China in the News: April 15, 2021

China Flag
China Flag

Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

Is China really about to invade Taiwan?

Analysts say US military’s warnings of rising threat reflect deterioration in US-China ties rather than any real change.Al Jazeera English2 hours ago

China Intensifies Military Provocations Over Taiwan

Welcome to Foreign Policy’s China Brief. The highlights this week: Beijing launches the biggest incursion near Taiwan in a year, a Chinese health official backs …Foreign Policy4 hours ago

Uyghurs living in Australia turn up on hacked Chinese police blacklist

Australian citizens are among thousands of Uyghurs in China and abroad who are listed in an official Chinese blacklist as “suspected terrorists” for surveillance …ABC News7 hours ago

Ex-US officials arriving in Taiwan amid China tensions

A former US senator and two ex-State Department officials will arrive in Taiwan on Wednesday at a time of tense relations with China, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry …9News18 hours ago

We must compete and co-operate with China at the same time

Coping with a rising China is a challenge the Japanese have had to face earlier than many other countries.Sydney Morning Herald20 hours ago

China’s maritime militia – the unofficial navy Beijing refuses to admit exists

They’ve been dubbed China’s “Little Blue Men,” an allegedly Beijing-controlled maritime militia that analysts say could be hundreds of boats and thousands of …9News21 hours ago

How Australia could get dragged into a war with China over Taiwan

As tension continues building between China and Taiwan, there are warnings the US – and subsequently Australia – could be pulled into any conflict within the …SBS News16 hours ago

Is Alibaba’s fate a warning to China’s tech giants?

Alibaba’s run-in with Chinese regulators has made things tense for its other technology giants.BBC News3 hours ago

Covid-19’s origins remain unknown. Holding China and the WHO accountable is necessary.

Covid-19 origins still unknown intel officials told the Senate. Congress needs to reform the WHO to hold iit and China accountable.NBC News4 hours agoOpinion

Do China’s ‘wolf warrior’ diplomats really have any bite?

The country’s social media offensive over Xinjiang is in overdrive — and backfiring in the west.Financial Times12 hours agoOpinion

The echoes of China’s financial crisis are being heard as a giant struggles to survive

There are sufficient echoes of the late 1990s in the struggles of China’s Huarong Asset Management to stay afloat to concern the authorities in Beijing and …Sydney Morning Herald31 minutes ago

China GDP: five things to watch

First-quarter data expected to reveal strong growth a year after Covid shut down economy.Financial Times1 hour ago

For Biden, China Rivalry Adds Urgency To Infrastructure Push

As President Biden and his administration sell a $2 trillion infrastructure plan to Americans, one theme keeps coming up alongside dilapidated bridges, …NPR14 hours ago

China, other countries now top U.S. intel’s global threat list, not terrorist groups

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran now top the U.S. intelligence community’s list of worldwide security threats, not al Qaeda or ISIS.NBC News10 hours ago

China ‘must shut 600 coal-fired plants’ to hit climate target

Move towards renewables to hit net zero by 2060 would also pay off with saving of $1.6tn, analysis finds.The Guardian3 hours ago

Man killed stranger with Down’s Syndrome because he needed body for cremation in China

A Chinese court has upheld a suspended death sentence for a man who murdered a stranger with Down’s Syndrome, in a convoluted plot to stop another dead …9News17 hours ago

China to Japanese official: If treated radioactive water from Fukushima is safe, ‘please drink it’

A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry challenged Japan’s deputy prime minister Wednesday to drink treated water, contaminated from contact with reactors, …Washington Post11 hours ago

China Tries to Mend U.S. Ties by Ramping Up Talks With Firms

China is taking more direct steps to mend relations with U.S. investors, ramping up its communication with businesses in an environment of heightened …Bloomberg17 hours ago

China saw record 18.7% growth in first quarter: AFP survey

China’s economy grew at a record pace during the first quarter as it rebounded from a historic contraction caused by Covid-19, and boosted by exports and …Yahoo Finance Australia22 hours ago

CNO Gilday: China, Russia Deliberately Testing Allies ‘Cohesion’ in Actions in Ukraine, Near Taiwan – USNI News

Russia massing troops on the border of Ukraine and China continuing military overflights and maritime operations near Taiwan are in part a test of the resilience …USNI News5 hours ago

Biden’s China Rhetoric Makes Japan Uneasy

Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga Friday becomes the first foreign leader to meet the new U.S. president in person, a distinction Japan has trumpeted.The Wall Street Journal14 hours ago

Australia should be ‘realistic’ about possibility of conflict with China

Liberal Senator James Paterson says Australia must be realistic about the possibility of conflict with China but has insisted it should not be encouraged. Senator …Sky News Australia20 hours ago

China is going after tech companies. Tesla is trying to keep out of the way

Tesla is still trying to get back on China’s good side.CNN 17 hours ago

A Missed Opportunity Saw China Fall Behind on Covid Vaccines

The call came early in the Covid-19 pandemic. Drew Weissman, an infectious diseases professor at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert in messenger …Bloomberg9 hours ago

The best time of year to visit China

China is a huge country and the best time to go can depend on the region you’d like to visit and what kind of holiday you’re looking for. However, if you’re just …Lonely Planet Travel News13 hours ago

Who Will Be the Next Dalai Lama? US, India, China Try to Control Process

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama—the spiritual leader of Tibetans, who lives in exile in India—turns 86 in July. The choice of his successor is shaping up to be …Bloomberg4 hours ago

PLA to hold live-fire drills off Taiwan as US delegation visits island

Six-day exercise begins on Thursday, as former American officials are due to meet President Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei.South China Morning Post13 hours ago

Inflation or pollution? Tough choice facing China steel industry

Beijing wants to curb heavily polluting steel output but that has sent prices surging, adding to inflation concerns.Aljazeera.com18 hours ago

Poverty eradication in China: Concrete protection of human rights

PRNewswire/ — A news report by on China’s recently released white paper on poverty alleviation: Poverty eradication in China: Concrete…PRNewswire13 hours ago

Local government spending under microscope as debt threatens China’s economy

In an effort to curb the ‘systemic risk’ associated with local government debt, China is turning away from its investment-driven model and will hold local cadres …South China Morning Post16 hours ago

Twitter temporarily suspends two Chinese diplomatic accounts

China’s consulate in Sydney and cultural counsellor at the embassy in Pakistan both say they were locked out on Monday. Their accounts were restored after …South China Morning Post14 hours ago

GT Voice: US bias against Chinese companies weird, doomed

Over the past 24 hours, two things have happened that have highlighted the completely different attitudes of the US and Chinese governments toward bilateral …Global Times13 hours ago

China hesitant over J-10C barter deal with cash-strapped Iran: experts

Tehran is said to be interested in buying 36 of the advanced Chinese fighter jets but finding the cash could be difficult.South China Morning Post7 hours ago

Gold Coast Griffith Asia Institute Professor Caitlin Byrne wades into Nerang barber’s ‘China virus’ sign as community supports the business owner

A controversial COVID-19 sign at a Gold Coast barber has polarised locals, and one expert warns there may be dire consequences as a result. HAVE YOUR …Gold Coast Bulletin3 hours ago

China controls the IOC and Olympic sponsors the way it governs its citizens: Through fear

Noted East Asia scholar Perry Link once called China “the anaconda in the chandelier.” You wouldn’t knowingly let a snake into your home. Yet it got in.The Washington Post16 hours ago

What’s behind the China-Taiwan divide?

China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province, but many Taiwanese people want a separate nation.Yahoo News Australia8 hours ago

China’s digital currency is a threat to dollar dominance

The writer is chief investment officer for Templeton Global Macro. Markets have been gripped by cryptocurrency fever. The price of bitcoin has attained new …Financial Times22 hours agoOpinion

China’s Bad-Bank Panic Unveils the Man Behind the Curtain

Whenever a Chinese bond market panic begins, similar arguments are rehashed: The blowup is idiosyncratic, deleveraging has generally been going in the …The Wall Street Journal15 hours ago

China a Commodities Gobbledok – ShareCafe

China’s appetite for commodities seems to again be outrunning the pace of economic growth. Trade data for March showed the country once again spent heavily …ShareCafe12 hours ago

Chinese, US Military Exercises Are New Norm in Disputed Asian Sea

Voice of America7 hours ago

India-China border tensions remain high despite force pullbacks: US Intel

China-India border tensions “remain high” despite some force pullbacks this year, the US intelligence community has told Congress, asserting that Beijing seeks …Business Standard22 hours ago

The U.S. was right to pause J&J vaccinations. Meanwhile, China won’t reveal the truth about its shots.

HARD CHOICES faced senior U.S. health officials on Monday when they learned of rare blood clotting in six women who had received the Johnson & Johnson …The Washington Post6 hours agoOpinion

China attacked America as being divided as the world takes notice | TheHill

We must ensure that our nation remains the world leader.The Hill8 hours agoOpinion

From Wuhan roof to China football saviour for ‘world-class’ Wang

Wang Shuang was locked down and left kicking a ball on a rooftop in the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan when China’s women’s football team began their …Yahoo Sport Australia22 hours ago

‘Violent’ ducks? Hong Kong clothing brand cartoons rile China

Cute cartoon animals have been at the heart of Hong Kong clothing brand Chickeeduck since 1990, displayed on everything from t-shirts and tote bags to baby …Yahoo Finance Australia23 hours ago

Electric Vehicles Warrant Additional Attention in China Auto ABS Analysis

Fitch Ratings-Beijing-13 April 2021: Electric vehicles’ (EVs) presence in Chinese securitised auto ABS pools are increasing, and Fitch Ratings believes.Fitch Ratings23 hours ago

China and Russia Are the X-Factors in Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

The mission to root out al Qaeda operatives who found sanctuary in Afghanistan and from there coordinated the Sept. 11 attacks was named “Enduring Freedom …The Wall Street Journal5 hours ago

China enraged as unofficial US delegation visits Taiwan

ANKARA. With an unofficial US delegation visiting Taiwan, China on Wednesday expressed anger over increased interactions between the two, calling on …Anadolu Agency14 hours ago

Hard landing: China’s gymnast-turned-beggar back on the streets

A decade ago the plight of former champion gymnast Zhang Shangwu shocked China and made world headlines when he was discovered begging in Beijing, …Yahoo Sport Australia21 hours ago

‘Flag follows trade,’ Navy chief on China operating in Indian Ocean

India is keeping tabs on China’s aggressive moves in the South China Sea and taking steps to ensure that the Chinese navy doesn’t muscle its way into the …Hindustan Times13 hours ago

China Internet Companies Move To Comply With Regulations & Rebound

Several Chinese internet companies responded to yesterday’s meeting and statement from the State Administration for Market Regulation that they would move …Forbes11 hours ago

Another China-Related Risk for Investors: Taiwan

The increasingly frosty relations between the U.S. and China over Taiwan creates potential risks for investors because of Taiwan’s importance to the …Barron’s17 hours ago

China-drafted electoral reform bill introduced in Hong Kong

HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong’s electoral reform bill was introduced in the city’s legislature on Wednesday, setting in motion changes that will give Beijing …Associated Press18 hours ago

Inside China’s gymnastics machine: the children training for Olympic glory

Under the twin emblems of the Chinese flag and the Olympic rings, two tiny boys dangle from the high bar in a cavernous gym — the cradle of China’s elite …Yahoo Sport Australia21 hours ago

China warns of military action against Taiwan on eve of US visit

Beijing’s Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council says China is ‘determined to stop Taiwan independence … we are doing it with action’.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post21 hours ago

Some Tax-Exempt Benefits for Expats in China to Expire Next Year: Prepare for Possible Transition

As the transition period will end December 31, 2021, China’s new IIT law will likely roll-back some tax exempt benefits-in-kind for expatriates. Learn more.China Briefing16 hours ago

China’s Xpeng in the race to automate EVs with lidar

Elon Musk famously said any company relying on lidar is “doomed.” Tesla instead believes automated driving functions are built on visual recognition and is …Yahoo News Australia20 hours ago

China posts stunning Q1 export growth | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective

China is recovering from the pandemic, filling the gaps in global supply chains. Exports have risen nonstop for nine months, and the boom is likely to continue.Deutsche Welle17 hours ago

What to Watch for in China’s Unprecedented GDP Growth Report

China is expected to report the highest quarterly economic growth ever since it began releasing such data 30 years ago, but that won’t give a true picture of the …Bloomberg5 hours ago

Asia Pacific Competition Highlights – China

China issues Anti-Monopoly Guidelines for Platform Economy. SAMR continues to actively regulate China’s tech sector by issuing guidelines, after making …Lexology15 hours ago

China’s exporters say virtual Canton Fair not suitable for deal-making

The rise of the digital economy and e-commerce, coupled with mounting geopolitical tensions and the coronavirus pandemic, have diminished some …South China Morning Post13 hours ago

China’s big tech ‘rectification’ continues after Alibaba record fine

A record fine, public penitence from a tech giant and a ‘who’s who’ of digital firms warned to “rectify” their ambitions within a month — state regulators are …Yahoo Finance Australia19 hours ago

The untold story of the Titanic’s Chinese survivors finally reaches China

A documentary about the Chinese survivors of the Titanic, The Six, gets its theatrical release in China on April 16, a day after the anniversary of the ship sinking.Post Magazine4 hours ago

Chinese Tesla rival Xpeng Motors launches sedan with new driverless features as EV race heats up

Xpeng Motors launched the P5, a sedan with new self-driving features and Lidar technology, as it looks to race ahead in China’s ultra-competitive auto market.CNBC13 hours ago

Philippines files new diplomatic protests over Chinese boats in disputed waters

MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines filed *fresh* diplomatic protests to China on Wednesday after accusing its giant neighbour of undertaking illegal fishing and …Reuters17 hours ago

Why less may be more for India and China

A conversation driven by hard talk and finding shared interests, even if modest ones, may be amply rewarding.The Hindu7 hours agoOpinion

China awards 91 fishermen for capturing foreign spy devices since 2016

China has awarded 91 fishermen living in coastal cities for capturing different types of foreign devices with spying functions since 2016 as the country faces a …Global Times7 hours ago

Senate’s bipartisan swing at China faces GOP curveballs

Chuck Schumer’s bid to put a bipartisan China bill on the Senate floor this month is in danger thanks to a behind-the-scenes GOP push to pump the brakes on …POLITICO3 hours ago

Ford Is Coming for Tesla and NIO in China

Objects in the rearview mirror might be closer than they appear. That’s something Chinese electric-vehicle makers such as NIO (ticker: NIO), XPeng (XPEV), and …Barron’s13 hours ago

China should fully lift the family planning policy to ease ageing trend: central bank paper

In a rare move, the People’s Bank of China (PBC), the country’s central bank, published on Wednesday a working paper indicating that the country should not …Global Times11 hours ago

The rise and rise of young Chinese designers

Two Chinese designers are semi-finalists for this year’s LVMH Prize. Could this year see a Chinese winner?Vogue Business17 hours ago

China defends US$944 million loan to Montenegro for motorway project

China’s lending for a highway project in Montenegro is not to blame for the Balkan country’s debt problems, the Chinese embassy in Podgorica said on …South China Morning Post16 hours ago

Tracking the evolution of standard essential patents in China

Shan Jiao of Lifang & Partners explores how standard essential patents litigation in China has evolved following recent developments in the area.Managing Intellectual Property19 hours ago

PipeChina begins construction on gas pipeline in China

China Oil and Gas Pipeline Network has reportedly commenced construction on the $1.3bn natural gas trunk line in north China.Hydrocarbons Technology16 hours ago

Djibouti story resembles Hambantota, has the same Chinese script

About eight miles away from the US naval base Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti is a swanky military compound with subtle cues about the country that has built the …ThePrint20 hours agoOpinion

Overwatch League Live Games Are Back, But Only In China

Overwatch League Homestands are back, kinda. Today, the Overwatch League announced Homestands — live match events — will be returning.Kotaku Australia11 hours ago

‘Crucial moment’ in Xinjiang cotton fallout pushes China to launch own body

The Switzerland-based Better Cotton Initiative was launched in 2009 to promote worldwide good practice in the cotton industry, but has been under pressure …South China Morning Post10 hours ago

Coface report looks at China and Australia’s trade relationship

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 14 April 2021 – The China-Australia bilateral relationship deteriorated sharply over 2020, with China imposing both …Taiwan News23 hours ago

Closure of online feminist groups in China sparks call for women to ‘stick together’

BEIJING (Reuters) – Several Chinese feminist channels on Douban, a popular social networking forum in China, were abruptly shut this week, triggering online …Reuters14 hours ago

ASML CEO Says Trying to Control Chip Sales to China Won’t Work

(Bloomberg) — Export controls against China will not only fail to halt its technological progress but also hurt the U.S. economy, ASML Holding NV Chief Executive …Yahoo Finance13 hours ago

The FBI Takes a Drastic Step to Fight China’s Hacking Spree

On March 2, Microsoft warned the world that a Chinese state-sponsored hacking group called Hafnium had infected what would turn out to be tens of thousands …WIRED4 hours ago

Her Boss Sent Harassing Texts. So She Beat Him With a Mop.

A government worker in China became an internet sensation after a video emerged of her striking back at a boss she accused of harassment.The New York Times13 hours ago

China prepares cold dish of iron ore revenge

Yesterday the ferrous complex was mixed as spot eased, paper lifted and steel fell: The headwaters of iron ore demand are increasingly ruffled. The crunch in …MacroBusiness3 hours ago

Serbia halts China-owned mine over environmental breaches

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Serbia has ordered China’s Zijin Mining Group to halt work at a shaft at the country’s only copper mine and to complete a waste water …Reuters17 hours ago

China Property Developers Face Rising Credit Polarisation in 2021

Fitch Ratings believes sector-wide expectations of slower growth and continued regulatory pressure will sustain a trend towards deleveraging among China’s …Fitch Ratings20 hours ago

Daphne Bramham: As ties with China deteriorate, local rights activists receiving death threats

With the Canada-China relationship in tatters, the divide between Beijing’s sympathizers/appeasers and opposers has never been more obvious or more …Vancouver Sun4 hours agoOpinion

Part 1: Well-Known Mark Recognitions in China

This is the first guest post in a 4-part series regarding well-known marks in China from Beijing East IP authors Yan Zhang, Feifei Bian & Austin Chang. Securing …The National Law Review10 hours ago

The new Cold War and us: India’s strategic conundrums are multiplied in the US-China faceoff, compared to th

The main strategic theatre of the US-China new Cold War is Asia. Economics and strategy are linked for both China and the US – and India. Authoritarian …ampEconomic Times5 hours ago

CAPA Live: China’s domestic aviation recovers; but not international | CAPA

Each CAPA Live, held on the second Wednesday of each month, contains a summary of the latest key developments by region. In the Apr-2021 report:.CAPA – Centre for Aviation19 hours ago

China’s Zunyi Tianci suspends manganese production

Chinese manganese producer Zunyi Tianci has temporarily halted its 110-120 t/day flake output, as part of an output suspension plan initiated by the country’s …Argus Media16 hours ago

Fitch Places China Huarong Financial Leasing on RWN

Fitch Ratings-Hong Kong-14 April 2021: Fitch Ratings has placed China Huarong Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.’s (Huarong Financial Leasing) Long-Term Issuer.Fitch Ratings14 hours ago

China’s CanSino distances itself from vaccine blood clot fears

Company tells investors there have been no reports of any serious adverse reactions after 1 million doses.South China Morning Post11 hours ago

U.S. spy chiefs warn of unparalleled China threat

A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the *content* (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising …Herald Sun6 hours ago


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