China in the News: April 8, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

‘We will respond in kind’: China’s ambassador warns Australia not to join Xinjiang sanctions

Cheng Jingye hosted a media event at his residence in Canberra that included a two-hour video conference with officials in Xinjiang.The Guardian10 hours ago

Uyghur community leaders in Australia appalled and outraged the government allowed a Chinese Communist Party propaganda parade

Uyghur community leaders say Australia should be ashamed for allowing a Chinese government propaganda presentation to take place, and have called for the …ABC News18 hours ago

Taiwan will defend itself ‘to the very last day’ if China attacks, Foreign Minister warns

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister says the island will defend itself “to the very last day” if attacked by China. Joseph Wu’s comments came as the Taiwanese minister in …ABC News12 hours ago

China protests transit of US destroyer through Taiwan Strait

BEIJING (AP) — China on Thursday protested the passage of a U.S. destroyer through the Taiwan Strait in the latest move as both nations increase their naval …Associated Press2 hours ago

‘Coercive practices’: Proposal to curb China pressure

America needs to step up to prevent the “economic coercion” from worsening, an expert has said.Yahoo Finance Australia4 hours ago

Pushing the limits of COVID diplomacy, Philippines threatens to expel Chinese official

The Philippines is considering expelling a Chinese diplomatic spokesman in Manila in the latest twist of a new dispute over the South China Sea.Sydney Morning Herald21 hours ago

US backs down after China’s angry response to Olympic boycott threat

The White House said it is not in talks with its allies over a joint boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, amid Western concerns over Chinese human rights …Fox Sports5 hours ago

Biden should summon the courage to reverse course on China

Donald Trump’s hardline policies served only to strengthen Xi Jinping and the communist system.Financial Times15 hours agoOpinion

China’s ‘Wonderful Land’ spin on Uighurs is as authentic as a purple panda

The video shown to journalists at the Chinese embassy in Canberra on Wednesday was as schmaltzy and picturesque as the opening of The Sound of Music.The Australian12 hours ago

Trade delegation to China on business and federal government’s wishlist

Australian businesses have produced a plan for a high-level trade mission to China, but political tensions between the two nations present some difficulties.Sydney Morning Herald20 hours ago

Peter Thiel criticizes Google and Apple for being too close to China

Venture capitalist, early Facebook investor, and conservative donor Peter Thiel criticized big U.S. technology companies for being too close to China.CNBC2 hours ago

US cannot replicate ‘Eight-Nation Alliance’ against China

Moves such as Quad-plus-France drill are only symbolic, without much influence on regional affairs. China is no longer what it was 120 years ago. No matter …Global Times14 hours ago

Foreign investors face critical legal test for $82bn in China bonds

The secretive restructuring of a high-profile Chinese group with ties to Beijing has emerged as a critical legal test for foreign investors holding tens of billions of …Financial Times2 hours ago

China builds advanced weapons systems using American chip technology

The Biden administration is considering an export ban on a Chinese company involved in the development of hypersonic missiles.The Washington Post10 hours ago

Commentary: China’s foreign loans, as a recent study shows, is full of ‘Chinese characteristics’

China’s lending has been secretive, with clauses to protect political interests and subject disputes to Chinese law. These could create a “China …CNA5 hours agoOpinion

Covid-19: The disinformation tactics used by China

A look at Beijing’s experiment with global misinformation since the virus was first detected in Wuhan.BBC News3 hours ago

Beyond Meat opens its first production plant in China

About a year after Beyond Meat debuted in China on Starbucks’s menu, the Californian plant-based protein company opened a production facility near …Yahoo Finance Australia54 minutes ago

Biden Maintains Trump’s Tough Trade Stance Toward China

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo pledged Wednesday to continue the Trump administration’s aggressive trade war with China, saying she will work “as …VOA Asia4 hours ago

China Might Not Wait to Force the Taiwan Issue

Shifting economic and geopolitical tides could mean its last best shot is now.Bloomberg6 hours agoOpinion

China-EU relations face challenges, Xi tells Germany’s Merkel

President Xi Jinping told German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday that he saw “various challenges” in relations between China and the European …Reuters12 hours ago

Australian businesses must ‘step up to the plate’ to mend China ties

Detailed report says Australian businesses, the government and academia can work together to increase trade in Asia as part of a ‘Team Australia’ approach, …South China Morning Post7 hours ago

Biden suggests GOP aiding China by opposing infrastructure plan

President Joe Biden in an impassioned speech on Wednesday framed infrastructure as a matter of national security, saying that China was outpacing the US as …Business Insider6 hours ago

Turkey summons Chinese ambassador in rare spat about treatment of Uyghurs

Ankara has summoned China’s ambassador over a tweet that targeted Turkish politicians critical of the treatment of the country’s Uyghur minority, in a rare show …Financial Times11 hours ago

Americans start to see through Western propaganda and recognize China’s rights progresses, governance led by CPC

While some US political forces keep inciting hostility against China, and an inherited Sino-skepticism that has continually caused raising antagonism and …Global Times15 hours ago

China’s population seen growing older in economic danger sign

China’s once-a-decade census is expected to show a further fall in the percentage of young people in its fast-ageing population as high living costs and an …Al Jazeera English14 hours ago

The OECD should set its sights on China

William Pesek is an award-winning Tokyo-based journalist and author of “Japanization: What the World Can Learn from Japan’s Lost Decades.”The Organiza.Nikkei Asia7 hours agoOpinion

China’s Shrinking Families

Dramatic demographic changes are underway in China that will shape the country’s economic, social, and geopolitical outlook for decades to come.Foreign Affairs15 hours ago

The China crisis Australia ‘won’t be able to escape’

Experts say an impending military crisis with China is looming on the horizon and Australia will struggle to avoid getting involved.Yahoo News Australia23 hours ago

[AP] US military cites rising risk of Chinese move against Taiwan

WASHINGTON (AP) — The American military is warning that China is probably accelerating its timetable for capturing control of Taiwan, the island democracy …The Associated Press7 minutes ago

Australian salmon supplies to China gaining market share, but trend to be temporary

Australian salmon traders are benefiting from a gradual recovery of China’s seafood consumption, despite souring relations that have disrupted sales of major …Global Times14 hours ago

China’s Digital Currency Is About To Disrupt Money

More than 60 countries have initiated moves to study the issuance of digital currencies: for a while, they will coexist with their equivalents on paper and with the …Forbes17 hours ago

Chinese military tracks US warship traversing Taiwan Strait

The US describes the move of its warship traversing the Taiwan Strait as a routine freedom of navigation exercise; Beijing denounces it as destabilising to the …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post11 hours ago

Global Funds Sell China Government Debt First Time in Two Years

Global funds trimmed holdings of China’s sovereign debt for the first time in two years in March, as their yield premium over Treasuries narrowed and the …Bloomberg15 minutes ago

Spiked uni article exposes good intentions, not woke deference to China

To speak, or not to speak? Alan Tudge is once again worried about free speech on campus, fretting that “left activists have forgotten what freedom of speech …Sydney Morning Herald21 hours ago

Tesla takes to Chinese social media to ease local spying fears

Tesla is using its Chinese social media page to assuage local spying fears after its cars were banned from the country’s military facilities and select state-owned …Yahoo Finance Australia14 hours ago

Vaccine passport: WHO is reluctant but there’s hope China can be a pathfinder

China and its partners that are promoting regional health code recognition can be pathfinders for a global vaccine passport program in the future, Chinese …Global Times14 hours ago

China’s Shifting Attitude on the Indo-Pacific Quad

In 2018, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi famously dismissed the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue as nothing more than dissipating “sea foam.” However,War on the Rocks19 hours ago

Scientists call for new probe into COVID-19 origins – with or without China

A joint China-World Health Organization (WHO) study into COVID-19 has provided no credible answers about how the pandemic began, and more rigorous …CNA10 hours ago

Czech lawmaker investigated over China sponsorship: report

Czech member of the European Parliament Jan Zahradil is facing a formal investigation into whether he failed to properly disclose financial support from the …POLITICO Europe10 hours ago

China keeping a top-secret watchlist of US travelers — from celebs to everyday folks

Nearly 700 Americans were secretly placed on a Chinese watchlist when they traveled through Shanghai’s main airport, The Post has learned.New York Post 11 hours ago

China’s daigou personal shoppers aren’t going away

Post-pandemic, can brands formalise their relationship with China’s selling agents?Vogue Business17 hours ago

Monash University signs deal with Indonesian government as universities diversify from China

Indonesian campus aims to grow within decade to 2000 masters students, 1000 ‘executive education students’ and 100 PhD students annually.The Guardian19 minutes ago

China’s foreign brand boycott ups resale price of Chinese sneakers

The Chinese consumer boycott of foreign brands including Nike and Adidas over Xinjiang cotton is creating new opportunities for the country’s domestic players, …Quartz14 hours ago

Chinese border city’s Communist Party chief dismissed over COVID-19 outbreaks

The top Communist Party official of a city in China’s southwestern Yunnan province was dismissed from his post due to what the provincial government called a …Reuters53 minutes ago

China lacks clear path to global dominance: JPMorgan’s Dimon

NEW YORK — A handover of global leadership to China is not inevitable, if only the U.S. confronts its own failures head-on and starts thinking longer.Nikkei Asia7 hours ago

Leaders of Russia and China tighten their grips, grow closer

MOSCOW (AP) — They’re not leaders for life — not technically, at least. But in political reality, the powerful tenures of China’s Xi Jinping and, as of this week, …Associated Press18 hours ago

China’s bitcoin mines could derail carbon neutrality goals, study says

‘The carbon emissions of this emerging industry have a potential hindering effect on China’s climate neutrality targets,’ head researcher says.South China Morning Post6 hours ago

How the Tang Dynasty shapes China tech

Nina Xiang is the founder of China Money Network, a media platform tracking China’s venture and tech sectors. She is author of “Red AI: Victories and.Nikkei Asia19 hours agoOpinion

Suspected China Hack of Microsoft Shows Signs of Prior Reconnaissance

Investigators suspect that personal data taken in previous huge hacks or scraped off social-media sites aided the breach of Microsoft Exchange Server that …The Wall Street Journal5 hours ago

China wedding chaos as bride reportedly revealed to be groom’s long lost sister

Footage of the bride breaking down has gone viral in hours ago

Cheering banned as S.Korea, China finally battle for Tokyo Games

After repeated postponements stretching back more than a year because of the coronavirus, South Korea and China’s women’s football teams will finally meet …Yahoo News Australia22 hours ago

‘It’s the tone’: Palau president explains his China mistrust

HONG KONG: He leads one of the world’s smallest nations, but Surangel Whipps says Palau will not be bullied by anyone into deciding its future …CNA23 hours ago

China has made big vaccine promises. When they come up short, nations struggle.

ISTANBUL — Thanks to Chinese-made vaccines, Turkey has mounted one of the fastest coronavirus vaccination campaigns in the world, administering at least …The Washington Post20 hours ago

Le Monde owes an apology for accusing Chinese state media of creating a fake French journalist to speak the truth about Xinjiang: scholar

“You should apologize!” A veteran Chinese expert on French studies delivered this message to Le Monde, a major publication in France, for claiming that a …Global Times12 hours ago

Japan feels diplomatic squeeze as US-China tensions rise

Escalating tensions over Taiwan and Tokyo’s own territorial disputes with Beijing threaten decades of balanced diplomacy.South China Morning Post22 hours ago

China reveals co-operation with EU on green investment standards

People’s Bank of China chief said the move was part of goal to be carbon neutral by 2060.Financial Times23 hours ago

Three Strategies for China’s Richest to Keep Their Wealth and Stay Happy

If you’re a real estate or tech tycoon in China, it’s important to keep your head down. You don’t want to be No. 1.Bloomberg3 hours agoOpinion

China tourism surges to near pre-pandemic levels over long weekend

A strong recovery in demand boosted domestic tourism to near pre-pandemic levels during the three-day Qingming Festival holiday in China, but spending on …Nikkei Asia14 hours ago

“What About China?” Is No Defense of American Injustice

Marco Rubio tries to use Uyghur suffering against Georgia voters.Slate6 hours ago

China’s new powerful warship puts US to shame at sea

This week, both China and the United States sailed aircraft carriers into troubled waters in the East and South China seas. But quietly tagging along is a new … hour ago

Greenland says no to China-backed rare-earth mine in election

BRUSSELS — A left-wing Greenland party opposed to a Chinese-sponsored rare-earth mine won the largest share of seats in the Danish territory’s genera.Nikkei Asia5 hours ago

Steyn warns of China’s aspirations for global dominance: They’ve reduced America to ‘cheap, service economy’

Mark Steyn warns that China is aspiring for global dominance as Beijing leads New York City as the city with the largest population of billionaires on ‘Fox News …Fox News2 hours ago

Blue Bay LPGA on China’s Hainan Island canceled, cutting Asia swing short

The LPGA Tour says the final event of its three-tournament Asia swing has been canceled. The Blue Bay LPGA on Hainan Island in China was scheduled for …ESPN Australia12 hours ago

Press freedom in Macau’s gambling hub under spotlight as China ramps up scrutiny

FILE PHOTO: A man wears a mask as he walks in front of the closed Grand Lisboa casino, following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Macau, …CNA2 hours ago

China is capable of launching cyberattacks on us: Rawat

Accepting that there is a capability differential between India and China, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday said the biggest …The Hindu11 hours ago

Nasdaq-listed Chinese travel site files for Hong Kong secondary listing will join the likes of Alibaba and in listing in Hong Kong amid continuing tensions between China and the U.S..CNBC23 hours ago

China’s unhappy birthday: Spectacular poverty shift masks abuses

Dr Murat Ungor: Instead of celebrating the 100th birthday of China’s regime, NZ is forced to express grave concerns about its treatment of minorities.Newsroom9 hours ago

Would Access to Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base Really Benefit China?

Gaining access to a Cambodian naval facility would give China’s navy little discernible strategic advantage.The Diplomat17 hours ago

EU should see China’s rise as an opportunity, Xi tells Merkel

‘We hope that the EU will make a correct judgment independently and truly achieve strategic autonomy,’ Chinese president tells German chancellor.South China Morning Post13 hours ago

Chinese attempt to correct “fake news” – PM

The Chinese Embassy in Canberra is on the offensive, attempting to correct what it says is false reporting in Australia about human rights abuses against the …ABC Local20 hours ago

Yes, China Has the World’s Largest Navy. That Matters Less Than You Might Think.

Since the release of the Department of Defense’s “2020 China Military Power Report” this past September, much has been made of China’s securing the title of …The Diplomat12 hours ago

The new race between US and China is good news for these ASX shares

US President Joe Biden is pitching his US$2.25 trillion infrastructure plan as integral for his country to keep ahead of China – a rivalry that ASX share investors …The Motley Fool Australia3 hours ago

China, S.Korea offer model for cooperation amid US bid to sow discord

As the world seems to be facing an increasingly bumpy recovery road amid uncertain geopolitical environment, China and South Korea, which effectively …Global Times15 hours ago

China Started More Coal Plants Than The Entire World Retired In 2020

Despite commitments to become a net-zero emission economy by 2060, China—the world’s biggest carbon emitter—commissioned more coal-fired capacity last …OilPrice.com7 hours ago

Sanctions fail: exporters defy Chinese trade bans

Australian exporters are defying Chinese trade bans, limiting the damage of Beijings punitive economic campaign by finding new markets for almost all affected …The Australian6 hours ago

Global and China Industrial Robot Speed Reducer Market Report, 2020-2026: China-Made Reducers Shared Around 30% of the Local Market, While the Remaining 70% Went to Foreign Brands

PRNewswire/ — The “Global and China Industrial Robot Speed Reducer Industry Report, 2020-2026” report has been added to’s …PRNewswire13 hours ago

China using ‘wokeness as geopolitical tool’ against US: ‘Woke, Inc.’ author

China is “uniquely off-limits” to being associated with coronavirus, even though the deadly virus originated there, biotech entrepreneur and author Vivek …Fox News13 hours ago

China drags feet as G-20 presses for debt transparency

VIENNA/NEW YORK/TOKYO — Top economic officials from the Group of 20 major economies on Wednesday discussed debt relief for low-income countries.Nikkei Asia10 hours ago

Ashmore Touts China as ‘Credible’ Haven to Challenge Treasuries

(Bloomberg) — In the debate over whether China can vie with Treasuries as a haven during times of turmoil, more bond investors are lining up on the side of …Yahoo Finance11 hours ago

China’s end-June 40% vaccination goal a long shot

Time is running out in Beijing’s push to immunize no less than 40% of its 1.3 billion-plus population against the novel coronavirus by the end of June.Asia Times16 hours ago

China Toys Market Report 2021: Market was $48.3 Billion in 2020 and is Expected to be a $61.3 Billion Industry by 2026

DUBLIN, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The “China Toys Market by Segments, Sales Channel, Company Analysis, Forecast” report has been added to …PRNewswire15 hours ago

‘Fast & Furious 9’ Approved for China Release

Universal’s “Fast & Furious 9” has passed Chinese censorship to receive official approval for release, the company announced on Wednesday. A specific China …Variety3 hours ago

‘Another day, another aggressive manouevre’ by China

Sky News host Chris Smith says “another day, another aggressive manoeuvre by China” as it ramps up threats to take control of Taiwan. “This is not some tiny …Chronicle17 hours ago

China’s Sportswear Giants Enjoy Big Market Run-Up

As investors bet that China’s two biggest sportswear companies will emerge from the pandemic even stronger, the shares of both Anta Sports Products and Li …The Wall Street Journal18 hours ago

Official: China’s poverty standard higher than World Bank level

PRNewswire/ — This is a report from China SCIO about China’s poverty standard: China’s poverty standard is based on multiple factors, and the standard is…PRNewswire17 hours ago

China’s Belt and Road Initiative Should Be on the World Bank and IMF’s Agenda

The following is a guest post by David Sacks, a research fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Max Yoeli, a New York-based attorney who is a policy …Council on Foreign Relations13 hours ago

China’s Economic Self-Harm by Minxin Pei

China’s antagonistic response to concerns over the use of forced labor in Xinjiang suggests that its leaders believe that the Chinese market is simply too …Project Syndicate19 hours agoOpinion

Gold Prices Slip as IMF Hikes Covid GDP Rebound, China-Taiwan Tensions Rise | Gold News

Gold prices slipped $10 per ounce Wednesday as the IMF raised its 2021 global GDP forecasts but tensions worsened between China and Taiwan as well as …BullionVault14 hours ago

China’s ‘new’ border rules in Tibet point to same old dispute with India

Regulations announced by Tibet region’s government, based on rules already in force, are aimed at preventing infiltration by exiled Tibetans, insider says.South China Morning Post14 hours ago

China using ‘geopolitical gaslighting’ to spread ‘disinformation’: Alex Antic

SA Liberal Senator Alex Antic says it is “pretty common” for China to use a form of “geo-political gaslighting” to “paper over issues” it gets criticised about.Sky News Australia5 hours ago

China ‘absolutely’ needs to be held to account for its actions

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz says China “absolutely” needs to be held to account and for “freedom-loving” countries to take impactful stands against it.Chronicle17 hours ago

Myanmar deaths rise as demos target China


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