China in the News: March 30, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

China pressures brands to reject reports of Xinjiang abuses

China stepped up pressure on foreign shoe and clothing brands to reject reports of abuses in Xinjiang.9News2 hours ago

UN negotiating with China on unfettered access to Xinjiang

The United Nations is holding “serious negotiations” with China on gaining unfettered access to the Xinjiang region to verify reports that Muslim Uyghurs are …ABC News14 hours ago

Joe Biden’s first test against China is brewing as regime exploits the ‘grey zone’

The genius of China’s “grey zone” methods of warfare is once again on display. Three weeks ago the Philippines authorities discovered that a fleet of about 220 …Sydney Morning Herald6 hours ago

Philippines sends warplanes over stubborn Chinese flotilla in South China Sea reef

A diplomatic spat between China and the Philippines has flared up in the disputed South China Sea, with Man…9News21 hours ago

WHO-China study on COVID-19 origin says transmission from bats to humans via another animal ‘very likely’

A joint WHO-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario.ABC News17 hours ago

Dealing with a China that’s not like us

The US approach to China could be shifting from the malign strategic competition that was typical under Trump towards a more benign competition under Biden.East Asia Forum23 hours ago

Iran–China strategic agreement could be a game-changer | The Strategist

The signing of a 25-year cooperation agreement between the oil-rich and regionally influential, but US sanctioned, Islamic Republic of Iran and the globally …The Strategist21 hours ago

Australia will ‘vigorously defend’ its wine industry against China, minister says

Australia will “never compromise” on its values, principles or sovereignty, says David Littleproud, the country’s minister for agriculture.CNBC16 hours ago

China steps up pressure on brands to reject reports of Uyghur abuses

China stepped up pressure Monday on foreign shoe and clothing brands to reject reports of human rights abuses in cotton production in Xinjiang.NBC News11 hours ago

The Debate – New world order? France 24 embedded with the Chinese in Zambia

In one generation, China has taken Africa by storm going all in on everything from big infrastructure projects, mining and agriculture to the sale of medicine and …FRANCE 246 hours ago

Despite China feud, Australia resource exports to hit record by value

SYDNEY/BEIJING — While strained diplomatic ties have taken a toll on bilateral trade, China’s enduring appetite for infrastructure has kept iron ore.Nikkei Asia5 hours ago

Plan to lift retirement age stokes ‘fear’ in rapidly greying China

China’s plan to delay its national retirement age has struck a nerve with workers, many of whom are concerned about how it may affect their financial security, …South China Morning Post2 hours ago

Wary of Beijing, Taiwan Doubles Down on South China Sea Island

Taiwan’s military has stepped up training of troops and added defensive weaponry on the contested South China Sea’s biggest natural island to prepare for any …VOA Asia13 hours ago

China’s answer to YouTube slumps on market debut

Shares of Bilibili opened 2.2% below their issue price before slipping further in early trade.BBC News21 hours ago

China demands Canberra sex scandals probe

China’s hypocritical “wolf warrior” diplomats demand a probe into Australia’s sex scandals in retaliation for our COVID origins push. James MorrowFederal …Daily Telegraph40 minutes ago

Untangling the crossed wires of China’s ‘Super Grid’

China is a world leader in building ultra-high voltage power lines, which are crucial to a greener future, but its growing network has hit its fair share of snags …chinadialogue9 hours ago

The Chinese Military Might Not Be in Control of Escalating Crises

Relations between the United States and China are fraught, with escalating rhetoric and risk of miscalculation on both sides. Military affairs aren’t the only aspect …Foreign Policy3 hours ago

China, Long a Source of Deflation, Starts Raising Prices for the World

Rising raw-materials costs and unrelenting supply-chain constraints are prompting many Chinese exporters to increase prices for the goods they sell abroad, …The Wall Street Journal13 hours ago

China’s accelerating fertility crisis

China has always been cautious about loosening family-planning rules. But, if it is to sustain its economic dynamism in the decades to come, it must work hard to …The Japan Times16 hours agoOpinion

Joe Biden hasn’t lifted Trump’s tariffs on China. Good.

Joe Biden, on the campaign trail, loudly criticized former president Donald Trump’s tariffs on goods from China. It’s both surprising and welcome, then, that so far …The Washington Post6 hours agoOpinion

China’s Relationship with Myanmar’s Military: It’s Complicated

China’s relationship with Myanmar’s military is complicated. Protesters allege that China is turning a blind eye to the military’s crackdown — and have recently …NPR4 hours ago

In China Sex Scandal, Many See a #MeToo Moment

A young woman from a modest background gets a long prison term. The powerful officials who paid her draw lighter punishment. The Chinese public has …The New York Times15 hours ago

China’s government bonds are in a ‘sweet spot’ after sell off, says portfolio manager

Chinese government bonds offer higher yields and much lower volatility compared to U.S. Treasurys, said Wilfred Wee, portfolio manager at Ninety One.CNBC21 hours ago

China will counteract against attempts to stir up S.China Sea issues

Japan has been increasingly active in the South China Sea issues. This is a move to serve its own diplomatic strategies. Previously engaged in “diplomacy with …Global Times10 hours ago

Special Report: Money trail from Daphne murder probe stretches to China

By Stephen Grey, Engen Tham, Jacob Borg and Christoph Giesen.Reuters10 hours ago

China’s Policies in Its Far West: The Claim of Tibet-Xinjiang Equivalence

Tibetan Buddhists walk past a poster showing Chinese President Xi Jinping and former Chinese leaders Jiang Zemin, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Hu …Council on Foreign Relations9 hours ago

New US trade rep reluctant to ‘yank’ China tariff ‘leverage’

Asian-American Katherine Tai, who was confirmed as the new US Trade Representative earlier this month, spoke to numerous international trade officials during …South China Morning Post21 hours ago

Suez blockage shows globalisation risks, but minor disruptions for China

The Suez Canal blockage will have limited impact on China’s economy, but may prompt firms to once again consider diversifying global supply chains after the …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post12 hours ago

China’s SWIFT joint venture ‘defensive move’ against US refuted

The People’s Bank of China last week announced a newly established joint venture with Belgium-based SWIFT financial messaging *service* and four Chinese …South China Morning Post8 hours ago

Chinese FM suspects US exerting pressure on WHO-China virus origins report

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday questioned whether the US is exerting pressure on international experts from the WHO-China joint team on tracing …Global Times11 hours ago

China’s May Day box office is anticipated to reach $305 million despite lack of foreign blockbusters

China’s homegrown films are likely to see fierce competition at the box office during China’s Labor Day holiday (May 1-5), with no major imported blockbusters …Global Times10 hours ago

China won’t learn through detente, so go ahead with the sanctions

Regarding the March 25 news article “Facing sanctions from the West, China becomes bedfellows with Russia”: For almost the half-century since President …The Washington Post4 hours agoOpinion

Opportunities for Hong Kong in China’s 14th five-year plan to be discussed

The Hong Kong-based One Country Two Systems Research Institute will host an event on Tuesday examining China’s 14th five-year plan that was approved at …South China Morning Post12 hours ago

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate apologises for making China joke

Gold coast mayor Tom Tate has apologised after going wildly off script during a press conference and making a joke about Chinese people eating hours ago

Saudia Celebrates Ten Years Of Flights To China

Saudi Arabian national flag carrier Saudia is celebrating ten years of operations between the Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China. The Jeddah-based …Simple Flying11 hours ago

Iron ore prices jump on strong industrial activity in China – MINING.COM

Iron ore prices jumped on Monday on rising demand amid strong construction and manufacturing activity in China. According to Fastmarkets MB, benchmark …MINING.com7 hours ago

China Adds A Skincare Billionaire

Mainland China is home to the world’s second-largest number of billionaires after the United States.Forbes19 hours ago

How Jokowi bested China, while Duterte ended up a lackey

Richard Heydarian is an Asia-based academic, columnist and author of “The Rise of Duterte: A Populist Revolt Against Elite Democracy” and the “The Ind.Nikkei Asia16 hours agoOpinion

Draft of WHO-China report obtained by AP says the coronavirus likely spread from animals to humans, lab leak unlikely

Draft of WHO-China report obtained by AP says the coronavirus likely spread from animals to humans, lab leak unlikely.ABC News19 hours ago

Chinese heritage celebrated at China Fashion Week

Day three of Beijing’s China Fashion Week featured several collections threaded through with Chinese elements, as designers said they were determined to …Bradford Era12 hours ago

China cut lending to Africa in 2019 as debt fears grew

Loans to public sector borrowers fell to $7bn in 2019, down from $28bn five years ago.Financial Times8 hours ago

New Edgar Snow is needed to understand real China

Amid Western media’s one-sided criticism against China, if some Western reporter could thoroughly examine why CPC has been able to stay in power for over …Global Times15 hours ago

Brazil’s foreign minister, who bashed China and praised Trump, resigns

Ernesto Araújo’s resignation ends the most calamitous chapter in the history of the country’s diplomacy, critics say.The Guardian5 hours ago

China cuts taxes to spur semiconductor development

Beijing has spent heavily over the past two decades to build up a Chinese chip industry, but its makers of smartphones and other technology still rely on the …The Hindu11 hours ago

China’s original ‘Wolf Warrior’ caught using iPhone

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Chinese netizens are crying foul after they discovered that their hero and original “wolf warrior” has been posting to social media with …Taiwan News16 hours ago

China box office: ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ stomps into China with $70m opening

Warner Bros/Legendary’s Godzilla Vs. Kong is crushing the China box office with a $70.5m opening weekend (March 26-28), according to figures from theatrical …Screen International13 hours ago

US Palau envoy’s trip to Taiwan prompts ‘red line’ warning from China

Official’s presence sends strong signal to Beijing about US opposition to poaching more allies from Taipei, analyst says.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post12 hours ago

Here’s what happened in that wild trading in China internet stocks

The primary cause of the selling in Chinese internet stocks was that a fund, Archegos Capital Management, was forced out of its positions.CNBC6 hours ago

A U.S. Diplomat’s Wife Was a Social Media Star—Until Chinese Trolls, Aided by State Media, Came After Her

Tzu-i Chuang was referred to as the “most famous diplomatic wife” before she became the target of a vicious, monthslong attack on social media.The Wall Street Journal13 hours ago

In Xinjiang cotton dispute, China warns West ‘era of bullying’ is over

China has come a long way since the ‘century of humiliation’, says Xinjiang government as it asks firms such as H&M to ‘distinguish right from wrong’.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post19 hours ago

China goes to school in understanding Suez Canal choke-point, with eye on Malacca Strait

The virtual maritime jam, re-routing of ships and the colossal financial damages caused by this Suez Canal ‘choke’ is a real-time experience, of inevitable …Firstpost19 hours ago

China helped rev up, and then slow down, the global commodities boom

Prices of industrial metals that go into batteries and electric vehicles have fallen from records, as China eases buying and oversupply worries grow.Livemint18 hours ago

Analysis: Ready to roll: China flat steelmakers set to cash in on manufacturing boom

China’s top flat steel producers are primed for profit from a post-COVID-19 recovery in global manufacturing and goods demand in 2021, as well as from an …Reuters1 hour ago

Population boom could drive Xinjiang capital to bust: scientists

The rapidly rising population in Urumqi puts pressure on land and water resources and threatens the ecological balance.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post7 hours ago

China’s Xiaomi launches premium phone to challenge Apple and Samsung and fill void left by Huawei

The Mi 11 Ultra is a smartphone aimed at international markets in the premium segment as Xiaomi looks to boost its market share in the high-end space.CNBC9 hours ago

Clean energy depends on Chinese materials. Is expanding it pro-China?

A Democratic-led plan to cut carbon emissions and expand cleaner energy sources would play into the hands of China, some.PolitiFact11 hours ago

Americans’ disgust with own govt grows as Chinese officials criticize US human rights

A senior Chinese official’s sharp criticism of the US’ human rights situation has triggered a negative response from the American people toward the US’ human …Global Times8 hours ago

Chinese airlines up domestic capacity from March-October

Chinese carriers will increase their domestic capacity for the summer and autumn schedules, by mounting extra flights and unveiling new domestic routes.Flightglobal20 hours ago

Rout in China Tech Shares Is a Buying Opportunity for Some

(Bloomberg) — The massive selloff in U.S.-listed shares of Chinese technology companies isn’t linked to their fundamentals and makes for a bigger buying …Yahoo Finance16 hours ago

China stocks end higher on industrial firms’ upbeat earnings

SHANGHAI: China stocks ended higher on Monday, as upbeat earnings at industrial firms boosted sentiment, though foreign selling through the Stock Connect …Economic Times15 hours ago

China and Russia’s military arsenals are terrifying in scale – but how would they perform in combat?

Special report: Britain’s defence review identified two key adversaries – China and Russia. But both present very different hours ago

China ‘happy’ over Pakistan-India ‘active interactions’: FM spokesman

India News: China said on Monday that it was “happy” over the recent “active interactions” between Pakistan and India, indicating that it would like to work with.Times of India9 hours ago

Canada should be ready to weather any export issues to deal with China: O’Toole

Federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says Canada has to work closely with its allies to counterbalance China’s actions while recognizing that could mean …CTV News4 hours ago

Study finds China generated over half world’s coal-fired power in 2020

China was responsible for 53 per cent of the world’s total coal-fired power last year — nine per cent more than five years earlier — despite climate promises and …The Market Herald23 hours ago

Barley sales up as China diversifies

Canada appears to already be benefiting from a new policy in China aimed at diversifying its feed ingredients, says an industry executive and an analyst.Western Producer6 hours ago

Vilsack on ag trade with China: ‘They need us’

Although China has yet to fulfill its “phase one” promises of mammoth purchases of U.S. farm exports, “the fact is, they need us,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom …Successful Farming11 hours ago

News March 2021 fr AFD China

On March 2, the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) released the data of the international filings for patents, trademarks and industrial…Lexology19 hours ago

Wine industry to take hit after China extends tariffs

Borambola Wines managing director Tim McMullen, who said it was “disappointing” to see China continue its wine tariffs after he spend ten years developing the …The Canberra Times48 minutes ago

China Mobile hails ‘money-saving’ plan to share 5G network costs

HONG KONG — China this year was expected to be in the middle of its three-year peak investment period for the country’s strategically important 5G mobile …Nikkei Asia18 hours ago

Saudia marks 10 years of services to China

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) has marked ten years of operations to the People’s Republic of China. Saudia marks 10 years of services to China. Image: …Arabian Aerospace11 hours ago

Comparing 5G progress in the US and China

In China, the number of cities with 5G grew six-fold in one year, while coverage in the U.S. increased by a factor of five.RCR Wireless News9 hours ago

Should Germany follow China’s ‘dual circulation’ strategy?

Beijing has ample scope to achieve 6 per cent growth in the coming years, but Germany, dependent on trade with its European Union partners, has poorer …South China Morning Post16 hours agoOpinion

South China Sea military risks: New Zealand should not be complacent – expert

China’s new maritime law allows forcible entry onto vessels in waters they claim.New Zealand Herald5 hours ago

South China Sea military risks rising, APSI security summit officials warn

Military leaders say trade routes in the South China Sea face increased risk and New Zealand cannot be complacent about it. The two-day Asia Pacific Security … hours ago

China firms seek ways around blocked Suez Canal

BEIJING (Global Times): As a tariff jam in the Suez Canal caused by a massive containership continues, many Chinese firms are scrambling for ways out of the …The Star Online22 hours ago

Bilibili closes lower on first day of trade in Hong Kong as Chinese tech stocks face pressure

Bilibili raised around $2.6 billion in its Hong Kong secondary listing after pricing its shares at 808 Hong Kong dollars each.CNBC16 hours ago

Morgan Stanley says that Chinese shares are an opportunity right now

Global investment bank Morgan Stanley says that Chinese shares are cheap right now. How can you get access to this opportunity?The Motley Fool Australia3 hours ago

China’s FeMo prices slip further on softened sentiment

The price of 60% ferro-molybdenum in Northeast China, a key production region for the alloy, dipped for the third week over March 22-26, easing by Yuan 2000/t …Mysteel Global14 hours ago

China’s Bank of Communications Posts 49% Quarterly Profit Rise as Pandemic Eases

(Bloomberg) — China’s largest banks extended their share rally after unexpectedly delivering their biggest jump in quarterly profits in at least a decade, boosted …Yahoo Finance22 hours ago

Navigating China’s Medical Technology, Regulations, Quality, and Future; Hundreds of Experts Gathered at On-site Conferences of Medtec China

PRNewswire/ — Medtec China 2021 will be held in Halls 2&4 of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on September 1–3, and the “Innovation Technology …PRNewswire11 hours ago

Chinese firm CCECC to build seven facilities for 2023 Pacific Games in Solomon Islands – News – GCR

China has given China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) the contract to build seven sport facilities in the Solomon Islands for the 2023 …GCR11 hours ago

China Enters Blockchain 3.0 Era

When it comes to global blockchain adoption for digital transformation, China is ahead.CDOTrends13 hours ago

Buffett-backed Chinese EV maker BYD profit up 162per cent in 2020

Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD Co Ltd,, which is backed by billionaire Warren Buffett, on Monday reported a 162per cent growth in 2020 net profit as it …CNA10 hours ago

China’s Beixin Minerals aims at becoming both a primary & secondary REE supplier though Qixia mine and rare earth magnet recycling

Chinese rare earths mining company Beixin Minerals, focused on the operation and development of its 100% owned Qixia rare earths mining project in Yantai, …International Mining4 hours ago

Chinese renaissance to shape new order –

Editor’s Note: Three international scholars analyze the role of a rising China in the world order in the new era. The articles are abridged versions of three …Chinadaily USA23 hours ago

Global and China CNC Machine Tool Market Report, 2020-2026

Dublin, March 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Global and China CNC Machine Tool Industry Report, 2020-2026” report has been added to …Yahoo Finance16 hours ago

Boutique founder backs China to lead Asia’s telemedicine charge

Asia is at the forefront of the rise in tech-based healthcare – known as telemedicine – but is the best way to make use of this growing trend? Jane Andrews …citywireselector.com14 hours ago

China’s XEMC gets to work on 108 t class all battery electric mining truck project for SPIC’s Huolinhe mine

One of China’s leading domestic mining truck manufacturers, Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd (XEMC), recently signed a contract with energy company …International Mining9 hours ago

Crackdown on tutoring industry as China’s schoolkids buckle under pressure

There are concerns that extra classes seven days a week hurts their physical and mental health.. Read more at Straits Times17 hours ago

WHO-China study says animals likely source of Covid-19

A joint World Health Organization-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely …Economic Times15 hours ago

America losing the future to China

Few Americans realize it, but their country’s dominance in high-tech innovation is now in question. This is something that Google’s former chief executive.Asia Times14 hours ago

China Coal Giants Surge on Rising Prices, Generous Dividends

China’s coal mining giants surged Monday after promising generous dividend payouts and as prices for the fuel jumped on supply tightness.Bloomberg15 hours ago

UPDATE 1-Strong industrial activity, profit lift China steel futures

Chinese steel futures advanced on Monday, with rebar and hot-rolled coil both closing at record highs, as attractive industrial profit margins and rising demand …Reuters16 hours ago

Kazia Licenses Rights to Paxalisib in Greater China to Simcere, a Leading Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

PRNewswire/ — Kazia Therapeutics Limited (ASX: KZA; NASDAQ: KZIA), an oncology-focused drug development company, is pleased to announce that it has …PRNewswire15 hours ago

China Warns Firms Not to Engage in Politics Over Xinjiang

BEIJING (Reuters) -Chinese officials on Monday said Sweden’s H&M and other foreign brands should not make rash moves or step into politics after the …U.S. News & World Report16 hours ago

Cotton group’s China branch challenges Xinjiang forced labour claims

State media tries to highlight rift as Beijing seeks to challenge claims of human rights abuses in region.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post10 hours ago

Biden, alongside Morrison, Modi and Suga, continues conflict with China

The U.S. is determined to maintain its dominance over the world and is unlikely to forfeit that without a fight, writes Vijay Prashad.Independent Australia23 hours ago

CHINA HRC: Prices surge on reports of 30% output cut in Tangshan

China’s hot-rolled coil prices surged on Monday March 29, triggered by improved sentiment amid reports of a 30% fall in production in the northern steelmaking …Metalbulletin.com14 hours ago

China-Europe cargo trains shine, as Suez Canal blockade drives shippers to seek new options

Despite the logjam in the Suez Canal caused by a massive containership that got stuck in the key waterway, traders in China have seen a limited impact on their …Global Times12 hours ago


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