China in the News: April 4, 2021

China Flag
China Flag

Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

China’s Hong Kong crackdown was decades in the making

After completing negotiations to hand back Hong Kong to China, British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, recorded in her diary that she was “seriously …ABC News6 hours ago

China is ‘trampling on Hong Kong’s democracy’

China’s overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system is being seen as a watershed moment by those who fear Beijing’s encroaching influence on the city.BBC News1 hour ago

South Korean foreign minister meets Chinese counterpart

South Korea’s foreign minister met his Chinese counterpart in the southern Chinese city of Xiamen on Saturday, as Seoul seeks to improve ties with its top …9News13 hours ago

S.Korea expects China peacemaking role

South Korea has invited President Xi Jinping to visit and its foreign minister says he expects China to play a role in peacemaking between Seoul and …The West Australian14 hours ago

China sandstorms highlight threat of climate crisis

Recent sandstorms that shrouded Beijing in a post-apocalyptic orange haze and intensive droughts in other parts of the country are bringing into stark relief the …The Guardian17 hours ago

China Is Changing Serbia From the Inside

The gradual weakening of legal requirements for Chinese investments in Serbia is of real concern.The Diplomat9 hours ago

NATO’s focus on China is too narrow –

Many of America’s trans-Atlantic partners still take a fairly narrow view of China’s military impact on the alliance.DefenseNews.com15 hours agoOpinion

China demands H&M change ‘problematic’ map as retailer ‘disappears’ from apps

Swedish fashion retailer has agreed to amend a “problematic” map of China after demands from authorities. Chinese regulators had demanded that H&M … hour ago

EU-China Relations Enter Downward Spiral

Once-warm relations between the European Union and China have taken a sharp turn for the worse, punctuated by a series of tit-for-tat sanctions imposed by …Voice of America14 hours ago

Chinese Mission to the EU rejects EEAS claims on China ‘harassing’ BBC’s Sudworth, saying slandering China with fake news is not accepted

Chinese Mission to the EU on Saturday refuted the rash statement from the European External Action *Service* (EEAS) on BBC’s China correspondent and other …Global Times10 hours ago

Fearful of political criticism, China won’t show the Oscars live

The potential for critical comments from Chloe Zhao and others has Beijing opting out of live-streaming the Academy Awards broadcast.The Washington Post6 hours ago

Chinese people pay respect to martyrs who sacrificed in China-India border clash ahead of Tomb-sweeping Day

“Come to my dream, child,” relatives of martyr Wang Zhuoran, a People’s Liberation Army soldier who sacrificed himself in China-India border clash in June …Global Times15 hours ago

With Swarms of Ships, Beijing Tightens Its Grip on South China Sea

After building artificial islands, China is now using large fleets of ostensibly civilian boats to press other countries’ vessels out of disputed waters.The New York Times13 hours ago

China and Russia’s plot to undermine vaccine rollout

Experts have analysed how China and Russia are trying to undermine the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Australia and across the world. Sue Dunlevy. follow.Herald Sun4 hours ago

Angry Birds mogul aims to tunnel through Baltic anti-China sentiment

Finnish tycoon hopes to build rail link between Finland and Estonia backed by Chinese money, but must overcome Baltic nations’ growing differences with …South China Morning Post10 hours ago

Bloomberg New Economy: Biden’s Infrastructure Plan May Reshape US-China Competition

Starting with the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), military conflict generally resulted when a rising power challenged an established one. Three out of every …Bloomberg13 hours ago

Year of Unusually High US Activity Noted in South China Sea

A flagship Chinese research organization recently said U.S. military forces had an unusually intense presence in the South China Sea last year as Washington …VOA Asia13 hours ago

How Fortune 500 reveals long-term showdown between US and China

Rupa Subramanya is a researcher and commentator.In his first news conference since taking office, on Mar. 25, U.S. President Joe Biden squarely t.Nikkei Asia4 hours agoOpinion

World faces new pandemic outbreaks from Chinese labs, Mike Pompeo declares

The continued research of biological weapons undertaken in Chinese labs keeps the threat of new global pandemics just as deadly as COVID-19 at large, one … hours ago

Chinese tech groups scrap IPOs at record pace after Ant listing pulled

A record number of companies are abandoning attempts to list on China’s answer to the Nasdaq, as regulators increase scrutiny of technology businesses after …Financial Times7 hours ago

Ukraine approves China jab as virus rages

As coronavirus cases soar in the country, Ukraine has approved the use of China’s Sinovac vaccine to boost its inoculation programme.The West Australian11 hours ago

China reports 26 new COVID-19 cases; Myanmar link seen in Yunnan

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Mainland China reported 26 new COVID-19 cases on April 2, up from nine a day earlier, the country’s national health authority said on …Reuters14 hours ago

Kerry: U.S. ‘hopeful’ it can work with China to tackle climate change

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said the United States was hopeful it could work with China to tackle climate change, despite …Reuters8 hours ago

Uyghur American Association Discusses Sanctions Against China

NPR’s Scott Simon talks to Kuzzat Altay, president of the Uyghur American Association, about the joint sanctions leveled against China by the U.S., EU, UK and …NPR12 hours ago

India Inc in China concerned over China’s COVID-19 travel restrictions

The CEOs of a host of Indian businesses and industries in China have expressed concern over the continuing COVID-19 related visa and travel restrictions …Economic Times12 hours ago

China’s young and old rail against raising retirement age

BEIJING — As China’s government discusses raising the retirement age to offset the economic impact of its aging population, it faces pushback fr.Nikkei Asia6 hours ago

Commentary: China more focused on getting rich than it is in stoking US rivalry

Chinese policymakers are less afraid of economic decoupling from the US than many assume, say Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng.CNA2 hours ago

China hid raw data, even vetted WHO study on Covid-19 – The Sunday Guardian Live

The entire fact finding exercise was undertaken in coordination with the Chinese government including taking approval from Beijing on who all would be part of …The Sunday Guardian4 hours ago

Huge iron ore mine in Guinea may cut China’s dependence on Australia

The Simandou mountains, a 110km (68-mile) range deep in the interior of southeastern Guinea, is home to the world’s biggest untapped supply of high-grade …South China Morning Post14 hours ago

Third Waves, American Dreams and China Control: Weekend Reads

President Joe Biden invoked the great public investments of the past as he pushed his plan to spend trillions of dollars to rebuild U.S. infrastructure.He faces a …Bloomberg3 hours ago

Opinion: How will Biden address the threats posed by China?

China’s plan for world domination has been decades in the making, writes Tudor Dixon.The Detroit News21 hours agoOpinion

Signs of unease emerging between China, Pakistan over future of CPEC: Report

The report said the hype created by Islamabad through projecting CPEC as a panacea for all problems is losing steam.Hindustan Times8 hours ago

This shop sells people’s private stories to the public for just 15 US cents

A freelance writer was looking for inspiration for her own work when she stumbled into selling ordinary people’s true short stories, and now has 300000 …South China Morning Post23 hours ago

China to work with ASEAN on promoting peace talks in Myanmar: Chinese FM – Xinhua |

FUZHOU, April 3 (Xinhua) — China will communicate and coordinate with all parties, while working concertedly with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations …Xinhua13 hours ago

China’s Maritime Militia at Whitsun Reef: Trouble in the South China Sea

China’s maritime militia is once again at the center of a crisis in the South China Sea. What now?The DiplomatYesterday

Genesis Celebrates Official Launch In China, Unveiling Its All-new Vision Of Automotive Luxury To Chinese Consumers

PRNewswire/ — Global luxury automotive brand Genesis marked its official entry into China with a spectacular Brand Night held on April 2 at Shanghai’s…PRNewswire19 hours ago

Is India a colony of China? The answer from trade data is rude

In episode 716 of ‘Cut the Clutter’, Shekhar Gupta explains why India’s trade relationship with China is disadvantageous and colonial.ThePrint16 hours agoOpinion

Worried about China? Make it easier to source elsewhere | TheHill

Whether knowingly or not, it’s hard to find a cheaper place to do business than a country that includes some zero-cost labor.The Hill4 hours agoOpinion

Assets of public offering of funds hit 21.78 trln yuan in China

Assets under management of public offering of funds in China reached 21.78 trillion yuan (about 3.32 trillion US dollars) by the end of February, data from the …Global Times18 hours ago

China to promote COVID-19 vaccinations on campus – Xinhua |

BEIJING, April 3 (Xinhua) — China’s Ministry of Education has issued a notice to ask local education departments and universities to proactively cooperate with …Xinhua8 hours ago

Rival economies think alike as US jobs plan has familiar ring in China

The American Jobs Plan announced this week moves away from small government, tax-cutting policies.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

Trade boss who backed Chinese consulate in Adelaide urges Australia to cut economic ties with China

A former state trade minister who was once one of Beijing’s biggest supporters Down Under is now calling on Australia to sever economic ties with China.Daily Mail17 hours ago

Lessons from China’s nationalist narrative

India’s confrontation with China is not yet over. China is brimming with nationalist energy. Its booming economy, the pride that the people have in their ability to …The Tribune India23 hours ago

China, US finding ways to co-exist serves best interests of both sides, says Cisco CEO – Xinhua |

WASHINGTON, April 3 (Xinhua) — China and the United States should find ways to co-exist and work together, which is in the interests of both sides, Chuck …Xinhua19 hours ago

How China is forcing duplicate Dalai Lama on Tibetans and the world

Dismissing China’s claim of appointing the next Dalai Lama, the President of the Tibetan Government in Exile has said that its Tibetans who have “copyright” …Zee News10 hours ago

The Hindu Explains | How does China’s digital currency work?

How is legal tender issued by the central bank different from payments guaranteed by a third-party operator?The Hindu3 hours ago

Georgia receives first batch of COVID-19 vaccines purchased from China

Staff members unpack COVID-19 vaccines purchased from China at Tbilisi International Airport, Tbilisi, Georgia, April 3, 2021. Georgia on Saturday received the …Global Times11 hours ago

Top Army brass to discuss China, ceasefire with Pakistan at security meet

With de-escalation of militaries of both India and China is yet to take place in Ladakh, top Indian Army brass would discuss security challenges along the Line of …Mint7 hours ago

Game Over: China arrests 10, says it’s busted the world’s biggest video game cheating ring

It was Game Over for what Chinese authorities say was the world’s biggest gang of video game hackers. Ten people were arrested for selling cheating software …CBS News10 hours ago

Is a war between US and China over Taiwan inevitable? – The Sunday Guardian Live

Many prominent analysts believe that a crisis over the island is brewing and that the chances of war are highly likely. ‘China considers establishing full control …The Sunday Guardian4 hours ago

H&M upsets Vietnam after kowtowing to Beijing over ‘problematic map’

Swedish fashion retailer H&M is facing a new protest, this time from social media users in Vietnam who accuse it of kowtowing to China over a map of disputed …South China Morning Post15 hours ago

Introducing China’s discounted Isuzu D-Max: The Qingling Taga Daka H

The 2021 Isuzu D-Max has been enjoying strong sales since the all-new ute was introduced onto the market in 2020. But despite its success, the D-Max it …CarAdvice11 hours ago

Local residents commemorate martyr Wang Zhuoran who died in China-India border clash

By: Global Times | Published: Apr 03, 2021 11:23 PM. Local residents commemorate martyr Wang Zhuoran who died in China-India border clash ahead of …Global Times9 hours ago

Richmond MP has ‘immense pride’ in being sanctioned by China

Kenny Chiu, Steveston-Richmond East MP, is among growing list of politicians sanctioned by China. He said he feels both sadness and pride at the news.Richmond News1 hour ago

Malaysian foreign minister clarifies controversial ‘older brother’ remark during China visit

Hishammuddin Hussein wrote on Twitter that his remark was directed to his counterpart Wang Yi after he was criticised for appearing subordinate to China.South China Morning Post12 hours ago

China capable of ‘doing anything’ to inflict ‘damage’ to the rest of the world

Looking at the “damage” China has made on international economies – they are capable of “doing anything” to inflict more of it, according to former Liberal MP …Geelong Advertiser11 hours ago

China’s unusual loan practices in the spotlight, East Asia News & Top Stories

When a new Argentinian government came to power in 2016, it tried to cancel two dam projects for environmental reasons. The China Development Bank (CDB) …The Straits Times3 hours ago

Syria to get COVID-19 vaccines from China, Russia, WHO within days – SANA

COVID-19 vaccines will arrive in Syria within days from China, Russia and the World Health Organisation, the prime minister said, according to state news …Reuters11 hours ago

China holds the high cards in Iran nuclear negotiation

NEW YORK – US and Iranian diplomats will start negotiations in Vienna next week on the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA) following a virtual.Asia Times22 hours ago

South Korea minister expects China to play role in North Korea peacemaking

(Reuters) – South Korea’s foreign minister said on Saturday he expects China to play a role in peacemaking between South and North Korea, as the United …swissinfo.ch16 hours ago


Boycott & censorship: made in China. China’s bullying tactics exposed, How China is muting criticism. The story of Xinjiang’s ‘tainted’ cotton, Freedom of …WION14 hours ago

MLB boycotts Georgia, signs new deal with Chinese firm that dropped NBA over exec’s Hong Kong support

Major League Baseball is protesting a democratically passed Georgia voting law while bolstering ties with a Communist Party-backed Chinese company that …Fox News2 hours ago

China’s home prices slightly up in March

Share. QR. Copied. Home prices in 100 Chinese cities saw a slight increase in March, an industry report showed Friday. Among the surveyed cities, average …CGTN11 hours ago

China, Japan, India offer condolences to Taiwan after deadly train collision

After dozens of people lost their lives in what can be called one of the deadliest train accidents in the last decade, China extended condolences to the families of …WION15 hours ago

sets minimum sleeping hours for children,

China has laid out minimum requirements on sleeping hours for children and teenagers to curb sleep deprivation, which can impair their growth and … hours ago

Nevada Democrat says infrastructure bill is about catching up with China

House Nevada Democrat, Rep. Dina Titus, who wears many hats sitting on both the Homeland Security and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees, says …Fox Business4 hours ago

Strike a pose: voguing takes root in China’s LGBT scene

Made famous by Madonna in 1990, voguing came from the LGBT ballroom culture of 1960s Harlem. Now it has landed in China, allowing members of its LGBT …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post15 hours ago

China’s major Internet firms report revenue growth in Jan-Feb

China’s major Internet companies have registered a 29-percent year-on-year increase in business revenue in the first two months of 2021, official data showed.Global Times10 hours ago

The New China Shock

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s strategy centres on the concept of “dual circulation.”The ASEAN Post17 hours ago

Chinese officials’ criminal psyche

How could the Chinese delegation at the US-China summit in Anchorage, Alaska, last month possibly say that “the United States does not have the qualification …台北時報8 hours agoOpinion

Xinhua Headlines-Xi Focus: Xi leads China’s green

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, … hours ago

China’s carbon reduction target looks elusive as banks keep throwing cash at coal mines and power plants, undercutting Xi Jinping’s plan to slash fossil fuels

On an unseasonably warm autumn day last October, the world’s largest coal-fired power plant fired up in the Anhui provincial city of Huaibei in eastern China.Yahoo Finance15 hours ago

South Korean FM visits China as US tightens a network of allies

Share. QR. Copied. Error loading media: File could not be played. 00:00. 00:00. 01:18. Some analysts say the South Korean foreign minister’s first overseas trip …CGTN9 hours ago

Graphics: Why China plans to raise retirement age

Share. QR. Copied. China will gradually raise the statutory retirement age – one of the world’s lowest, according to the recently unveiled 14th Five-Year Plan …CGTN21 hours ago

LA artist Candice Lin’s China show a timely meditation on plagues and race

Chinese-American mines history of pestilence and of 19th century Chinese labourers in America’s sugar, tobacco, and opium industries – expressed viscerally …South China Morning Post14 hours ago

Chinese TV maker TCL trying to gobble up fridge maker

GUANGZHOU/TOKYO — Leading Chinese TV maker TCL is seeking to swallow Guangdong Homa Appliances, a big manufacturer of refrigerators, in a hostile …Nikkei Asia14 hours ago

Himalayas becoming ‘new South China Sea’ as entire villages secretly built on enemy turf

CHINA has begun to build militarised villages in Indian territory, copying the same expansionist techniques employed in the South China Sea, an expert has …Daily Express16 hours ago

6 public officers fired in C.China’s Hunan after testing positive in hair follicle drug test

Six public officers were fired in Yongshun county, Central China’s Hunan Province, after being found to have taken drugs in a county-wide hair follicle drug test …Global Times11 hours ago

Chinese state media names ‘two-faced’ Xinjiang officials

A documentary by CGTN says the ‘enemy within’ includes a former deputy head of the political and legal committee and ex-education chief.South China Morning Post22 hours ago

Congresswomen pull endorsements after candidate’s Chinese immigrant remarks

Two Republican congresswomen pulled their support for a GOP contender in Texas, Sery Kim, who expressed hatred of Chinese immigrants.NBC News3 hours ago

China greenlights five new IPO applications

International, MNA | China’s securities regulator has approved the initial public offering (IPO) applications of five companies.Macau Business1 hour ago

Russia and China attempt to sabotage Aussie vaccine rollout

Australia’s already-delayed vaccine rollout is the target of sabotage by Chinese and Russian authorities. Cyber security experts report western nations including …Sky News Australia1 hour ago


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