China in the News: April 26, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

‘Very courageous’: Former Obama official backs Australia’s hardline stance against China

A senior defence official under former United States president Barack Obama says the Five Eyes spy network should be used as a diplomatic grouping to …Sydney Morning Herald2 hours ago

Chief diplomat warns China wants Australia to compromise on key national interests to reset relations

Australia’s top diplomat says China wants Australia to “compromise on key national interests” before it will resume dialogue and cooperation with the federal …ABC News6 hours ago

China stock sales in US surge to record despite delisting threat

Funds raised by Chinese groups on US equity markets surged 440 per cent in the opening months of 2021, as the allure of sky-high Wall Street valuations …Financial Times2 hours ago

Potential China war sees audit of deals, including Port of Darwin

Defence Minister Peter Dutton has said a war with China over Taiwan should not be discounted as the federal government considers the appropriateness of …The Australian16 hours ago

Western brands tested by China amid forced labor allegation backlash

After backlash from Beijing over the use of cotton produced in Xinjiang, Western fashion brands are in a bind satisfying consumers in both markets.NBC News18 hours ago

Philippines president issues threat to China as Beijing makes moves in South China Sea

China just won another battle in its conquest of the South China Sea – without even firing a hours ago

What will the new normal look like for China?

In the short term, the successful COVID-19 response by China will allow it to temporarily strengthen its position. But in the long term, its problems aren’t going …The Japan Times19 hours agoOpinion

Women are battling China’s angry trolls. The trolls are winning

As online attacks against Chinese feminists intensify, popular social media companies are responding by removing the women – not the abusers – from their …SBS News1 hour ago

US China Sea War Could Spread to Japan, Australia, India

In the mid-1970s, I set sail as a young ensign, my first deployment after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy. We sailed west from San Diego on a …Bloomberg1 hour agoOpinion

German contender wants tougher stance on China, Russia

BERLIN (AP) — A leading contender to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor this fall has called for “dialogue and toughness” toward China when it …Associated Press9 hours ago

EU slams China’s ‘authoritarian shift’ and broken economic promises

Tougher stance comes as Joe Biden plans to visit Brussels in June with Beijing likely on agenda.POLITICO Europe7 hours ago

Why is China’s central bank concerned about the nation’s ageing population?

China’s central bank has been increasingly vocal about the economic consequences associated with the nation’s demographic challenges, making note of the …South China Morning Post14 hours ago

Australian fruits face delays at Chinese ports due to strict anti-virus inspections: sources

Chinese fruit industry insiders and sources confirmed on Sunday that Australian grapes and other fruits are facing inspections and delays at some ports, …Global Times12 hours ago

China to start month-long campaign to boost spending, as consumption remains low

A month-long national campaign to rev up wide-ranging consumption will commence on Saturday with a series of promotional activities planned across the …Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide8 hours ago

Vaccine Travel Rules Widen the Rift Between China and the West

With the resumption of global travel on the horizon, some people are discovering that their choice of vaccine could determine where they’re allowed to go.Bloomberg43 minutes ago

Russia-China union casts dark cloud over West

In the past couple of weeks, Russia has deployed a large, battle-ready military force on the borders of Ukraine. Elements of that force have now been returned to …The Australian11 hours ago

China private jet use soars as economy hits pre-pandemic levels

Companies and wealthy individuals in China have sharply increased their use of private jets this year, with total flights almost doubling compared to …Financial Times21 hours ago

China’s Economy Continues Booming After Record First Quarter

China’s economy continued to boom in April from the record growth in the first quarter, with strong exports and rising business confidence supporting the …Bloomberg1 hour ago

China space station, Alibaba deadline, Nomura results

Welcome to Your Week in Asia.We will begin our week by watching how movies, filmmakers and actors of Asian heritage fare at the Academy Awards. Check.Nikkei Asia16 hours ago

Beijing Hopes U.S. Companies Will Push to Scrap China Tariffs

Supply Lines is a daily newsletter that tracks trade and supply chains disrupted by the pandemic. Sign up here. China hopes U.S. companies will press their …Bloomberg8 hours ago

China signals ‘orderly’ implementation of phase one deal with the US

China is seeing good progress on the terms regarding intellectual property rights protection in the phase one deal with the US, according to an official at the …Global Times11 hours ago

Sex sells: China farm region becomes ‘lingerie capital’

Americans like their lingerie to be risque, Europeans prefer it more classy, and Chinese remain a bit shy but are opening up. But the biggest order of all came …Yahoo Finance Australia22 hours ago

Canadian couple witnesses to China’s ‘methodical’ repression of Uighurs

OTTAWA: During the decade they lived in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, Canadians Gary and Andrea Dyck had a front-row seat to Beijing’s “very methodical” …Bangkok Post21 hours ago

China digital currency trials show threat to Alipay, WeChat duopoly

China’s official app for digital yuan is seen on a mobile phone placed in front of an image of the Chinese flag, in this illustration picture taken October 16, 2020.CNA1 hour ago

Vaccine makers say IP waiver could hand technology to China and Russia

Vaccine makers have warned US officials that temporarily scrapping patents for Covid-19 shots would risk handing novel technology to China and Russia, …Financial Times16 hours ago

China-India border row: was New Delhi’s pull-out from Pangong Tso lake a mistake?

There is a growing belief that India withdrew too early and New Delhi has remained silent on Beijing’s offer for help with its Covid-19 surge.South China Morning Post1 hour ago

China’s return lifts wool market

The Australian wool has made significant gains following renewed demand from China.Queensland Country Life3 hours ago

Bitcoin Blowout: What The Heck Happened Last Week And Can We Blame China For It?

What the heck happened to my Bitcoin last week? I’ve been taking some off the table since hitting all time highs, and loading up my BitPay Mastercard with some …Forbes10 hours ago

70,000-strong Vietnamese maritime militia in South China Sea, report says

Activities in waters near Hainan, Paracel and Spratly islands have ‘threatened China’s maritime law enforcement and national defence security’, Naval and …South China Morning Post15 hours ago

China’s latest warships pose regional and US threat: Taiwan analyst

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Three new Chinese navy warships demonstrate the communist country’s intention to become a major maritime power and challenge …Taiwan News22 hours ago

How US withdrawal from Afghanistan offers promise and peril for China

The balance in Afghanistan seems weighted more towards opportunity than challenge for China. Beijing might believe it knows how to avoid pitfalls, but history …South China Morning Post9 hours agoOpinion

Strange China space agency tweet has many speculating about aliens

On April 24, an unverified English-language Twitter account supposedly belonging to the China National Space Administration (CNSA) posted a cryptic tweet …SlashGear9 hours ago

China’s commercial sector finds funding and direction

China has experienced an explosion of commercial space companies since 2014, driven by the government opening up the space sector to private capital.SpaceNews14 hours ago

How China and the EU can work together to drive green finance forwards

The EU’s consultative approach helps its standards to be widely adopted voluntarily, while China’s top-down approach allows policy experimentation.South China Morning Post7 hours agoOpinion

China pledges greater protection for hi-tech intellectual property

‘It is a must for the sake of our future development and competitiveness,’ head of the National Intellectual Property Administration says.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

China’s coast guard continues patrolling waters surrounding Diaoyu, defying US reaffirming security commitment to Japan

Although the US reaffirmed earlier in April that it is committed to the defense of Japan under their security treaty, which covers the Diaoyu Islands where China …Global Times12 hours ago

Explosive China claims just shift the blame

Businessman Malcolm Broomhead blasted the federal government for the “deliberate provocation” of China but it’s China that’s been doing most the provoking.Herald Sun4 hours agoOpinion

Henry Kissinger interview on post-pandemic politics, China, Europe

The former Secretary of State weighs in on artificial intelligence, the future of the US-Europe relationship, and how best to address China’s rise.Business Insider10 hours ago

Why this year’s Oscars will not be airing in China

China is blocking this year’s broadcast of the Academy Awards after the directors of two Oscar-nominated films were critical of the Chinese government.CNN 9 hours ago

China names Mars rover for traditional fire god

BEIJING (AP) — China’s first Mars rover will be named Zhurong after a traditional fire god, the government announced Saturday. The rover is aboard the …mycbs4.com9 hours ago

NBA to participate in China International Consumer Products Expo, expected to help bilateral relations

The US National Basketball Association (NBA) is expected to participate in the maiden China International Consumer Products Expo, the expo organizers said …Global Times14 hours ago

Why China, EU should jointly resist US’ decoupling push

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday had a virtual meeting with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and they reached …Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide8 hours ago

China is switching its investment focus in Africa from oil to minerals

Beijing has more options on where to source its crude these days, but is still reliant on Africa for its copper, cobalt and other rare minerals, analyst says.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

Australia-China exchange that started with a kiss

Laura Tingle held out her right hand to greet China’s deputy ambassador Wang Xining, expecting him to shake it but, to her surprise, he bent forward to kiss it.Chronicle15 hours ago

China’s moon probe to carry European gear

China says it will launch its next robot lunar lander in 2024, and it will carry equipment from France, Sweden, Russia and Italy. Plans call for Chang’e 6 to…The Canberra Times18 hours ago

Press conference in Beijing details China-France ‘ballet communication’

A press conference to announce the 2021 collaborative plan between China and France on ballet dance was held by the Centre de Communication de Ballet …Global Times16 hours ago

Why Chinese construction firms will remain the big builders in Africa

Chinese government financing has helped to drive exports of services to the continent but Chinese companies have another big factor in their favour – price, …South China Morning Post4 hours ago

Without China, there is no solving the climate crisis

Any effective solution must be down to how China performs, but the West is keen to grab the credit for progress on emissions. The US and Europe should …South China Morning Post20 hours agoOpinion

China to continue belt and road cooperation and spur green projects

China will continue belt and road cooperation with other parties, according to Chinese president Xi Jinping, speaking at the Boao Forum for Asia conference.Out-Law.com23 hours ago

JAL to make China-focused LCC a subsidiary, eyeing tourism return

TOKYO — Japan Airlines plans to make Spring Airlines Japan, a low-cost carrier partly funded by China’s Spring Airlines, a consolidated subsidiary by.Nikkei Asia14 hours ago

Edd China starts work on a 1962 Alvis in “Workshop Diaries” episode 4

A vehicle from Alvis, a British brand founded in 1919 and at one point the employer of Alec Issigonis, is the focus of the latest episode of Edd China’s new show.video_youtubeMotor Authority14 hours ago

Why is Germany sending a frigate through the South China Sea?

Berlin is not trying to intimidate Beijing. Its real message is for Germany’s regional allies – Japan, Australia and the US, writes Arnaud Boehmann.South China Morning Post17 hours agoOpinion

Cover Story: China Gets Serious About Antitrust in Cyberspace

A record penalty slapped on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. earlier this month kicked off China’s clampdown on anti-competitive activity in cyberspace, where a few …Caixin Global3 hours ago

China views cyber-attacks as ‘somewhere in between peace and war’

Cyber security analyst and co-founder of Internet 2.0 Robert Potter says China, unlike Australia, sees cyber-attacks as “somewhere in between peace and war”.Sky News Australia3 hours ago

Intention for Biden to glue EU against China at upcoming G7 summit difficult to reach: experts

US President Joe Biden is scheduled to make the first overseas trip of his presidency in June to the G7 summit in the UK, during which he will reportedly prod …Global Times11 hours ago

‘Green conferences’ cut China slack due to ‘developing’ status

Sky News contributor Peter Switzer says “green conferences” around the world tend to cut China and India some slack on the basis of them being …Sky News Australia3 hours ago

Official: China’s moon probe will carry French, Russian gear

China will launch its next robot lunar lander in 2024, and it will carry equipment from France, Sweden, Russia and Italy, the official news agency reported.Phys.org7 hours ago

Proportion of overweight and obese students in China sees an annual decline since 2016

The proportion of overweight and obese students has seen an annual decline from 2016 to 2020, said China’s top education authority on Sunday.Global Times10 hours ago

Xi inspects south China’s Guangxi

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Sunday inspected south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.Global Times13 hours ago

Siberian tiger attacks woman, car in northeast China

The residents of a village in northeast China had a frightening experience on Friday when a Siberian tiger wandered into town and attacked a woman and a car …South China Morning Post19 hours ago

Tesla’s China road gets a little bumpy

After a dream run that saw it receive backing from the highest levels of the Chinese state, Tesla is getting a reality check, with the automaker coming under fire …Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette19 hours ago

Asian shares pulled higher by China, eyes on Fed, U.S. GDP

Asian stocks rose on Monday with Chinese shares near three-week highs as signs the world economic recovery was well on track bolstered risk appetite, while …Reuters41 minutes ago

China moves to rural vitalization with focus on grassroots governance

Share. QR. Copied. Error loading media: File could not be played. 00:00. 00:00. 01:23. Rural vitalization is on top of China’s political agenda since the country …CGTN11 hours ago

AHI signs Marketing Agreement in Preparation for Integrated App Launch in China

In preparation for the CompleteScan integrated launch of the WinScan App, Advanced Human Imaging Limited (ASX: AHI) has announced the signing of a …Finfeed1 hour ago

2021 GWM Baja Snake: Shelby distances itself from China’s off-road ute

The 2021 GWM Baja Snake ute was developed with no input from Shelby, despite initial reports to the contrary. Unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai motor show last …CarAdvice7 hours ago

Australia does not rule out China conflict over Taiwan

Australian Minister for Defence Peter Dutton yesterday said a conflict involving China over Taiwan cannot be discounted, but added that the Australian …台北時報10 hours ago

Ant Group and Tencent work with China’s central bank to push forward digital yuan

Chinese fintech giants, Ant Group and Tencent, both announced further cooperation with China’s central bank to move forward with the country’s digital yuan on …Global Times10 hours ago

Taiwan is sovereign state, not subordinate to China: VP Lai Ching-te

Senior advisor to president also proposes name change to ‘Republic of Taiwan’ | 2021/04/25.Taiwan News16 hours ago

China Boom Persists, Fed Meeting, Bail Out or Bail In?: Eco Day

Welcome to Monday, Asia. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help you start the week.Bloomberg1 hour ago

China braces for May holiday surge as Covid-19 threat recedes

Travel demand is expected to explode as health officials give their blessing to enjoy the break without fear of the pandemic.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post22 hours ago

China’s first international boy band selection ‘CHUANG2021’ ends with congratulations, complaints and considerations

Idol competition show CHUANG2021, which tried to stand out from similar series by recruiting some foreign trainees, came to an end on Saturday to applause …Global Times16 hours ago

China On-Course To Make ‘Trillion Dollar’ F-35 Jets Useless With Its Stealth Detecting Radars

China is all set to get advanced radars capable of detecting stealth fighter jets such as US F-35 as well as drones and even low-flying cruise missiles, according …EurAsian Times22 hours ago

Major trade fair goes online showing China’s steady growth

The 129th Canton Fair, one of the world’s largest trade fairs successfully ended on Saturday with a growing number of deals. More than 35 million visitors …Global Times11 hours ago

America may need a reality check on Joe Biden’s anti-China ambitions

Like his immediate predecessor, Joe Biden is committed to a distinctly anti-China global strategy and has sworn that China will not “become the leading country …Salon18 hours ago

Virus surge and China are muddying the bullish Asian stock story

Foreign investors withdrew $2.5 billion from emerging Asia stocks excluding China this week alone, according to latest available data compiled by Bloomberg, …Economic Times22 hours ago

China likely to rein in ads for internet loans amid debt, privacy concerns

Pop-up ads that appear in many mobile apps promoting internet loan products are.Global Times14 hours ago

Australia shut door to China’s olive branch, cancels BRI

Sydney [Australia], April 25 (ANI): The ties between two countries have further strained as Australia cancelled agreements to participate in China’s Belt and Road …Big News Network19 hours ago

China’s non-fossil power capacity to surpass that of coal in 2021: CEC

Share. QR. Copied. Wind turbines in central China’s Hubei Province, August 16, 2020. /CFP. Wind turbines in central China’s Hubei Province, August 16, 2020.CGTN11 hours ago

They pledged to work together but China and US disagree on division of climate change responsibility

China is at a different development stage than the US and Europe but remains committed to its climate-related goals, says Beijing’s special envoyXi Jinping says …The Star Online23 hours ago

Nigeria’s president restores four drilling permits revoked from China’s Addax

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari reversed a government decision to revoke four oil permits from a unit of China’s Sinopec.WorldOil12 hours ago

China a big buyer of new French wheat crop, traders say

Chinese buyers are thought to have booked at least half a million tonnes from the next French wheat harvest, as China looks widely to cover grain import needs …Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide8 hours ago

China’s rising support for Pakistan, and their collusion, may affect our interests: says former NSA Shiv

Shivshankar Menon, former national security adviser and author of the new book, India and Asian Geopolitics, tells Sunday Times that China has made it clear …Times of India14 hours ago

Opinion: China’s Panchen Lama- laughingstock

By Ugyen Gyalpo. April 25th will mark the 32nd birthday of Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the 11th Panchen Lama. The U.S. State Department on Friday called upon …Phayul21 hours agoOpinion

Indian Soldiers On High Alert Near India-China Border As Another Calamity Strikes The Region

A glacier burst in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, close to the India-China border, has put the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) on high alert. In February, a …EurAsian Times23 hours ago

GT Voice: Chinese IPOs in the US keep growing despite tense ties

While relationship between China and the US seems to have ebbed to their lowest level in many years, the story in the financial sector may be completely …Global Times14 hours ago

sci-fi elements & celestial references decorate HAYDEN interior in china

tomshi & associates incorporate science fiction elements into the entire space of the HAYDON beauty collection store, situated in guangzhou’s beijing road, …Designboom14 hours ago

Singaporean scholar says Washington’s desire to contain China ‘a strategic error’

China is not an expansionist power and Washington’s desire to contain China is a strategic error, Singaporean scholar Kishore Mahbubani has said.ecns21 hours ago

Two more China Airlines pilots infected with COVID

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two more China Airlines pilots were confirmed to have COVID-19, bringing the number of the airline’s crew members diagnosed with …Taiwan News18 hours ago

Waste water spilled in NE China is expected to meet required standards before flowing into the sea

The leakage of waste water in a power plant in Tieling, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, is being addressed under the guidance of national and provincial …Global Times10 hours ago

China’s Ministry of Public Security Status of IP Criminal Investigations

China’s Ministry of Public Security held a press conference on the status of enforcing criminal intellectual property IP infringement laws. The number of …The National Law Review12 hours ago

Along the Way: Hiram speaker predicts China-U.S. clash after Winter Olympics

A serious confrontation over the future of Taiwan between the United States and an ascendant China is likely after the Winter Olympics in February in Beijing, the …Record-Courier16 hours ago

Singaporean scholar says Washington’s desire to contain China “a strategic error”

PARIS, April 25 (Xinhua) — China is not an expansionist power and Washington’s desire to contain China is a strategic error, Singaporean scholar Kishore … hours ago

Travel guide to China’s four big city clusters: Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle

Share. QR. Copied. Error loading media: File could not be played. 00:00. 00:00. 01:50. Editor’s Note: China is planning to strengthen its transport sector over the …CGTN16 hours ago

China’s Gen Z splashes out on luxury, with little regard for debt

Young Chinese have a stronger sense of identity with traditional and cultural nationalism, which has driven demand for domestic brands and …The Star Online18 hours ago

China thinks no one can lift more than them, I want to break that and win gold in Olympics: Mirabai

China currently has two lifters who are ahead of Chanu in the Tokyo Games qualifying rankings. But only one of them can participate as per the rules.Hindustan Times15 hours ago

Australian dollar ripped in half by China and Europe

Another wild night on markets Friday. DXY was smashed as risk trades roared. Equities are out of control. Bond yields firmed. The Australian dollar rebounded …MacroBusiness12 hours ago

Chinese American actresses Soo Yong and Anna May Wong: Contrasting struggles for recognition in Hollywood

Soo Yong’s career, particularly when contrasted with Anna May Wong’s, shows how Hollywood and Chinese popular culture aimed to depict Chinese women …The Conversation CA12 hours ago

Chinese street fashion, including traditional hanfu, trends overseas, ‘showcases cultural confidence’

A gorgeous tea dress with high-heeled shoes, all black hip-hop outfits with Dr. Martens boots, long silk clothes embroidered with dragon patterns… Chinese …Global Times15 hours ago

John Whelan: Ireland may be losing its grip on selling food into China

Ireland’s exports to China fell sharply at the start of this year, suggesting that last year’s stellar sales to China are at risk.Irish Examiner8 hours ago

China’s beauty firms banking on millennials to outsell L’Oreal, Shiseido

Chinese cosmetics producers are hoping to win over more millennials to rule in the world’s biggest market for beauty care products. Research and funding will …South China Morning Post22 hours ago


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