China in the News: April 1, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

Australians flagged in Shanghai security files which shed light on China’s surveillance state and monitoring of Uyghurs

The identities of more than 160 Australian citizens — including a former intelligence chief, government officials and business leaders — are exposed in hacked …ABC News5 hours ago

US has ‘enormous respect’ for how Australia is standing up to China’s ‘economic coercion’

Washington’s top diplomat in Canberra says the countries are discussing how they would respond to a range of scenarios including conflict in the Taiwan Strait.The Guardian8 hours ago

‘Unforgivable’: NASA is the latest to offend China after calling Taiwan a country

China has erupted at NASA for the “unforgivable” crime of labelling Taiwan a hour ago

Joe Biden unveils $2.6 trillion infrastructure bill to beat China, move to green energy

Washington: US President Joe Biden has unveiled a massive US2 trillion ($2.6 trillion) infrastructure plan he says will allow America to beat China economically …Sydney Morning Herald2 hours ago

Racism alleged after anonymous op-ed urges unis to ban Chinese students

An article calls on the University of Melbourne to stop accepting Chinese students due to the Chinese government’s alleged atrocities against Uyghur Muslims, …ABC News5 hours ago

China’s secret loan contracts reveal its hold over low-income nations

Chinese lenders have used legal contracts to give them a hidden advantage over other creditors when lending to low-income countries, in a trend which …Financial Times7 hours ago

China rejects WHO criticism and says Covid lab-leak theory ‘ruled out’

China has rejected accusations from the World Health Organization that it restricted access to key data on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic as strained …Financial Times13 hours ago

China, NASA Coordinate on Mars Even as Beijing Issues Fiery New Threats

China on Wednesday confirmed it has traded data with NASA regarding their respective Mars missions – a major advancement in cooperation between the two …U.S. News & World Report2 hours ago

China’s currency set for worst month since US trade war

China’s currency is set for its worst month against the dollar in more than a year and a half, as investors fret that a clampdown on borrowing could slow the …Financial Times17 hours ago

China demands secrecy in its loans to developing countries: Study

US researchers say Chinese lenders require borrowers to prioritise repayments to Chinese banks ahead of others.Al Jazeera English13 hours ago

Boeing urges U.S. to separate China trade and human rights

(Reuters) – Boeing Co urged the United States on Wednesday to keep disputes over human rights and other topics separate from trade relations with Beijing, …Reuters6 hours ago

Congress Weighs Countering China on Chips as Cost Makes GOP Wary

(Bloomberg) — Republicans in Congress say they’re willing to work with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to counter China’s economic clout and address …Yahoo Finance Australia14 minutes ago

How foreigners can be China’s bridges to the West

China should welcome foreigners, including Western journalists, to live and work in the country. International media reports that provide a diverse view of China …South China Morning Post4 hours agoOpinion

China forces brands to make a cotton choice

The disappearance of Hennes & Mauritz, one of the world’s largest clothing retailers, from ecommerce and ride-hailing apps in China last week marks an …Financial Times9 hours agoOpinion

EXCLUSIVE-China considering new bourse to attract overseas-listed firms -sources

HONG KONG, March 31 (Reuters) – China is considering establishing a stock exchange to attract overseas-listed firms and bolster the global status of its …Reuters13 hours ago

Australian Olympic uniform under fire for ‘disgusting’ China link

Australian Olympians became embroiled in the global row over Chinese forced-labour cotton on Wednesday as the country revealed its uniforms for the … hours ago

Analysis: China revisits 1999 embassy bombing and vows ‘never again’

Katsuji Nakazawa is a Tokyo-based senior staff writer and editorial writer at Nikkei. He spent seven years in China as a correspondent and later as Ch.Nikkei Asia5 hours ago

China and US must unite at UN to force an end to Myanmar slaughter

There is little chance the military will take a step back unless there is a much broader, co-ordinated effort to pressure the junta.The Age14 hours ago

Lowy Institute Conversations: Nathan Law on exile, China and the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong

In this episode of Lowy Institute Conversations, Director of the Southeast Asia Program Ben Bland sits down with Nathan Law to discuss exile, China’s …The Interpreter20 hours ago

US trade war pushed China to ‘poach’ Taiwan’s semiconductor tech, talent

Taiwan Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua said China’s trade war with the United States had created new risks for its semiconductor industry from the ‘red supply …South China Morning Post17 hours ago

WHO Covid-19 report: New Zealand shuts its eyes to appease China

New Zealand has refused to stand with Australia and its other Five Eyes partners to speak out against a much-criticised World Health Organisation investigation …The Australian15 hours ago

China using surveillance firms to help write ethnicity-tracking specs

China enlisted surveillance firms to help draw up standards for mass facial recognition systems, researchers said on Tuesday, warning that an unusually heavy …The Japan Times22 hours ago

China’s factory growth accelerates

China’s manufacturing activity expanded more quickly than at any time in the past three months during March.The West Australian22 hours ago

China Fintech Firm Falls 16% in Worst Hong Kong Debut Since 2018

(Bloomberg) — Chinese fintech firm Bairong Inc. slumped on its debut in Hong Kong, the second listing in the financial hub this week to disappoint following a …Yahoo Finance Australia16 hours ago

Explained: Why Chinese vessels in Whitsun Reef has Philippines scrambling ‘Sovereignty Patrols’

China’s aggressive expansion in the South China Sea has found a new ground, Whitsun Reef, where 220 Chinese vessels are currently moored though the …The Indian Express20 hours ago

Dutton’s appointment in Canberra hints at more hawkish stance on China

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been forced to reshuffle his cabinet after weeks of shocking allegations of mistreatment of women in federal politics.Global Times14 hours ago

China Urged To Withdraw Ships From Reef In South China Sea

The massing of Chinese ships around a contested reef in the South China Sea is drawing unusual attention. The Philippines fired off a diplomat protest calling …NPR15 hours ago

U.S. trade war pushing China to steal tech, talent, Taiwan says

TAIPEI (Reuters) – The China-U.S. trade war is pushing Beijing to step up its efforts to steal technology and poach talent from Taiwan to boost China’s …Reuters19 hours ago

China launches second Gaofen-12 Earth observation satellite

China launched the Gaofen-12 (02) high resolution satellite Tuesday to boost the country’s Earth observation capabilities.SpaceNews15 hours ago

Xi’s Shifting China Is Compelling Investors to Run, Hide or Hire

(Bloomberg) — For any company doing business in China, the choice is now clearer than ever: Avoid commenting on any controversial subjects or risk losing …Yahoo Finance Australia22 hours ago

China’s Huawei says 2020 sales rose despite US sanctions

Chinese tech giant Huawei says it eked out a gain in sales and profit last year but growth plunged after U.S. sanctions damaged its smartphone business.ABC News15 hours ago

China looks to slow growth of struggling high-speed rail

China is introducing guidelines to limit new high-speed rail construction along underused routes as it seeks to drop projects that give short-term boosts to local …Nikkei Asia9 hours ago

The New China Shock by Mark Leonard

Like China’s accession to the World Trade Organization in 2001, the country’s new strategy for achieving economic self-reliance and geopolitical dominance …Project Syndicate9 hours agoOpinion

The Choice Between a US-Led Rules-Based Order and a Chinese ‘Might-Makes-Right’ One Is False

A ready ability to use the phrase “rules-based international order” seems to have become a job requirement for a top position in the U.S. foreign-policy apparatus …Foreign Policy8 hours ago

China just made a major gain in ‘white area warfare’ in Gulf through agreement with Iran

The most important news this weekend may have had nothing to do with Covid-19 or most media headlines. China may well have made a major new strategic …ThePrint18 hours agoOpinion

Pandemic pushes China’s ‘Big Three’ into big full-year losses

China’s three largest carriers swung deeply into the red in 2020, despite a domestic air travel recovery, as the “unprecedented impact” of the coronavirus …Flightglobal21 hours ago

OPINION | China in Brazil’s electricity sector: trends and opportunities

Chinese investors have become key players in Brazil’s electricity sector in the last decade. Though hydropower has been the main focus so far, wind and solar …Diálogo Chino8 hours ago

Investing: Morgan Stanley’s top stocks as China pushes to be carbon neutral

Beijing’s pledge to be carbon neutral by 2060 will significantly benefit several companies in both China and the U.S., Morgan Stanley analysts predict.CNBC21 hours ago

China reports COVID-19 outbreak on border with Myanmar

BEIJING (AP) — At least nine people have tested positive for COVID-19 in a Chinese city on the border with Myanmar, health officials said Wednesday. Five are …Associated Press19 hours ago

The power of China’s multi-brand boutiques

More than 1000 multi-brand stores have opened across China over the past decade. They play an important role in the country’s luxury fashion system.Vogue Business15 hours ago

China’s rapid urbanization will make another pandemic more likely

The recent report from the World Health Organization on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic is largely inconclusive. The truth is, we may never get clear …The Washington Post9 hours agoOpinion

Chinese travellers: Back on the road?

The Chinese luxury consumer’s enthusiasm for global travel stuttered to a halt during the pandemic. Signs are it could pick up again soon, starting with the …Vogue Business15 hours ago

Main Chinese carriers register losses of more than 30 billion yuan in 2020. When will this bleeding stop?

On Tuesday evening, the three major domestic airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, released their fiscal reports showing a …Global Times6 hours ago

China’s Measures for Supervision of Online Transactions

China’s SAMR issued Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Online Transactions, which implements rules for E-commerce Law of China and rules …The National Law Review8 hours ago

China’s Juggernaut Meets Biden’s Trillions

When Joe Biden vowed that China wouldn’t displace the U.S. as the most powerful nation on Earth under his watch, it was probably a safe bet.Bloomberg10 hours ago

Service sector drives China’s continued economic recovery in March

China’s non-manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) rose to 56.3 in March from 51.4 in February, while the official manufacturing PMI rose to 51.9 in …South China Morning Post23 hours ago

Exclusive: China considers new bourse to attract overseas-listed firms – sources

China is considering establishing a stock exchange to attract overseas-listed firms and bolster the global status of its onshore share markets, two people with …Reuters14 hours ago

Xi Jinping’s China Is Compelling Investors To Run, Hide Or Hire

For any company doing business in China, the choice is now clearer than ever: Avoid commenting on any controversial subjects or risk losing access to the …NDTV19 hours ago

Foreign trainees in ‘Chuang2021’ face boycott after their agencies overseas embroiled in a controversy concerning China’s national sovereignty

Chinese netizens are calling for five foreign trainees taking part in the hit Chinese variety show Chuang 2021 to “get off the show” after entertainment agencies …Global Times14 hours ago

Asian markets mixed as China manufacturing rebounds

Asian shares were mixed Wednesday as pointed to a strong economic recovery in China but worries lingered about the coronavirus pandemic.MarketWatch20 hours ago

China wants to make its Christians more Chinese

IN 1867 AN English missionary, James Hudson Taylor, wrote a letter home defending his policy of encouraging fellow preachers in China to wear Chinese …The Economist9 hours ago

China tells Singapore it supports ASEAN approach to Myanmar crisis

SINGAPORE — China is the focus of a flurry of diplomacy this week, as foreign ministers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines as we.Nikkei Asia5 hours ago

China container maker reaping rewards as Suez block adds to global shortage

The blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given ultra-large container ship has created a backlog of hundreds of vessels, which is set to further exacerbate …South China Morning Post13 hours ago

Australian government voices concerns over WHO-China coronavirus report

Investigators from the World Health Organisation and China have found the virus was most likely transmitted from bats but questions over the findings remain.ABC News22 hours ago

The US-Russia-China Triangle: How Do US Allies Perceive Recent Events?

President Biden’s emphasis on building partnerships to deal with global challenges has been welcomed by US allies. They will be closely watching the recent …Future Directions International17 hours ago

Chinese, WHO teams were ‘in it together’ in coronavirus origin inquiry

Liang Wannian, who led Chinese side in joint investigation, dismisses claims members of international team were denied access to data.South China Morning Post12 hours ago

Russia and China Seek to Tie America’s Hands in Space

Saying one thing and doing the opposite is, unfortunately, common in international diplomacy. Beijing and Moscow, however, seem to have a unique proclivity …Foreign Policy9 hours ago

Hit by Xinjiang cotton backlash, H&M aims to ‘regain trust in China’

Swedish company says it is working on plans for material sourcing amid criticism over its forced labour concerns in far western region.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post16 hours ago

Report calls out China over ‘harmful trade practices’

The Biden administration on Wednesday criticized China as the biggest source of global excess capacity in sectors such as steel, aluminum and solar energy, …POLITICO2 hours ago

Linklaters appoints former China head as new Asia regional managing partner

Linklaters appoints its former China head William Liu as new regional managing partner for Asia.The Global Legal Post20 hours ago

As China threat grows, Australia to build guided missiles with US

Australia is set to begin building its own guided missiles in collaboration with the United States. The country has not manufactured missiles in decades, and this …WION16 hours ago

The costly toll of Australia’s trade row with China

China’s insatiable appetite for Australian iron ore exports is masking a massive slump in overall exports, government officials have revealed, as Beijing …Global Trade Review (GTR)15 hours ago

China’s Consumers Boost Its Economic Recovery

BEIJING—China’s economic recovery picked up a surprising amount of steam in March, boosted by strong domestic consumption and unquenchable foreign …The Wall Street Journal18 hours ago

South China Sea: Philippine military vows to continue aerial patrols after Chinese warning

The Philippines has been carrying out ‘sovereignty patrols’ since some 200 Chinese fishing vessels were spotted near Whitsun Reef, which falls within its …South China Morning Post13 hours ago

China manufacturing rebounds in March amid tech, virus risks

BEIJING (AP) — China’s factory activity rebounded in March from a three-month slowdown as export orders rose, a survey showed Wednesday. A monthly index …Associated Press20 hours ago

China’s ‘Sky Eye’ FAST radio telescope opens to the world to aid global research

The 500-meter aperture spherical radio telescope (FAST), also known as China’s Tianyan or “Sky Eye,” officially opened to the world on Wednesday and will …Global Times12 hours ago

Digital Yuan Won’t Give China ‘First-Mover Advantage’ With CBDCs, BIS Chief Says

Top central banker Agustín Carstens pushed back on claims that China could capture a “first-mover advantage” over the U.S. by issuing a central bank digital …Yahoo Finance10 hours ago

Get tough on China or risk losing control of global trade, Britain tells G-7

LONDON (REUTERS) – Britain pushed Group of 7 (G-7) allies on Wednesday (March 31) to get tough on China over its trade practices or risk losing control of …The Straits Times9 hours ago

Lessons for Modi From Xi Jinping’s ‘Garibi Hatao’ Battle in China

The Chinese president has made over 80 visits to rural areas in eight years to inspect his anti-poverty campaign. How many villages has Narendra Modi visited …The Wire12 hours ago

China has ‘gone out of its way’ to ‘stop us learning the truth’

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says “we must understand” how COVID-19 started but China has gone out of its way “to stop us from learning the truth”. “That’s very …Herald Sun14 hours ago

China’s Xian city imposes property market curbs

BEIJING, March 31 (Reuters) – China’s Xian, capital city of northwestern Shaanxi province, rolled out measures on Wednesday to boost the supply of residential …Reuters17 hours ago

Growing discontent over forced COVID vaccinations in China

Women asked to delay pregnancy to support Chinese government’s immunization drive | 2021/03/31.Taiwan News21 hours ago

Rise of the machines: China’s advanced manufacturing upgrade gathers pace

China outlined a comprehensive plan to upgrade its manufacturing capabilities by 2025 as part of the latest five-year plan via eight priority areas, including …South China Morning Post18 hours ago

Palmer bonanza as China’s CITIC nears billion-tonne iron ore deal

A judge has cleared the way for Chinese conglomerate CITIC to secure the rights to mine another billion tonnes of iron ore in WA, delivering Clive Palmer a …The Australian Financial Review23 hours ago

Coal Is In Terminal Decline, But China’s Consumption Is Climbing

Coal has been in terminal decline for years, and 2020 was no exception with global coal-fired electricity falling by 4%, but China’s coal consumption is …OilPrice.com6 hours ago

Australia announces A$1 billion missile programme with US ally

The news comes amid growing unease in the Pacific region about China’s increasing assertiveness and military abilities.South China Morning Post20 hours ago


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