears correction territory for second time this month.Reuters15 hours ago

Paraguay says Chinese vaccine offers tied to dumping Taiwan

The episode is the latest example of how geopolitics is infecting the global race for vaccines, with major powers dominating production and hoarding supplies.The Japan Times20 hours ago


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