China in the News: April 2, 2021

China Flag
China Flag

Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

Chinese ‘militia’ ships spark concern after ‘swarming’ disputed South China Sea

More than 250 Chinese vessels have been spotted near six islands and reefs in the disputed South China hours ago

US, Philippines discuss Chinese ‘swarming’ in South China Sea

Senior officials from United States and the Philippines discussed their concerns over ongoing Chinese activities in the disputed South China Sea during a call …Al Jazeera English12 hours ago

To counter China’s economic influence, rebuild the American Heartland

The need to counter China’s rising global power now stands as an urgent prod to revitalize America’s drifting, uneven economy.Brookings Institution2 hours ago

The new China shock | The Strategist

Some months ago, Chinese authorities approached some of the biggest foreign companies in the country and asked them to tap a representative to participate …The Strategist22 hours ago

Western brands caught between US and China over human rights

Western companies are being forced to choose between supporting human rights and profits from China, caught up in a battle the US and its allies are waging …Financial Times5 hours ago

BBC correspondent leaves China amid safety concerns

A veteran BBC correspondent whose coverage angered China has left the country.9News23 hours ago

‘A bloodbath is imminent’ in Myanmar but China blocks UN sanctions

Singapore: China has opposed sanctions “or other coercive measures” to stop the bloodshed in Myanmar following a meeting of the United Nations Security …Sydney Morning Herald20 hours ago

China’s latest wolf warrior more a propaganda panda

Zhao Lijian of the Chinese Foreign Ministry is a man not to be trifled with.The Australian16 hours ago

China’s central bank warns of financial risks, including potential defaults

The detailed comments mark the latest warning from high-level officials in China in recent weeks about domestic market risks.CNBC9 hours ago

China butchers Aesop fable in latest act of wolf-warrior diplomacy

Chinese embassy in Ireland Twitter account riffs on the Wolf and the Lamb but appears to get confused.The Guardian6 hours ago

China’s disinformation on Xinjiang is political warfare, not diplomacy | The Strategist

The Chinese Communist Party is launching increasingly bold and sophisticated information operations in an attempt to shape international perceptions of its …The Strategist19 hours ago

The very real risks of a dangerous confrontation with China

Alexander Neill runs a strategic advisory consultancy in Singapore, with 20 years of experience focusing on Indo-Pacific security and geopolitics.Twen.Nikkei Asia15 hours agoOpinion

Officials, business representatives call for China-US cooperation on auto industry

Business representatives from both China and the US expect closer ties to jointly develop the auto industry that is directed at smart electric vehicles (EVs).Global Times7 hours ago

China manoeuvres near Taiwan fuel concerns of potential attack

China has stepped up its military posturing around Taiwan over the past week, a trend that is set to fuel growing concerns that Beijing might move closer to …Financial Times16 hours ago

Tiananmen Square watch withdrawn from sale by auction house

Watch given to Chinese troops who took part in 1989 crackdown pulled by Fellows after vendor received online threats.The Guardian9 hours ago

China is poised to become a dominant space power. Here’s how the US can stay ahead

China has a good chance of becoming the dominant space power in the 21st century, and it’s not just looking to copy NASA on the way to the top. Instead, it’s …CNN 1 hour agoOpinion

7 Hong Kong democracy leaders convicted as China clamps down

HONG KONG (AP) — Seven of Hong Kong’s leading pro-democracy advocates, including a media tycoon and an 82-year-old veteran of the movement, were …The Associated Press4 hours ago

Will Xi accept Biden’s invitation to the US climate summit?

Chinese leader has yet to accept White House invitation to global talks but analysts hope dialogue can prevail.South China Morning Post19 hours ago

China defies boycott calls with Beijing 2022 Olympic tests

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics launched a series of test events on Thursday as China ploughs on with preparations despite calls for a boycott over its …Yahoo Sport Australia13 hours ago

WHO Covid-19 report: New Zealand shuts its eyes to appease China

New Zealand has refused to stand with Australia and its other Five Eyes partners to speak out against a much-criticised World Health Organisation investigation …The Australian21 hours ago

How fast will China slow in 2021?

For some months we have been of the view that Chinese growth will begin to slow materially in second half of this year. We reckon that robust export demand …MacroBusiness19 hours ago

China powers global trade boom but COVID still looms: WTO

TOKYO — China followed by the rest of Asia has emerged as the leader in global trade amid the coronavirus pandemic, as aggressive stim.Nikkei Asia5 hours ago

U.S. and China’s next economic battle will be over climate change, experts say

The world’s foremost economic superpowers are turning their attention to climate change as the next path to commercial supremacy.CNBC10 hours ago

China and Iran announced a new economic and security partnership. That’s not as alarming as it sounds.

On Saturday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in Tehran to sign a 25-year partnership deal between China and Iran. The deal, according to a leaked draft, …Washington Post12 hours ago

It’s Not Bigotry to Tell the Truth About China

The Communist Party and its U.S. apologists try to hide behind victims of anti-Asian violence.The Wall Street Journal6 hours ago

Australia ‘virtually defenceless’ against China’s new long-range stealth bomber

Enormous under-mountain bunkers are being built to shield China’s next-generation stealth bombers from all forms of attack – including a nuclear hours ago

US Infrastructure Plan Faces Problem: China’s Commodities, Copper Binge

*Fresh* from passing a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday turned his attention to a similarly vast package of investment in …Bloomberg17 hours ago

Rio’s Next Chair Must Navigate Greening China, Restive Investors

It could be the toughest job in mining. Whoever replaces Simon Thompson as chair of Rio Tinto Group will face a raft of complex and problematic global issues …Bloomberg18 hours ago

‘Operation Chicken Drumstick’: How Chinese police cracked the world’s biggest video game cheat syndicate

Chinese police have uncovered the world’s biggest online video game cheat sales syndicate, netting luxury cars and millions of dollars in cryptocurrency during …ABC News4 hours ago

China justified to counterattack Western smears

China is a country of etiquette and Chinese diplomats abide by diplomatic etiquette. But when China is provoked and its core interests are threatened, China will …Global Times9 hours ago

‘World’s leading offender’: US hits out at China’s industrial overcapacity

Annual National Trade Estimate Report from the Office of the United States Trade Representative vowed to continue battling what it sees as significant trade …South China Morning Post19 hours ago

China’s scientific treasures tempt foreign collaborators

For a generation, China played scientific catch-up to more advanced nations, but the tables are turning. China has the world’s largest radio telescope and the …Science Magazine5 hours ago

China’s Economic Recovery Continued in March

Multiple gauges of China’s economy painted a mixed picture this week, showing a surge last month in the services sector and tepid expansion in manufacturing.Barron’s7 hours ago

China: Beating Beijing’s censors

Podcasts are offering the people of China a rare chance to hear open discussion, writes Pratik Jakhar.Chatham House1 hour ago

Congress Weighs Countering China on Chips as Cost Makes GOP Wary

(Bloomberg) — Republicans in Congress say they’re willing to work with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to counter China’s economic clout and address …Yahoo Finance Australia22 hours ago

Beijing lashes out against Japan: ‘Stop slandering China’

BEIJING — China’s Foreign Ministry accused Japan of “sowing discord” on Thursday, hitting back forcefully in response to Tokyo speaking out against Beijing’s …Nikkei Asia1 hour ago

UK MP long been anti-China; sanction ‘completely necessary’

China’s sanction of David Alton, a notorious anti-China political figure in the UK, is completely necessary, Chinese international relations scholars said, as he …Global Times8 hours ago

China Approves Merger of Chemical Giants, Creating $150 Billion Company

China approved a merger between the country’s top two chemical companies, paving the way for another supersize state-run enterprise that Beijing hopes will …The Wall Street Journal17 hours ago

China pleased Asean ‘adopted a non-interference policy towards Myanmar’

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi makes statement in meeting with his Singaporean counterpart, Vivian Balakrishnan.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post12 hours ago

Encircle China? Who wants to be bricks on US’ wall against China?: Global Times editorial

Washington’s elaborate encirclement of China has been blown to a hideous mess just by China’s normal exchanges with other countries that had been delayed …Global Times10 hours agoOpinion

Growing Duality: Polish Opinions on China and Why They Matter

Throughout the last decade, Poland has tried hard to strengthen its ties with China. It joined Beijing’s 17+1 format, endorsed the Belt and Road Initiative, and …The Diplomat8 hours agoOpinion

US new report indicates hard line on China on trade

An annual US government trade report, which lists “significant barriers” that could pose challenges to the US growth opportunities, has accused China on a large …Global Times7 hours ago

China chemical merger to create group with $152bn sales

Shares in Sinochem International rose by their 10 per cent maximum daily limit on Thursday after the company’s parent, China’s largest chemical group, won …Financial Times11 hours ago

Study Group organises events, learning centre, for intl students in China

With Chinese international students unable to go to Australia due to border restrictions, Study Group has revealed measures designed to make virtual learning …The PIE News7 hours ago

Bad Faith Trademarks in China: Guidance for Foreign Businesses

We examine China’s crackdown on bad faith trademarks and provide tips for trademark protection for overseas businesses seeking to enter the Chinese market.China Briefing15 hours ago

How China gains leverage over developing countries through secret debt contracts

Even though China is the largest official creditor in the world, many of the contracts it makes with the governments of developing countries are secret.Fox News8 hours ago

Data suspicions threaten to tear China and west apart

China is shooting for the sky in its ambitions to secure patents for innovative technologies and products. But even as it unveils world-beating goals,Nikkei Asia19 hours ago

‘Doomed to fail’: G7 pressure on China over subsidies could be ignored

Trade ministers from the Group of 7 (G7) – the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Italy and Japan – on Wednesday pledged collective action …South China Morning Post10 hours ago

China launches a second Gaofen-12 Earth observation satellite

China launched a new satellite Tuesday (March 30) to increase the number of high-definition Earth observation satellites available to state authorities.Space.com6 hours ago

China greenlights chemical megamerger to create $150bn giant

BEIJING — China has approved the merger of top chemical makers Sinochem Group and ChemChina, creating the world’s largest player by far wit.Nikkei Asia5 hours ago

Busting Myths About China

Chris, Melanie, and Zack discuss the recent War on the Rocks article “Beyond Colossus or Collapse: Five Myths Driving American Debates about China.”War on the Rocks7 hours ago

The unusual case of China’s overseas lending practices

The cross-cancellation clause is one of a few unconventional ways used to manage risks of Chinese lenders’ overseas loans.. Read more at Straits Times10 hours ago

China’s water use threatens Kazakhstan’s other big lake

The demise of the Aral Sea is a tragic tale often told. Less known is the peril facing Central Asia’s largest remaining lake, Balkhash in eastern …bne IntelliNews23 hours ago

The Longest Telegram: A Visionary Blueprint for the Comprehensive Grand Strategy Against China We Need

In February 1946, the diplomat George Kennan — then serving as charge d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow — authored a 5000-word telegram …War on the Rocks15 hours ago

Exclusive: Volkswagen to buy credits from Tesla in China to comply with environmental rules – sources

A Volkswagen joint venture in China has agreed to buy green car credits from Tesla to help meet local environmental rules, three people briefed on the matter …Reuters12 hours ago

China expat tax reform could spark multinational exodus, AmCham says

China will end tax exemptions on expat allowances next year, a move that has caused more than a third of foreign companies in Shanghai to consider relocation …South China Morning Post22 hours ago

Theory That COVID Came From A Chinese Lab Takes On New Life In Wake Of WHO Report

Some scientists worry the possibility the coronavirus escaped from research facilities hasn’t gotten enough scrutiny. Others say it appears far more likely to have …NPR19 hours ago

Chinese coronavirus vaccines’ efficacy data ‘meets WHO requirements’

Products made by Sinopharm and Sinovac ‘have levels of efficacy that would be compatible with [WHO] requirements’, chairman of Strategic Advisory Group of …South China Morning Post10 hours ago

US reaffirms Trump-era ruling that Hong Kong lacks autonomy

Biden administration continues tough policy of Trump administration towards China on former British colony.Al Jazeera English19 hours ago

NZ’s ‘backstabbing govt’ is ‘sucking up to the Chinese dictatorship’: Bolt

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says New Zealand’s “backstabbing government” is “sucking up to the Chinese dictatorship” after New Zealand refused to join 14 …Herald Sun14 hours ago

The Latest: 6 More COVID Cases Found in Local China Outbreak

BEIJING — Health officials in China say six more people have become ill with COVID-19 in a southwestern Chinese city on the border with Myanmar.U.S. News & World Report19 hours ago

China unlikely to wield U.S. bond weapon as tensions stay high

China is unlikely to pare its purchases of U.S. Treasuries significantly anytime soon as its foreign exchange reserves grow, even as trade and geopolitical …Yahoo Finance7 hours ago

The limits of a China-Russia partnership

Whenever China and Russia shake hands, alarm bells ring in Washington. Increasingly contentious US relations with both countries and a new diplomatic …GZERO Media3 hours ago

India should not seek closer ties with US at expense of relationship with China

A view in New Delhi’s strategic circle argues that China benefited greatly from its engagement with the US from 1972 to around the year 2000, and thus, India …Global Times15 hours ago

China still considering climate summit RSVP a week after US invite

Collaboration on environmental issues might help the China-US relationship but larger unrelated issues could hamper their ability to work together, say analysts.South China Morning Post8 hours ago

With 1st space station launch this spring, Chinese astronauts are training for flight

Chinese astronauts are undergoing intense training for the first crewed missions to construct the nation’s new space station, work that is expected to begin in the …Space.com6 hours ago

Foreigners’ guide to quarantine and getting vaccinated in China

Health authorities in Beijing and Shanghai have started taking applications from eligible foreign residents to receive Chinese-developed COVID-19 vaccines, …Nikkei Asia17 hours ago

Fluence (ASX:FLC) receives wave of orders in China and South East Asia

Fluence Corporation (ASX:FLC) has secured its first volume contract for the Yangtze River Great Production Program managed by China Three Gorges Group.The Market Herald23 hours ago

IL&FS completes stake sale in China road asset

Debt-ridden Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS) has completed 49% stake sale in its Chinese road asset – Chongqing Yuhe Expressway Co …Mint4 hours ago

China Leon Announces 2020 Annual Results, Net Profit Surge for Approx. 160%

China Leon Inspection Holding Limited (“China Leon” or “the Company”; Stock Code: 1586.HK) today announced its audited 2020 annual results for the year …Yahoo Finance Australia14 hours ago

China to ensure SOEs freed from performing social functions – Xinhua |

BEIJING, April 1 (Xinhua) — China will continue its efforts to free up state-owned enterprises (SOEs) from performing social functions to make them more …Xinhua8 hours ago

Pakistan receives another large COVID vaccine shipment from China

500000 Sinopharm doses and 60000 CanSino jabs received, with a further 500000 vaccine doses expected on Thursday.Al Jazeera English7 hours ago

Revealed: China’s New Super Submarine Dwarfs Typhoon Class

The new submarine, identified as the Type-100 Class, is armed with 48 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs). It can also carry ginormous …Naval News18 hours ago

Impact of Fed policy changes on China’s markets is limited -PBOC official

Stimulus measures implemented by the Federal Reserve’s over the past year and future policy changes that the U.S. central bank has signalled will have limited …Reuters13 hours ago

New Zealand absent from statements criticising China’s role in WHO probe

After the release of the inconclusive WHO draft report into the origins of the coronavirus in China, Australia joined 13 other countries, including the US, UK and …ABC News16 hours ago

Beijing slams US over Hong Kong report and says basic facts disregarded

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying says United States’ cancellation of Hong Kong’s ‘special status’ cannot hinder the city’s development and …South China Morning Post6 hours ago

Some metal pricing slumps as China reduces investment

A number of metals are trending down after record and near-record pricing in recent months. | BEST BACKGROUNDS/Shutterstock. Copper and other battery …E-Scrap News6 hours ago

Rio Tinto’s next chair must navigate between China and Australia

It could be the toughest job in mining. Whoever replaces Simon Thompson as chairperson of Rio Tinto Group will face a raft of complex and problematic global …Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly12 hours ago

‘Opportunist’ Jacinda Ardern ‘parked her principles’ on China

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s decision not to support Australia in criticizing the WHO’s investigation into the origins of COVID-19 will “come back to bite her” …Sky News Australia15 hours ago

China vaccines penetrate East Europe amid shortage of Western jabs

ATHENS — The European Union is struggling to secure COVID-19 vaccines for itself, as well as offer them to foreign countries, while China is exerting.Nikkei Asia13 hours ago

11,000 litres of Australian wine detained in South China

According to Chinese customs data, over 11,000 litres of Australian wine has been detained in Shenzhen due to the trading dispute between the two countries.The Drinks Business12 hours ago

China’s wolf warrior envoys snarl and bite at the West

China’s combative “wolf warrior” diplomacy is hitting a new fever pitch as its envoys become less and less diplomatic in their words and manners vis-a-vis.Asia Times11 hours ago

Despite huge Iran-China deal, US insists Beijing shares aim to curb nuke program

State Department downplays 25-year deal for $400b Beijing investment in Tehran, oil sales, military cooperation; says has ‘narrow tactical alignment’ with China …The Times of Israel21 hours ago

China leads global green-bond sales boom but faces headwinds

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China overtook the United States to lead a boom in global green- bond issuance in the first quarter, but analysts said it needs to do more …Reuters16 hours ago

Australia and America in lockstep on China, US diplomat says

Australia and the United States are working together on contingency plans for the potential scenario of a war with China over Taiwan and other possible…Mirage News19 hours ago

Taiwan Is Deploying Defenses Against China’s Stealth Fighters—How Many Of The Planes Do Air-Defenders Need To Shoot Down?

The Taiwanese military last week tried to sneak a high-tech radar system onto its outpost on the Penghu island group—and got caught when a photographer …Forbes11 hours ago

An American who sings China’s stories –

Editor’s note: Many people from overseas have made a contribution to China’s development over the years. As China celebrates the 100th anniversary of the …Chinadaily USA21 hours ago

China’s yuan dips as Biden infrastructure plan lifts dollar

SHANGHAI, April 1 (Reuters) – China’s yuan weakened on Thursday as bets that fiscal stimulus and an aggressive vaccine schedule in the United States would …Reuters18 hours ago


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