China in the News: April 6, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

China as a ‘cyber great power’: Beijing’s two voices in telecommunications

External Chinese government and commercial messaging on information technology (IT) speaks in one voice. Domestically, one hears a different, second voice.Brookings Institution8 hours ago

Japan’s foreign minister criticises China

Japan’s foreign minister has expressed concern to his Chinese counterpart about South China Sea incursions, Hong Kong and mistreatment of China’s Uighur …PerthNow12 hours ago

‘Left activists have forgotten what freedom of speech is’: Education Minister slams students for pulling China story

Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge has criticised Sydney University’s student newspaper for taking down a report revealing academics’ links to the Chinese …Sydney Morning Herald5 hours ago

China Tries to Counter Xinjiang Backlash With … a Musical?

The movie is part of Beijing’s wide-ranging new propaganda campaign to push back on sanctions and criticism of its oppression of the Uyghurs.The New York Times9 hours ago

China records biggest COVID-19 jump in two months

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in mainland China stands at 90305, while the death toll remains unchanged at 4636.The West Australian23 hours ago

China Adds To Clive Palmer’s $3.8 Billion Fortune

China made Clive Palmer one of the world’s richest people with a $3.8 billion fortune, according to the latest Forbes calculation, and China is about to make the …Forbes16 hours ago

China Adopts Kremlin’s ‘Information War’ Tactics

China is taking a page out of the Kremlin’s playbook and is seeking to highlight America’s faults and weaponize the culture wars and identity politics currently …VOA Asia6 hours ago

China Tests Biden With South China Sea Tactic That Misled Obama

Based on the official view from Beijing, the Philippines has no reason to worry about Chinese fishing boats sitting along a disputed reef in the South China Sea.Bloomberg1 hour ago

How China saved more than 20000 Jews during WW2

One of the most extraordinary stories in Shanghai’s history took place the neighbourhood of Tilanqiao, which served as “a modern-day Noah’s Ark” for Jews …BBC News21 hours ago

China Sea incursions irk Philippines

Presidential officials in the Philippines have criticised what they call China’s continuing incursions into maritime territories in the South China Sea.The West Australian14 hours ago

Biden’s infrastructure plan will not be a boon to China-US relations

Using Chinese know-how and technology would help build up goodwill but the growing climate of distrust between the two sides makes this politically tricky for …South China Morning Post12 hours agoOpinion

The Politics of South Korea’s ‘China Threat’

Amid growing anti-Chinese sentiment in South Korea, there is a mismatch between the popular will and Seoul’s foreign policy.The Diplomat10 hours ago

Philippines and China intensify war of words over South China Sea

MANILA — The Philippines on Monday accused Beijing of promoting a “false narrative” of its “illegitimate” claims in the disputed South China Sea, mar.Nikkei Asia12 hours ago

China pushes ahead with financial market opening amid tensions with US

Stabilising the investment environment and attracting foreign capital have become more urgent as China seeks to offset external challenges, including tensions …South China Morning Post12 hours ago

Philippines warns of ‘unwanted hostilities’ after incursions by hundreds of Chinese ships

The Philippines has issued its strongest criticism yet of China’s conduct, warning it would not ‘give up an inch’ of its hours ago

China Creates its Own Digital Currency, a First for Major Economy

A cyber yuan stands to give Beijing power to track spending in real time, plus money unlinked to the global financial system dominated by the dollar. It also could …The Wall Street Journal9 hours ago

China-Iran $400 Billion Accord: A Power Shift Threatens Western Energy

March 27 saw the culmination of a half-decade of negotiations between Beijing and Tehran, with foreign ministers meeting to sign a twenty-five-year $400 billion …Forbes9 hours ago

Opinion: Lithuania’s challenge to China is risky, but clever

Founded in 2012, the “17 + 1” format, which brings together China with 17 Central European, Balkan and Baltic states, is officially dedicated to developing …DW (English)14 hours agoOpinion

Taiwan’s army ‘ill-prepared’ for potential Chinese attack

Taiwanese civilians seem to be unfazed by the military pressure that Beijing is exerting. Military experts, on the other hand, are preoccupied and fear the armed …DW (English)12 hours ago

China’s Five Year Plans Used to be Grandiose. The Latest Is More Down to Earth.

The country’s latest five-year plan has humbler ambitions like building 5G network stations and investing in basic science research. It’s a better strategy.Bloomberg24 minutes agoOpinion

Commentary: The Quad has a plan and it’s not all about China

Countries of the Quad are moving forward in concrete cooperation that benefits the Indo-Pacific region as a whole. That is a positive direction it should continue …CNA1 hour ago

Alibaba, Tencent are still China’s ‘benchmark’ techs — even as Beijing ramps up pressure, says investor

Expect “some kind of compromise” to be reached between Chinese regulators and tech giants Alibaba and Tencent, says Jackson Wong of Amber Hill Capital.CNBC20 hours ago

US and China need each other

Economic interdependence today makes the war of words in Alaska confined to rhetoric.The Hindu5 hours agoOpinion

China stand-up comics find authorities no longer get the joke

At a recent open mic night at a bar in Beijing, a young Chinese comedian went out on a limb by telling a joke about intensifying censorship. Rules that require …Financial Times23 hours ago

Philippines turns up heat on China over boats massing in South China Sea

MANILA (Reuters) – Aides of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday criticised China for what they called territorial incursions by hundreds of its vessels …Reuters15 hours ago

Kevin O’Leary calls for ‘extremely aggressive’ steps to level the playing field with China

The U.S. should be “extremely aggressive” to level the playing field with China in the ongoing competition between the two sides, Kevin O’Leary told CNBC.CNBC14 hours ago

Adelaide’s Uighur community fears new Chinese consulate building will lead to monitoring

Those behind the new consulate-general building say its presence in Adelaide is important for community and trade ties between South Australia and China, but …SBS News1 hour ago

H&M faces Vietnam boycott over South China Sea map

HO CHI MINH CITY — H&M’s attempt to mend fences in China after angering consumers there with its stance against forced labor appears to have trig.Nikkei Asia16 hours ago

Despite US instigation, China has an edge in leading global affairs: Global Times editorial

We must use the resources and levers in our hands to release the diversity of this world. China is strong and getting stronger. It is possible for us to lead the …Global Times8 hours agoOpinion

Dangerous divergence: US, China seen growing faster than others

Global economy seen growing by 1.3 percent in first quarter, but uneven vaccine rollout hurting some countries’ growth.Aljazeera.com19 hours ago

China Looms Large in Biden Infrastructure Plan

President Biden’s team sees the $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan as a sign the U.S. intends to put itself in better position to compete with Beijing economically.The Wall Street Journal10 hours ago

Stuck in China by border closures, Milo has attended Sydney classes remotely for a year

At 5.40am each day, 17-year-old Milo Liu wakes up and takes to his desk at his family home in Jinan City, China, to start his HSC classes at 6am. It’s 9am for his …Sydney Morning Herald14 hours ago

China Tests Biden Administration in South China Sea – gCaptain

By Andreo Calonzo and Philip J. Heijmans (Bloomberg) —. Based on the official view from Beijing, the Philippines has no reason to worry about Chinese fishing …gcaptain.com4 hours ago

China’s covid vaccine drive is lagging. Free food could help turn things around.

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Complimentary chicken wings, free eggs, supermarket vouchers and cash prizes — these are among the incentives that local government …The Washington Post11 hours ago

Eating our lunch: Biden points to China in development push

President Joe Biden talks with reporters on the Ellipse on the National Mall after spending the weekend at Camp David on Apr 5, 2021, in Washington. (Photo: …CNA2 hours ago

Can the West extend its clear-eyed thinking beyond China?

China has taken an illiberal turn at home. But does that spell the end of a supposed liberal world order?The Canberra Times4 hours ago

China warns US against taking a superior position in global affairs

China’s foreign minister says he briefed his counterparts from four Asean countries on Alaska summit in Fujian meetings.South China Morning Post19 hours ago

China, US send warships into disputed waters amid rising tensions

US aircraft carrier strike group sailed into South China Sea and a destroyer was in East China Sea, while Chinese carrier transited through Miyako Strait near …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post9 hours ago

China sends aircraft carrier strike group near Okinawa in message to U.S. and Japan

China sent an aircraft carrier and five escort ships, including a destroyer likened to the U.S. Navy’s Aegis-class vessels, through the Miyako Strait near Okinawa …The Japan Times16 hours ago

HR Restructuring in China: Legal and Management Considerations

HR restructuring in China can be a tripwire for foreign companies given the country’s strict labor laws and regulatory standards. We spotlight top considerations.China Briefing14 hours ago

China is ‘winning the war of vaccine-jab diplomacy’ in the Pacific

The Australian’s Greg Sheridan says China is winning the war of “vaccine-jab diplomacy” in the Pacific as Australia struggles to secure vaccines to send to …Sky News Australia14 hours ago

How China is closing the digital divide for seniors

The digital divide has widened, particularly over the past year, and left seniors worldwide in the lurch. This issue takes on added urgency in China, where …eMarketer19 hours ago

Despite Pledge to Reduce Emissions, China Is Bingeing on Coal – Mother Jones

Nation’s addiction threatens its decarbonization plans and global anti-warming efforts.Mother Jones14 hours ago

Hundreds of Chinese ships massed in South China Sea | Pictures

A view of one set of fishing vessels at Whitsun Reef in the South China Sea, March 23. The Philippines has filed a diplomatic protest over a “swarming and …Reuters5 hours ago

Japan sends destroyer after Chinese carrier group passes Okinawa

Japan sent destroyer JS Suzutsuki and patrol aircraft to monitor and gather information on Chinese navy group.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

Eduardo Saverin’s B Capital May Allot 40% of Global Fund to China

Facebook Inc. co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s B Capital Group may allocate as much as 40% of its $1.9 billion global fund to China as it begins investing there, …Bloomberg17 hours ago

Strong patriotism and solidarity as Chinese remember martyrs in Indian border clash, NATO bombing

This year’s Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb-sweeping Day, has seen an even stronger atmosphere, with more Chinese people across the country …Global Times8 hours ago

What is China trying to hide?

Regarding the April 1 news article “Beijing pushes back on criticism of joint WHO coronavirus origins report”: The United States and 13 other countries …The Washington Post3 hours agoOpinion

Chinese vessels in South China Sea could ignite `unwanted hostilities`: Philippines

Amid tensions over the South China Sea, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s aides on Monday lashed out at China asserting that the presence of Chinese …WION12 hours ago

China may face coal shortages despite NEA assurance

Chinese coal consumers may face tight supply availability during summer when air-conditioning demand peaks, despite assurances from the country’s national …Argus Media15 hours ago

China pushes vaccine on bankers and colleges to catch up with U.S.

China is ramping up its COVID-19 vaccination push, aiming to be twice as fast as the U.S. by pressuring Communist Party members, bank workers and college …The Japan Times21 hours ago

John Kerry says Biden’s ambitious climate plan is ‘not a counter to China’

China accounts for around 30% of the world’s CO2 emissions, more than twice that of the U.S., but it’s spending more on clean energy development.CNBC21 hours ago

Firms in South-east Asia should tap China’s rise on tech ladder: NTU economist

While China’s coastal regions have developed high technology, South-east Asian countries, still lack top-rate technology.. Read more at Straits Times9 hours ago

China warns Japan against sanctions over Xinjiang, Hong Kong

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged Japan to not get ‘carried away’ by the US’ bias against China.South China Morning Post5 hours ago

Blinken, Sullivan stand up to China

Testy,” “divisive,” “frigid,” “an exchange of insults” were some of the media descriptions of last month’s meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, between US Secretary of …台北時報8 hours agoOpinion

Chinese people commemorate sacrificed martyrs on first Tomb-sweeping Day after China-India border clash

April 4 marked the first Tomb-sweeping Day after four People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers were sacrificed in the China-India border clash in June 2020.Global Times13 hours ago

‘Blatant falsehoods’: Philippines hits out at China over its remarks on vessels in Whitsun Reef

New Delhi: The Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) hit out at the Chinese Embassy in Manila Monday about the way it spoke of its Defense …ThePrint8 hours ago

Chinese FM urges U.S. to truly respect China’s core interests

Share. QR. Copied. Error loading media: File could not be played. 00:00. 00:00. 00:44. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday urged …CGTN11 hours ago

Elon Musk’s bet on growth in China and Europe paying off

Tesla’s estimate-smashing deliveries of electric vehicles in the first quarter suggest boss Elon Musk’s bet on growth in China and Europe is starting to pay off.The Irish Times11 hours ago

Japan lines up with US against China over Taiwan

The United States and Japan are preparing to escalate the confrontation with Beijing over Taiwan, which will be discussed in the upcoming summit between US …WSWS19 hours ago

Emerging countries won’t pick sides in the US-China cold war

The cold war is back, or at least its rhetoric. US President Joe Biden wants to forge an “alliance of democracies” against the world’s “autocracies”. The New York …Mint4 hours agoOpinion

Limited Sovereignty as African Countries Mortgage Resources to China

Governments in Africa have been mortgaging their natural resources to secure loans from China, a tr…The Maritime Executive19 hours ago

China is tackling air pollution with big data. Here’s how

China loses 1 million people every year to air pollution. Now it’s using data to change that.ThePrint13 hours agoOpinion

‘Woke hypocrisy camp’ conscience doesn’t extend to ‘genocidal regime’ in China

The conscience of MLB and Coca-Cola and all others in the “woke hypocrisy camp” who expressed outrage in voter ID laws does not extend to the “genocidal …Daily Telegraph14 hours ago

China’s rare earth exports rise by 28pc in Jan-Feb

A significant rebound in stockpiling demand from key consumer countries boosted Chinese rare earth exports during January-February after declines in …Argus Media18 hours ago

How Bilibili, China’s YouTube, makes money

First established as an online home for China’s young anime fans, Bilibili now hosts a variety of video, comic and mobile game *content*; The platform is hoping to …South China Morning Post6 hours ago

Philippines warns China to ‘get out’ as boats gather in disputed waters

Manila has accused Beijing of attempting to occupy more areas in the South China Sea, saying the move could lead to ‘unwanted hostilities’ hours ago

Australia urged to steer bilateral relations back to normal for own benefit

Chinese companies are diversifying their exploitation of iron ore in Africa at a record pace amid soaring prices and strained relations with Australia, which …Global Times13 hours ago

Coronavirus Australia live news: Acting chief medical officer Michael Kidd rules out stadium vaccination sites

Welcome to The Australians rolling coverage of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.The Australian12 hours ago

Nepal to administer Chinas coronavirus vaccines to citizens from April 7

Read more about Nepal to administer China’s coronavirus vaccines to citizens from April 7 on Business-standard. Nepal will start its second phase of the …Business Standard18 hours ago

Global Ethylene Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook to 2030 – China and India Leads Global Ethylene Capacity Additions

Summary Global ethylene capacity is poised to see considerable growth over the upcoming years, potentially increasing from 201. 32 million tonnes per annum.GlobeNewswire9 hours ago

Philippine president`s aide warns of `unwanted hostilities` over Chinese boats

Territorial “incursions” by hundreds of Chinese vessels in the South China Sea are straining ties between Manila and Beijing, and could lead to “unwanted …WION16 hours ago

LME fob China HRC contract trade doubles in March

Futures trade for fob China hot-rolled coil (HRC) doubled in March on the month as China’s curbs on steel output and exports lifted its physical prices that were …Argus Media14 hours ago

Ex-boss of China’s top defence firm Norinco under scanner for corruption

China’s top anti-graft watchdog said on Sunday that the former chief of one of the largest weapons manufacturers is under investigation for alleged graft, in one …Economic Times12 hours ago

Smart, and funny: why is comedian Yang Li such a huge problem for so many men?

One female comedian is refusing to be silenced as she blazes a trail through a society struggling to adapt to modernity and equality while navigating traditional …South China Morning Post21 hours ago

Chinese Firms Position For An Energy Transition Copper Supercycle

If China’s dominance of rare earth element supplies is the global energy transition’s “elephant in the room”, then copper is the 800-pound gorilla. China’s push …Forbes6 hours ago

NBA responds after senator’s grilling over reported China TV deal

After a U.S. senator grilled the NBA over its purported new contract with China’s state-sponsored CCTV – and any free speech concessions such a deal…New York Post 7 hours ago

The Fight For China’s Third Quartile Of Consumers

It used to be that China’s e-commerce was oriented to the top two quartiles of consumers, the affluent and the upper-middle class. It was a way for those who …Forbes18 hours ago

China to issue white paper on poverty alleviation – Xinhua |

BEIJING, April 5 (Xinhua) — China’s State Council Information Office will release a white paper on poverty alleviation on Tuesday morning. The white paper, titled …Xinhua22 hours ago

Computer chip shortage, corporate America caught between US and China

The boom in Bitcoin mining is having an unintended consequence: it has driven up the cost of computer chips. Plus, the FT’s US-China correspondent, Demetri …Financial Times20 hours ago

Philippine presidential aide warns of ‘unwanted hostilities’ in South China Sea

Manila (AFP). The presence of Chinese vessels at a disputed reef off the Philippines could ignite “unwanted hostilities”, a top aide to President Rodrigo Duterte …FRANCE 2413 hours ago

China is a step ahead of the West in the race for metals

Rebuilding our economies in the green-conscious wake of the pandemic is pushing the price of basic materials to record hours ago

Daily news EU Accuses China of Harassing Foreign Journalists

After two more foreign correspondents were forced to leave China, the European Union has accused Beijing of harassing foreign journalists and urged the …OCCRP7 hours ago


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