China in the News: March 27, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

China’s Communist Party wants its citizens to know about the world’s human rights abuses. Just not its own

From flexing its considerable commercial muscle with boycotts to mercilessly trolling Western nations for hypocrisy, Beijing has a snarky new approach to foreign …ABC News5 hours ago

Chinese public figures ditch western brands as Xinjiang row escalates

Burberry and H&M among brands targeted over stance on region at centre of Uighur abuses allegations.The Guardian4 hours ago

China hits Australian wine exports with five more years of tariffs

China is extending tariffs on Australia wine exports for another five years as relations further sour betwe…9News3 hours ago

Australia’s ambassador to China says Beijing’s trade behaviour is ‘vindictive’

It comes as officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed that Australian trade with China had plummeted across almost all industries.ABC News23 hours ago

‘Badge of honour’: China sanctions won’t deter British MPs from condemning regime

London: British MPs say it is a “badge of honour” to be sanctioned by China and vowed not to be deterred from drawing attention to the persecution of the Uighur …Sydney Morning Herald13 hours ago

The Strategist China military watch

China’s annual national political gatherings, known as the two sessions (‘lianghui’ (两会)), held earlier this month in Beijing, have drawn attention across the …The Strategist20 hours ago

Chinese censorship concerns after three artworks taken down by Canberra gallery

A Canberra art gallery has removed three artworks relating to Chinese leaders after receiving complaints and hundreds of angry messages, in what the artist …ABC News15 hours ago

Joe Biden press conference: Quad meeting got China’s attention

This month’s first leaders-level meeting of “Quad” countries – including Australia – attracted China’s attention, said US President Joe Biden as he warned the …The Australian Financial Review20 hours ago

China-listed stocks tank on fears of multiple disputes with U.S.

China stocks have been in correction mode for several weeks, but the new rule is exacerbating the route, particularly those with listings in the U.S..CNBC4 hours ago

Expert dismisses China’s controversial Covid origin claim

A team member from the World Health Organisation-led mission investigating the origins of Covid-19 has downplayed the likelihood the virus was transported …Yahoo News Australia18 hours ago

#FreedomLobster, #FreedomPineapple: new food alliance driven by China’s trade wars

Lobster sales across Australia have continued to surge as restaurants and pubs put them on the menu. Taiwan says it wants to work together as it weathers a …Sydney Morning Herald11 hours ago

Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese military aircraft

Defence ministry says 20 aircraft entered its air defence identification zone.The Guardian7 hours ago

The Moly Mystery. Why Is China Soaking Up The World’s Molybdenum?

Somewhere in China there is a warehouse stuffed to the ceiling with molybdenum, a tongue-twister metal which most people call moly and which has a number …Forbes17 hours ago

China airfares rebound in potential rehearsal for global recovery

Beijing/Sydney | Widely watched airfares in China are recovering to pre-pandemic levels as domestic tourists lead a patchy air travel recovery, scattering crumbs …The Australian Financial Review19 hours ago

‘Vindictive, unreliable’: Australian envoy hits out at China over trade spat

Ambassador Graham Fletcher made the comments to a China-Australia business group in a briefing from Beijing on Thursday, according to The Australian …South China Morning Post17 hours ago

Biden suggests creating initiative to rival China’s Belt and Road

US President Joe Biden says he suggested that democratic countries band together to fund infrastructure projects.Al Jazeera English2 hours ago

The Guardian view on China, Xinjiang and sanctions: the gloves are off

China’s response to criticisms of horrifying human rights violations in Xinjiang is clear and calculated. Its aims are threefold. First, the sanctions imposed upon …The Guardian3 hours agoOpinion

Philippines, Vietnam press China over South China Sea activities

Philippine president urged to take a firmer stand towards Beijing as expert warns of Chinese ‘occupation’.Al Jazeera English12 hours ago

Wang Yi visits Iran, outlining China’s peace-broker role

The State Councilor and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi started his Iran visit on Friday, the third stop of his six-state Middle East tour, following intensive …Global Times16 hours ago

Adelaide Uyghur man Mamutjan Abdurehim expresses heartache over family separation

When Mamutjan Abdurehim saw his parents and daughter appear on a CNN documentary about the separation of Uyghur families in China, he was devastated.ABC News5 hours ago

First China, then the world? What a Communist Party song tells us

China is locked in a heated diplomatic confrontation with the U.S. At home, President Xi Jinping continues to strengthen his grip on power. All the wh.Nikkei Asia16 hours ago

The U.S. will remain richer than China for the next 50 years or more, says economist

The U.S. will remain wealthier than China — measured by GDP per capita — for at least the next 50 years, said Simon Baptist, global chief economist at the …CNBC18 hours ago

China boycotts are a warning to Western brands

Companies including H&M, Nike, Adidas and Burberry have been caught in the middle of a political firestorm in China — spooking investors that keep close tabs …CNN 11 hours ago

Reporters – Zambia: Under Chinese influence

China’s presence is visible all over Africa. But nowhere as much as in Zambia, the African nation where it invested the most money last year. The ties between …FRANCE 248 hours ago

China’s dual-listed tech giants lost $60 billion in market value over three days as delisting threats loom

As of their Friday close, $60 billion was wiped off the combined market cap of Alibaba,, Baidu and Netease in just three days.CNBC15 hours ago

What Is the ‘Quad’ and Should China Fear It?

A term in increasingly frequent use in global politics these days is “the Quad.” The informal grouping brings together the U.S., Japan, India and Australia in an …Bloomberg19 hours ago

Australian envoy reportedly describes China as ‘vindictive’ | World |

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s ambassador to Beijing has reportedly described China as a “vindictive” and “unreliable” trading partner as Australian …Mooresville Tribune18 hours ago

Godzilla vs. Kong heads for monster box office opening weekend in China

Early estimates for “Godzilla vs. Kong” show the film has already secured around $21.5 million during its opening day China.CNBC3 hours ago

The Agency at the Center of America’s Tech Fight With China

WASHINGTON — As tensions between the United States and China escalate, a little-known federal agency is at the center of a debate in the Biden …The New York Times8 hours ago

What Silicon Valley could learn from China’s Q&A platform Zhihu

China’s largest question and answer platform, Zhihu, began trading in New York at $9.50 per share at the lower end of its IPO range, valuing the company at …TechCrunch7 hours ago

Korean missile tests loom as new headache in China relations

The Morrison government risks a new flashpoint with China, urging countries to enforce sanctions against North Korea after Kim Jong-un’s regime test-fired two …The Australian Financial Review20 hours ago

Chinese ‘fishing fleet’ anchored on Philippine reef raises tensions

More than 200 Chinese fishing vessels were spotted anchored at Whitsun Reef, a disputed territory in the South China Sea, in early March, sparking tensions in …Mongabay.com18 hours ago

China denounces US-Taiwan coast guard cooperation agreement

BEIJING (AP) — China on Friday denounced an agreement between the U.S. and Taiwanese coast guards that underscores growing ties between Washington …Associated Press14 hours ago

Big Brother: Serbia’s Media Are Creating Nation of China Lovers

The political elites in Belgrade have made good use of the politically controlled media to transform China’s image in the country.Balkan Insight14 hours ago

China flies at least 20 war planes in Taiwan airspace

It’s the largest incursion reported by Taiwan to date.ampAxios6 hours ago

U.S. needs new understanding with China or it risks conflict, Kissinger says

The United States will have to reach an understanding with China on a new global order to ensure stability or the world will face a dangerous period like the one …Yahoo Finance8 hours ago

An anti-US alliance in the making, as Russia and China move ever closer together | TheHill

Russia and China have moved increasingly closer to each other during the past decade.The Hill9 hours agoOpinion

Hundreds of US families have been trying for a year to adopt children from China. They’re still waiting

According to the State Department, about 400 American families’ adoptions of children in China were put on hold because of the Covid-19 pandemic.CNN 9 hours ago

Chinese car companies target premium electric vehicle market

Chinese car giants Geely and SAIC have unveiled new brands in recent days, with the companies targeting the luxury electric vehicle (EV) segment. Earlier this …CarAdvice23 hours ago

Uyghur Leader Detained in Turkey as China Foreign Minister Visits

The house detention of a Uyghur leader during the Chinese foreign minister’s visit to Turkey this week is stoking concerns among Turkey’s large Uyghur refugee …VOA Asia8 hours ago

China’s digital yuan will ‘provide backup’ if Alipay, WeChat Pay hit problems

China’s central bank says a government-controlled digital currency is needed to ensure financial stability in case “something happens” to Alipay and Tencent’s …South China Morning Post16 hours ago

Analysis: China airfares rebound in potential rehearsal for global recovery

Widely watched airfares in China are recovering to pre-pandemic levels as domestic tourists lead a patchy air travel recovery, scattering crumbs of hope to a …Yahoo Finance21 hours ago

China Corporates Snapshot – March 2021: Record High Grain Prices Prompt Imports; Diverging Profit Pressure

Grain prices in China have risen continuously since last year, as the country rebuilds its hog herds after they were decimated by African swine fever. Corn pri.Fitch Ratings20 hours ago

China rare earths extend surge on worries over Myanmar supply, inspection threat

Looming inspections and concerns over Myanmar supplies are adding *fresh* momentum to a rally in prices of the rare earth minerals used in industries from …Reuters13 hours agoOpinion

Trump CDC chief: Coronavirus ‘escaped’ from Chinese lab

Robert Redfield, the former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said he believed the virus that causes Covid-19 originated from a …POLITICO11 hours ago

China’s Big Tech erase H&M from the country’s internet

H&M was targeted by ‘patriotic’ Chinese netizens for its stance on cotton from Xinjiang, prompting major Chinese tech firms to remove all references to the …South China Morning Post18 hours ago

Chinese sanctions threaten EU investment pact

China’s decision to impose sanctions on several European lawmakers has dealt a potentially fatal blow to an investment deal that was seven years in the …Deutsche Welle17 hours ago

Reprofiling Bank Debt May Pose Rating Challenges for China SOEs

Related Fitch Ratings *Content*: State Financial Support for Chinese Local SOEsFitch Ratings-Hong Kong/Shanghai/Singapore-26 March 2021: China’s regional.Fitch Ratings16 hours ago

China’s Industrial Strength Drives Economic Rebound In March

China’s economic rebound continued in March, as factory activities accelerated amid strong global orders and recovering domestic demand, leading to a surge …Bloomberg21 hours ago

Watch out for Russia and China, UK’s cyber security boss says

LONDON: Russia poses the most acute immediate threat to the United Kingdom in cyberspace while China’s ambition to be dominant in a host of new …CNA11 hours ago

China’s early 2021 scrap imports restart slowly

China imported 9825t of ferrous scrap in January and February after it resumed imports under new standards effective from 1 January, according to customs …Argus Media12 hours ago

EU and US similar, but split on China, Merkel says

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the EU had much in common with the US but that it differed on China policy, after a video summit with the EU’s 27 …DW (English)21 hours ago

China a ‘challenging neighbour’ for India: S Jaishankar

We were about the same size of economy when Rajiv Gandhi went to China in 1988 and look at the difference today. So for me I have always seen lessons in …Mint24 minutes ago

REFINERY NEWS ROUNDUP: Independent plants in China postpone works on high runs

China’s independent refiners lifted their average utilization run rate to a record high of 79.3% in February, encouraged by robust refining margins and a gradual …S&P Global14 hours ago

Chinese electric car start-up Nio shuts factory for 5 days due to global chip shortage

Though the temporary shutdown will hit deliveries, Nio is on track for more car deliveries to start 2021 than rivals Xpeng and Li Auto.CNBC16 hours ago

China claims Xinjiang conspiracy hidden in three-year-old US video

A 2018 speech by a career US army officer given new life in a Beijing Daily social media post as evidence clothing firm H&M is ‘just a puppet’.South China Morning Post14 hours ago

China hits back at UK, sanctions Britons

China has announced sanctions on British individuals and entities after the UK joined the EU and others in sanctioning Chinese officials accused of human righ.Bendigo Advertiser18 hours ago

India will be in position overtake China in their engagement with Bangladesh: Piyush Goyal

We will be in a position to overtake China in their engagement with Bangladesh. We are working with that single minded purpose. We in government are …Economic Times9 hours ago

Analysis | Why China’s New Tech Exchange Has Regulators Worried

While China has some of the world’s biggest technology companies, many are listed in the U.S. and Hong Kong. A trading venue opened in Shanghai two years …Washington Post21 hours ago

Hugo Boss’ Xinjiang comments spark accusations of hypocrisy online

Chinese subsidiary’s social media post appears to contradict German fashion brand’s corporate buying policy.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post14 hours ago

China’s Central Bank Estimates Potential Growth of Under 6%

(Bloomberg) — China’s central bank estimated the maximum the economy can expand without fueling inflation, known as the potential growth rate, is under 6% …Yahoo Finance17 hours ago

Three of China’s Big Five lenders post fourth-quarter profit increase of over 40%

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Three of China’s largest lenders on Friday booked a jump in fourth-quarter net profit of well over 40%, the first green shoots …Reuters15 hours ago

How economic distancing from China has benefited India

By creating its own manufacturing capacity, India has promoted domestic production of hitherto imported goods. This import substitution endeavour has proved …Times Now22 hours ago

China’s goal has never been to surpass US: FM spokesperson

The goal of China has never been to surpass the United States, but to constantly surpass itself and.SHINE12 hours ago

China sanctions Essex Court Chambers

China has imposed sanctions on Essex Court Chambers after a team of barristers issued a legal opinion suggesting the state’s treatment of Uighur Muslims …GAR14 hours ago

China, Vietnam Lead Three-Speed Asian Recovery, World Bank Says

A three-speed recovery is taking hold across East Asia and the Pacific, with China and Vietnam already beating their pre-pandemic levels of economic growth …BloombergYesterday

China’s Energy Security Fears Slow Climate Drive

China’s growing concerns over energy security and potential conflicts with the United States may be slowing its efforts to fight climate change, experts and recent …Radio Free Asia11 hours ago

China announces new sanctions, consumers react to Western brands boycott

China has issued more retaliatory sanctions over Xinjiang, targeting individuals and entities in the United Kingdom it says “maliciously spread lies and …CNN13 hours ago

China’s exotic farms may be a missing link behind the pandemic’s leap to people

Farms supplying live civets, snakes, and bamboo rats may be where the virus jumped between species.National Geographic UK15 hours ago

How China’s supreme court tried to let light into the legal system’s ‘black box’

A database of rulings from around the country has helped to make the system fairer and more transparent, even if details of sensitive cases are still withheld from …South China Morning Post15 hours ago

China potential economic output may grow 5%-5.7% over 5 years: central bank working paper

China’s potential economic output is expected to grow 5%-5.7% over the next five years, according to a central bank working paper published late on Thursday.Reuters16 hours ago

Winners of the ArchDaily China Building of the Year 2021 Awards

Another year, another successful ArchDaily China Building of the Year Awards! With more than 75000 votes gathered over the past 20 days, the results…ArchDaily19 hours ago

China’s Beijing offers home-made coronavirus vaccines to foreigners

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s capital of Beijing has started offering domestically developed COVID-19 vaccines to foreigners, the city’s foreign affairs office said on …Reuters18 hours ago

UK defends Hong Kong passport rights against China

China has tried to invalidate the special passport privileges granted to Hong Kong residents by the UK. Britain has rebuffed the move.DW (English)17 hours ago

Foreign Secretary statement on China sanctions

The Foreign Secretary has issued a statement on China’s decision to sanction nine UK citizens.GOV.UK17 hours ago

US, China clash at UN meeting on combatting racism

UNITED NATIONS — The United States accused China of committing “genocide and crimes against humanity” against Uyghur Muslims and other minorities, …North State Journal9 hours ago

Philippines Vows To Protect Its Territory As South China Sea Swarmed With Chinese Vessels

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said during his meeting with China’s ambassador Huang Xilian that Manila will protect its territory at every cost.EurAsian Times21 hours ago

China imposes tariffs on Australian wine

China will impose anti-dumping measures on some Australian wine imports from March 28 for five years, the Ministry of Commerce says. Importers bringing in …The Canberra Times16 hours ago

Haley slams Biden’s ‘weak leadership’ regarding China | TheHill

Nikki Haley, who served as former President Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, went after President Biden on Thursday for comments he made about …The Hill8 hours ago

Academicians, ex-diplomats sign declaration demanding an end to anti-China campaign

BERLIN (XINHUA) – Dozens of experts with “direct experience” with China have signed a declaration calling for an end to an anti-China campaign by some …The Straits Times20 hours ago

Russia, China using vaccines as ‘tools of influence’

Russia and China are using their COVID vaccines for propaganda purposes and to extend their influence aboard, France has claimed.The Australian12 hours ago

China Aircraft Leasing Cuts 26 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Orders

Chinese aviation lessor China Aircraft Leasing Corporation (CALC) has slashed its orders for the Boeing 737 MAX by 26 planes. The company will now take 66 …Simple Flying12 hours ago

Russia and China tell Biden: The old days are over

The past week has marked a watershed moment in Russia’s relations with the West – and the US in particular. In two dramatic, televised moments, US.Asia Times15 hours ago

China seeks Turkish support for its policies on Xinjiang

Beijing’s main aim in far western region is fighting terrorism and separatism, Foreign Minister Wang Yi tells his Turkish counterpart on trip to Ankara.South China Morning Post12 hours ago

China’s Digital Yuan Will Be ‘Backup’ to Alipay, WeChat, Says PBOC – CoinDesk

A Chinese digital yuan is a necessary financial system backup in case “something bad” were to happen to Alipay or WeChat Pay.CoinDesk8 hours ago

ARK CEO Cathie Wood Shares Chinese Companies, Innovations on Her Radar

She shares the three Chinese EV companies her team is looking at and breaks down how the five ARK-focused innovations are progressing in the country.Business Insider18 hours ago

Stimulus Withdrawal, Delisting Threat Contribute to China’s Market Rout

China stocks finally rebounded Friday, after a tumultuous month that saw shares on the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index fall roughly 20%. The Shanghai …Barron’s9 hours ago

JPMorgan adds new string to China bow with 10% stake in CMB wealth business

Buying a 10% stake in China Merchants Bank’s wealth management arm for $415 million gives JPMorgan greater access to China’s vast private wealth market.Euromoney magazine10 hours ago

China yuan firms but poised for 6th week of losses on dollar strength, China-West tensions

China’s yuan inched up on Friday, as Beijing vowed to continue to support its economy, though the currency was on track for its sixth week of losses due to a …Reuters20 hours ago

Foreo advances China expansion plans with opening at new CNSC Chongqing store – The Moodie Davitt Report

Foreo doubles down on China: The new space, which features a personalised gondola and full back wall, is Foreo’s 12th opening with CNSC. CHINA. Swedish …The Moodie Davitt Report14 hours ago

Australia to join The Quad allies for La Perouse war game

Australia will join its new Quad allies in a French naval exercise next month as the region steps up its co-operation in the face of an increasingly belligerent … hours ago


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